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Creating Positive Dental Health – Tips to Improve Your Life

Poor oral hygiene can lead to tooth decay, with almost 90% of Australian adults experiencing some form of permanent tooth decay as of 2018. Bad oral health has a significant impact on self-esteem and confidence, especially when it results in dental disorders like tooth loss and anterior decay. Prioritising positive dental health doesn’t just give you a beauty boost; it […]

Understanding Your Dental Benefits: 5 Essential Services Covered by Medicare + Medigap Insights

Keeping your teeth healthy and in great shape can be an expensive journey. For low-income families, maintaining healthy teeth may even seem like an impossible challenge. Luckily, there are some programs out there that can help you maintain a beautiful smile despite your financial restrictions. Medicare is a government healthcare program that many families rely on for personal healthcare. Not […]

Explaining The Connection between Gut Health and Oral Health : Does Gut Health influence Oral Health?

Gut health plays an integral role not only in your overall well-being but also in your oral health. A balanced and healthy gut can have a significant impact on the condition of your teeth and gums. Just as a nutritious diet, probiotics, and the right fiber can improve various symptoms, such as bloating or diarrhea, they can also promote better […]

Dental Tourism & Dental Holidays trends, is it worth it?

Dental tourism is an increasingly popular option for Australians seeking affordable dental care without compromising on quality. With the price of dental care in Australia skyrocketing, more and more Aussies are going on dental vacations and combining a holiday abroad with the dental treatment they need at a fraction of the cost. But what exactly is dental tourism, and is […]

Toothbrush Holders – Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your Toothbrush Secure!

To keep your oral hygiene on point and bathroom organised, you may be thinking about purchasing a toothbrush holder. So, what makes the best toothbrush holder? Let’s find out!

Baby Teeth Timeline – 5 Stage Infographic!

Are you wondering when do baby teeth come in? Well, you're not alone. We've put together a simple infographic that will walk you through the stages of baby teeth development. Hope this helps!

Infographic – Baby Teeth Interesting Facts

In this infographic, we discuss some interesting facts about baby teeth. Cavities and tooth decay lead out discussion and we look at pain and what you can do to decrease bacteria spread. Let's begin!

Baby Teeth Tips for Parents – Infographic

Below are some great tips for parents in relation to baby teeth. I run through things like teeth brushing, when to go to the dentist, protection against decay and how to manage pain. Hope this helps!

4 Important Things to Look out for with Baby Teeth!

When baby teeth start to erupt there are a few things to look out for. We discuss 4 important points to think about when your child's teeth arrive in our infographic below.

Ages Teeth Come In – 7 Stages to Know!

We have put together a 7 part infographic that goes through all the stages of baby teeth development and when they come in.

Toothpaste Ingredients – What’s Safe + Natural Alternatives!

Toothpaste has two prime ingredients – fluoride and a mild abrasive. These are bound together with humectants, detergents, and flavours. I will cover whether these ingredients are safe to swallow. I will help you interpret each ingredient.

7 Tools All Dentists Use & How They are Cleaned

Have you ever wondered – how many tools do dentists have? The exact number is hard to come by, but there are many different tools available for dentists, each with a use of their own. These tools are mainly categorised by their function, such as if they examine, manipulate, treat, restore, or remove teeth and their surrounding oral structures.

Fastest Way to Whiten Your Teeth – Tips to Save You Time!

What is the fastest way to whiten your teeth? Your professional “in office” teeth whitening – the one that is performed by your dentist – is your best option for a fast, bright white treatment that lasts.

Mouth Tape – The Ultimate Review!

Mouth tape is essentially exactly what it sounds like. You simply use dental-grade tape to tape your mouth shut, before you go to bed. This home remedy forces you to breathe through your nose, instead of your mouth, even while you’re sleeping. While many swear that mouth taping is the ultimate solution to mouth breathing, the research behind this technique is lacking.

Water Flossers – Where to Buy and What to Lookout For!

If you are not a fan of flossing, have you thought about using a water flosser? A water flosser is a dental gadget that you can fill with water or mouthwash to clean the spaces between your teeth. They are convenient, quick and easy to use, and effective and removing the debris from between your teeth.

Top 10 Kids Electric Toothbrushes on Amazon!

Here are the top 10 kids’ electric toothbrushes, as ranked by reviews. Today I will discuss what makes these toothbrushes a good choice for your child. Let’s begin, so you can

Top 10 Kids Regular Toothbrushes Available on Amazon!

With a big range of toothbrushes, choosing one for your kid can be difficult. So, I've gathered the top 10 kids' regular toothbrushes, as ranked by reviews. Today I’ll discuss what makes these toothbrushes a good choice. Let’s begin, so you can purchase what has been rated one of the best regular toothbrushes online for your kid. Disclaimer: Dental [...]

Dental Records – What Happens When You Die?

What happens to your dental records when you die? When a patient dies, the dentists’ duty of confidentiality remains in place. Their requirements to manage the deceased patients’ medical records remain in place, including their duty to not reveal confidential information without the correct legal authorisation. But there are circumstances where family members and other parties want or

Dentistry and the Dental Dam – Is it Beneficial?

A dental dam, also called a rubber dam, is a thin square sheet of plastic that is used to isolate the tooth that is being operated on from the rest of your mouth and lips. Its main purpose is to keep the tooth dry whilst being treated, by preventing saliva or blood from interfering with the dental work, which reduces your risk of the tooth being exposed to

Dental Probiotics – The Answer to Bad Breath?

There has been a lot of popularity around the use of probiotics to improve oral health. Although further research needs to be performed, the results so far show that dental probiotics could be helpful in both preventing and treating infections in the mouth. These also potentially include dental caries, gum disease, and bad breath.

Dental Prosthetist – The Definitive Guide!

Dental prosthetists are independent practitioners, who are registered to manufacture plaster and wax models of your mouth and teeth. These are then used to make dental appliances such as mouthguards and dentures.

Periodontist Dental Costs – Are you Going to Pay More?

A Periodontist can cost, on average, 20 – 30% more than your regular Dentist. They are a specialist in diagnosing, treating, and preventing gum diseases and associated treatments.

Best Baby Toothbrushes on Amazon – Babies and Toddlers Covered!

Choosing a toothbrush for your baby can be a really overwhelming task. But to make it easier, you can skip the supermarket and purchase one online. So, what are the best baby toothbrushes that you can purchase on

Braces Elastics – Must Read Guide!!

Braces elastics are used for jaw alignments or teeth alignment within your jaw. If you have or need braces, you may have heard of braces elastics. So, what makes braces elastics different to normal elastics?

Dental 99 Review – Costs, Details and Much More!

Dental 99 is becoming more popular, so much so that you may have seen them in the media or in your area. So, who is Dental 99? Dental 99 is a business, where you, the patient, have control of your oral care journey

Braces Wax – Options, Tips and Natural Alternatives!

It can take time to get used to wearing braces. Braces wax, also called dental wax or orthodontic wax helps with this. Designed to ease any discomfort you are feeling from where the braces appliances may have been rubbing

Braces Colours – Everything You Need to Know!

how many colours do braces come in? These days if you require braces, you have a great selection of colours. Many dentists or orthodontists offer as many as 40 different braces and rubber band colours.

Sonicare Toothbrushes – The Definitive Guide!

Sonicare Toothbrushes have been designed to provide a superior clean, every time. If Sonicare Toothbrushes have caught your eye, I have compiled a list of all the Sonicare toothbrushes available.

Dentists in Blacktown – TOP 5 Listed!!

Living in or near Blacktown? Needing a new Dentist? Finding the thought of looking in general overwhelming? If you’ve answered yes, this post is for you. We’ve listed the TOP 5 Dentists in the area, out of more than 20.

TOP 5 Dentists in Randwick – Who Made the List?!

We’ve listed Randwick’s TOP 5 Dentists, out of over 24. We hope you can read about some of their charges and any additional advantages we uncovered.

Top 5 Dentists in Hornsby – Reviews and Prices!!

Live in the area of Hornsby? Need another dentist? Even thinking about looking is becoming quite unbearable? We understand if you answered yes, as looking for a new dentist takes a fair amount of effort. Our purpose is to make the process less of a struggle for you.

Newtown’s TOP 5 Dentists – We Find Out Who They Are!

Hello to those who live in or around Newtown. If this is you, and you need a new Dentist, you’ve arrived at the right place. Though choosing a Dentist can be challenging, you can’t leave it on the ‘to-do’ list forever.

Dentists in Penrith – TOP 5 to Check Out!

For one of many reasons, you may be looking for a new Dentist. We know this isn’t easy – with more than 23 Dentists in Penrith, many compare it to looking for a needle in a haystack. I’m here to help!

Liverpool’s TOP 5 Dentists – Google Rated and Prices Reviewed!

There are many reasons you may find yourself needing a new Dentist. This isn’t an easy task. If you reside in Liverpool and looking for a good dentist, this post may be helpful. With over

Dentists in Port Macquarie – Top 5 Listed and Prices Checked!

With over 40 Dentists in the region, it may not be easy to find the one you feel suits you. But my job is to make it easier for you! In this post, I aim to provide you with some general but vital information, allowing you to make an informed choice.

Dentists in Nowra – Google Reviewed Top 5!

If you live in Nowra and are looking for a good Dentist, look no further. Nowra has over 19 dentists, so it can be slightly difficult to find the one you feel is correct for you. But today I come in – to make it easier for you and your dentist search.

Dentists in Bathurst – Top 5 Rated Dentists Reviewed!

Bathurst has over 14 Dentists, so it can be hard to find the one you feel best suits you. My role? To make your search easier! Today, I intend on giving you some general but vital information.

Denture Stomatitis – Treatment Tips and More!

There is a condition know as Denture stomatitis which is when the soft tissues of the mouth are covered for a prolonged period, causing areas of your gums to become inflamed. It is caused by Candida

Dental X-Rays: Are They Safe or Should You Worry?

You are exposed to only small amounts of radiation, as the technology used on modern x-rays is far better than the older style of x-rays. So are they safe?

Baby Toothpaste Recommendations – Including Natural Alternatives

If you have or are planning on having a beautiful little baby, you may wonder – What are my options when it comes to baby toothpaste? There are a lot of well-known brands of toothpaste in the market and it can be often quite hard to work out which

Oral Candida – Symptoms and Treatments You Need to Know!

Oral candida is an infection where the fungus Candida albicans accumulate in the mouth. I will let you know how to best treat oral candida and cover whether there’s a difference between

Dummies for Babies – Benefits and Risks Discussed!

A very debatable topic – Should you give your newborn a Dummy? It’s up to you if and when you give your baby a dummy, it may be best to wait until they have latched onto your breast and settled into a feeding routine.

Sugar-Free Chewing Gum – What to Buy and What to Avoid at All Cost

The best chewing gum is one containing xylitol, as it reduces the bad bacteria-causing plaque and cavities. As well as being sugar-free, there are other ingredients to avoid, which I will discuss

Teething Remedies – Insights and Tips!

Teething can be a very difficult time for both parents and babies to undergo, but it can usually be taken care of with just a few home remedies and an added dash of patience.

Clean Retainers Without Harsh Chemicals – A Natural Guide

Simply soaking your retainer in distilled water (with the addition of baking soda or castile soap), or white vinegar once a week are all great ways to

Wearing Retainers – The Definitive Guide

A question that a Dentist commonly gets asked is – how long do you need to wear a retainer for? If you remove a retainer, your teeth may want to move back to their natural position. So, to keep a straight smile, I suggest that you wear

Dentists in Chatswood – The Best of the Best + Their Prices Included!

If you are a local of Chatswood searching for a good dentist, you’ve come to the right place. There are over 130 dentists in the Chatswood area, making it somewhat hard to pick the right one.

Healing Dry Socket – Your Guide

A dry socket, also known as alveolar osteitis, is a relatively uncommon complication of some dental procedures, but in some cases, it may be an extremely painful outcome. So, if it does occur, how to best heal a dry socket?

Cold Sore Cream – Let’s Help with the Healing Process

It is quite hard to narrow down the ‘best’ cold sore cream. Cold sores will generally resolve themselves within a few weeks. However, an over-the-counter cold sore cream can help speed up the healing process.

My Mouth Ulcer Won’t Heal – Reasons Discussed!

A mouth ulcer that won’t heal may be a sign that you have an underlying and very serious medical condition. While most ulcers are not dangerous and resolve themselves within 2 weeks without the need for treatment, you should see a dentist immediately if

Tooth Fairy Letter – Ideas and Tips!

The Tooth Fairy is a fictional character of early childhood in Western and Western-influenced nations. Today I will cover what is usually asked in letters to the Tooth Fairy, and where you can find great Tooth Fairy letter templates online.

Coles Tongue Scrapers – What’s on Offer?

A Tongue Scraper is a tool that can be used to aid you in your oral hygiene, by improving the purity of your tongue. So, what are your options at Coles?

Woolworths Tongue Scrapers – What are Your Options?

What are the options at Woolworths for a Tongue Scraper? Rather than a standard tongue scraper, at Woolworths, you can buy a toothbrush that has a tongue cleaner which is located at the back of the brush head.

Your Dental Guide to Interdental Brushes

An interdental brush is a device you can use to help maintain your dental hygiene, as it cleans parts of your teeth a normal toothbrush can’t reach. They have a narrow brush that is placed on top of a small handgrip. The brush has bristles on

Fractured Cusps – Treatment Options and Costs Discussed!

A fractured cusp is a very common dental injury, especially if you have had a filling on the tooth. All of your posterior molars have elevations, called cusps.

All on 4 Dental Implants – Advantages and Disadvantages Disscussed

If you have been looking at the different options available for full tooth replacements, “All on 4” is one of the options. The other options are to have more than 4 implants which then can have a ceramic and metal bridge placed or you may want to just get used to wearing

Orthodontic Dental Costs – What You Need to Know

An orthodontist is a Dentist that specialises in tooth and jaw alignment. This specialised treatment can be costly. The extra years an orthodontist spends training enables them to perform more complex work than your regular Dentist

Dental Bonding – Tips and Comparisons Discussed

Dental bonding is a cosmetic procedure that is often used instead of porcelain veneers. It is an alternative option and is a “direct” option to laboratory-generated porcelain restorations.

Coconut Oil Pulling Dangers – What to Lookout for!

Coconut oil pulling is believed to have several benefits for your oral health, but what are the dangers of coconut oil pulling? Coconut oil pulling can be quite risky, with possible side-effects

False Teeth – What Are My Options?

False teeth are a common term adopted for “dentures which are removable”. This can eliminate the confusion when the classifications are clear. False teeth can be attached to existing natural teeth, to implants or they are just dentures

Oral STDs – The Ultimate Guide

The list that nobody wants to see, but one day might appear in your mouth. That is the list of STDs that show symptoms in the mouth. Chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and herpes are the most common STDs that will show symptoms in

Tongue Scraping – All Benefits Discussed

As well as brushing your teeth and flossing, you should add tongue scraping to the list of things to do to care for your oral health. So, how do you use a tongue scraper?

The Ins And Outs Of Toothaches And When To See A Dentist

Toothaches often cause panic and anxiety about visiting a dentist, but you can be more prepared by understanding the ins and outs of toothaches. If you have a toothache, you may decide to leave it alone, wait and see

Dental Floss: The Dos, Don’ts And Everything In Between

Dental floss is something everyone knows of but understanding why it’s important and which option is best is key to better oral health. There are several types of flossing options, all with

Dental Crown Costs – Don’t Pay More!

Any type of dental restoration is scary and the thought of capping your teeth sounds expensive! With dental costs in Australia not being regulated, it’s important to be very well informed about your options

Dental Paediatric Costs – What You Can Expect

A Paediatric Dentist is a specialist and you are likely to pay a lot more than your standard dentist. However, it is always good practice to see your dentist first and have them assess your child’s mouth first. Should your child require a Paediatric Dentist it is then an

Mouth Ulcers – Everything Covered

A mouth ulcer (also called canker sores, or an aphthous ulcer) is a small, painful blister inside your mouth. But there is more than one type of mouth ulcer

Cold Sores – A Guide to Help

This common viral infection is an outbreak of small, fluid-filled blisters on/near your lips, often clustered together in spots. When the blisters heal, they leave behind a scab that can

Dental Item Code Costs 2021 – What You Need to Know

The Dental Item Numbers can be confusing, as the costs fluctuate between dental clinics quite substantially. If you have your Treatment Plan and know what dental procedures you need

Dental Costs – Know The Costs Before Visiting The Dentist

Dental costs differ between states and territories, however, you can easily obtain a price list from the dental clinic of your choice before you visit. This is available by simply asking the clinic. You can also gain an understanding of the approximate

Dental Costs Without Insurance: What Can You Do?

When researching dental costs without insurance, it can be confusing to understand whether insurance will save you money or not in the long run. Many Australians choose to use private health insurance to pay for dental

Dental Payment Plans – Your Options Covered

Dental payment plans are third-party providers that will essentially offer you a loan for your dental work, especially dental work that is expensive. So, a dental payment plan may assist you with getting the treatment you need

Dental Cost for Teeth Whitening – All Your Options Listed

Teeth whitening has become more and more popular. Everybody wants the perfect celebrity smile, and whitening kits you can do at home have become more readily available

Wisdom Tooth Removal Cost

The removal of a wisdom tooth is a common dental procedure, that many undergo in their late teens to early twenties. So, what is the cost to remove a wisdom tooth? The price of extracting a wisdom tooth can vary

How to Compare Dental Costs – And Save A Lot

You may be facing a trip to the dentist and wondering if there is a way to be more prepared. You can compare dental costs and save a lot, by understanding your options.

Dental Bridge Costs – Don’t Overpay Again

Unfortunately, there are times in life when you may lose one tooth or more.When this happens, your dentist may recommend that you need a dental bridge. So, how much does a dental bridge cost? The price of a dental bridge

Dental Costs on JobSeeker: Discover How to Save

If you get the JobSeeker allowance, you will also have a Concession Card. This card allows you to go to the Dental Hospital, where you can get your dental work done, either

Dental Hospital Costs – The Research Is In!

If you are looking into options for how to get your dental work done cheaper, you may be wondering, how much does it cost to visit a Dental Hospital? A Dental Hospital is free for pensioners and

Dental Costs for Gum Disease – Save and Heal Faster

Periodontitis, or Gum Disease, can be an extremely dangerous and painful condition. So, what is the cost to treat Gum Disease? The cost to treat Gum Disease will vary, depending upon

Dental X-Ray Costs – And What Are Your Options?

At times, during dental treatment, the Dentist will find it essential to take an x-ray of your mouth, to gain pictures of your teeth. So, how much do standard dental x-rays cost? The costs of a dental x-ray can vary from $42

Average Dental Costs – The Ultimate Breakdown

A Dentist is free to set their own costs, so the prices they charge can vary greatly. To be able to provide you with an average price for your state, the Australian Dental Association (ADA) does a yearly survey on dental

Dental Hygiene Costs – Alternatives and Options

Teeth cleaning is an incredibly important treatment. It is one that we should all be getting performed regularly, by a professional. This professional may be a Dentist, a Dental Hygienist, or if you are of a certain age, an Oral Therapist.

Dental Costs Adelaide – We Investigate the Real Costs

If Adelaide, SA, is your hometown, you may want to know – what are the average dental costs in Adelaide? That answer is obtained through an annual report performed by the Australian Dental Association (ADA).

Dental Costs Brisbane – We Investigate the Real Costs

The median price for dental work can change a lot – mainly dependent on your location. What a Dentists’ will charge for their treatments will differ for many reasons, such as where they are located, and their

Dental Costs Canberra – We Investigate the Real Costs

If where you visit your local Dentist is in the ACT, the thought may have crossed your mind – what are the average dental costs in Canberra? The ADA answers that question once per annum, by

Dental Costs Melbourne – We Investigate

If you live in Melbourne, you may wonder – what are the average dental costs in Melbourne? The ADA does a yearly survey of random Dentists’ and their procedures. By gathering this data, the average cost per treatment

Dental Costs Perth – We Investigate the Real Costs

If you regularly visit the Dentist in Perth, WA, you may wonder – what are the average dental costs in Perth? Annually, the Australian Dental Association or ADA for short reviews the cost of multiple dental procedures at a number of clinics in WA.

Dental Costs Sydney – We Investigate the Real Costs

If your local Dentist is in Sydney, NSW, you may want to know – what are the average dental costs in Sydney? Every year, the Australian Dental Association (ADA) assesses the price of dental treatments at numerous clinics and then determines the median cost for each procedure.

Are Dental Costs Tax Deductible? – Find Out Now

In Australia, all medical costs, such as dental work, can only be claimed on your tax return if they relate directly to your source of income.

Dental Costs for Students – How to Lower Your Bill

Dental costs for students will differ between locations and types of clinic, however, by doing your research, visiting a student clinic or

Dental Implants Costs – How to Negotiate a Better Deal

The costs can vary widely, ranging from an average of $5500 to $6000. This depends upon a number of factors, including

How to Reduce Dental Costs – Step 3 Will Surprise You!

If you need to visit the dentist, you may be looking for ways to reduce dental costs, rest assured there are ways to keep costs down. Dental costs are

Dental Veneer Costs – What You Should Be Paying

Many times, we have seen the cost of dental work turn people away from having the procedure performed. So, how much do veneers cost per tooth?

What Is Covered In A Regular Dental Check-Up?

A general check-up and tooth clean is usually what you will visit the dentist as your regular visit. Dental check-ups are important for oral health, ensuring that any arising issues are caught early. This can also save you money

What Is Orthodontic Treatment?

An orthodontist is a specialist you may be referred to for certain work. There are many in each State and Territory across Australia that can offer assistance in areas such as braces, retainers and the like.

Tooth Extraction Cost – How Much Should You Pay?

The cost of a tooth extraction can range, depending on both your location and the severity of the procedure. A simple extraction will start from $270

Dental Aligners Cost – Discover How to Save Money

If you require what is known to be rather expensive dental work. The cost of dental aligners is hard to predict, they can range from

Dental Restoration Costs – Don’t Get Ripped Off Again

Dental restoration costs vary greatly across Australia. There are ways to reduce your costs if you understand the different pricing across the country and how to make sure

Dental Costs for Fillings – The Results Are In

If you have a tooth problem, such as cavities, you may want to know – what is the cost for a tooth filling? The cost of tooth fillings can range anywhere between $115

Dental Cost for Teeth Cleaning – All Your Options Listed

Teeth cleaning – it is something that everybody should be getting done every six-months. So, what is the cost for professional teeth cleaning? Teeth cleaning can cost

Root Canal Costs in Australia – The Definitive Guide

The average cost of an entire root canal treatment varies between states and depends upon what tooth procedure is being performed. It can range from

Dental Costs for Pensioners – The Must-Read Guide

If you’re an Australian pensioner, you may be concerned about the costs involved in visiting the dentist. The costs of dental work will differ in Australia based on location, type of clinic and whether

Dental Costs Thailand – The Definitive Guide

Dental work is roughly a third of the price in Thailand than it is in Australia. This means that many people are choosing to go overseas for their dental treatments, as it is less expensive. But you may also find yourself wondering, is it too risky to go to Thailand, or is it safe to

Why am I All of a Sudden Getting Cavities?

Are you suddenly getting cavities when you’ve never had them before – I bet you also find yourself wondering, “why?”.Dental cavities are most commonly the result of tooth decay, so if you happen to find yourself suddenly getting cavities, you need to reassess both your diet and

Should You Use an Electric Toothbrush?

A debated question: Should you use an electric Toothbrush? You don’t necessarily need one is the truth. Manual toothbrushes if used correctly do a perfectly fine job of clearing away debris and ‘mushy’ plaque from in and around your

Reversing Tooth Decay and Healing Cavities Naturally

Can cavities really heal on their own? In simple terms, the answer is “yes” in the early stages. If you have model oral settings, including the proper pH levels, the minerals you consume, such as calcium and phosphorus, are deposited onto your teeth from your

Foods that Heal Cavities and Foods that Don’t

According to traditional Dentistry, there’s only one way to treat a cavity – with a drill and a filling. However, our teeth were actually designed to heal themselves – it makes sense considering we are able to have the same set of teeth for our entire life. So, is there a way

Dental Care for Kids – Victoria Leading the Way!

School students in Victoria will all now have brighter and healthier smiles, along with happier families as they will no longer have to pay their expensive dental bills! That’s all thanks to free dental care being introduced into both public primary and secondary schools all

New, Improved and Cheaper – 3D-Printed Dental Plugs

A new procedure, recently developed by the National Dental Centre Singapore (NDCS), is hoping to save you a lot of that time, money and pain. How exactly, you ask? Researchers at the National Dental Centre Singapore have developed an enhanced

Charcoal Toothpaste – Does it Work and Should you Use it?

The latest rage is charcoal toothpaste… but does it really work? Unfortunately, to say, charcoal toothpaste is nothing but a trend. From an extrinsic point of view, charcoal toothpaste can remove slight surface stains on your teeth, allowing them to look whiter and brighter.

Can Distracting Your Kids at the Dentist Help?

Dental anxiety is a common problem in children, so, can distracting your kids at the Dentist help? Distraction is a behaviour management technique by which the child is distracted from the stimulant that causes them anxiety, thus reducing it. The main aim of this is to relax your

Dental Care for Seniors – The Definitive Guide!

So, you may be wondering – is dental care for seniors really that important? The answer is – if you can afford it, yes. With the majority of dental benefits not covered by Medicare, all older adults still need at least a yearly check-up for the sake of their dental, as well as general health

What is an Underbite and What can be Done about It?

An underbite, simply put, is when your bottom front teeth overlap your upper front teeth. Your underbite could be in your genetics, a result of an injury, or from a birth defect, such as abnormally shaped and misaligned teeth.

Are Sensitive Teeth Genetic?

Yes, dental issues can run in the family. There is a chance you may have inherited your tooth sensitivity from a family member. Although it’s more likely that it’s based on your dental regime and lifestyle factors, oral conditions do have a hereditary

What is Burning Mouth Syndrome?

Burning Mouth Syndrome usually affects your tongue, but possibly also your lips, the roof of your mouth, or between your lips and gums. It is described as a burning, scalding, tingling feeling that lasts anywhere from a few months up to a few years.

How to Floss Your Teeth and Why it’s Important?

Flossing, also known as interdental cleaning, removes all the plaque under your gums and between your teeth – all those places your toothbrush is unable to reach. If this plaque was not removed, the build-up would lead to tooth decay, gum disease and

How to Prepare for Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom tooth removal is one of the most common dental procedures, with millions being performed every year without a problem. Early removal of your wisdom teeth greatly reduces your risk of bigger problems later in life, like impaction, infection or even

Pain After a Dental Visit – What is Normal, What is Not?

You and I both know that Dental visits can be an absolute pain in the mouth. But if you’ve gone to see your Dentist and had some procedures performed, how do you know when to be concerned about any pain you are feeling, and how do you know when to just pop a Panadol and rest it off? There are a

Do You Need a Night Guard for Grinding?

Teeth grinding – it is a dental condition which can lead to serious complications for your oral health. Many say that a simple solution to stop the habit is to wear a custom-made night guard, but is this really the answer? If you’re grinding your teeth, the first and

The Ultimate Guide to Oil Pulling: Does it Work?

Swishing a form of oil around in your mouth for 10 to 20 minutes or more is believed to remove bacteria, whiten your teeth, improve your gum health and alleviate bad breath – it sounds like a miracle from minimal work! But is it a case of something that is just too good to be true?

Are Strawberries Good for Your Teeth?

Strawberries are known to be great for your overall health. Low in calories, rich in antioxidants, high in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals including folate, potassium, dietary fibre and magnesium, they are part of a healthy diet. But yet the question still remains – they may be good for your health, but

Dental Care for Pensioners

Are you, or someone you know, starting to age and worrying about the health of your teeth? It’s not a bad idea to start looking into your healthcare options now, for the health and safety of your teeth in the future. Because simply put

Mature Dentistry – Dental Care For the Elderly

It’s unfortunate, but the condition of our teeth does decline the older we get. It may be a case of lifestyle choices you made when you were younger catching up to you, or simply a factor of aging itself, but it can lead to, among other things, a loss of teeth, gum disease, the reappearance of

Tips to Help Parents Brush their Kids Teeth

Ah, the constant battle of the brushes. As parents, we all know it’s hard enough to get our kids to go to bed without the additional struggle of getting them to brush their teeth. Then we get to repeat that process all over again in the morning, whilst trying to get them

Dental Insurance for Cosmetic Dentistry

Although dental insurance is extremely helpful, for both the health and safety of your bank account and your teeth, there are some things that it just won’t cover. The main thing being “cosmetic dentistry”. So just what is classified as cosmetic dentistry, and how do you ensure your insurance

The Difference Between Major and Minor Dental Cover

Navigating the world of dental insurance cover, it’s not the easiest of policies to understand, but it’s well worth trying to get a grasp of. After all, it does more than just help with the health of your teeth – it does bucketloads for your budget as well when someone else pays up to 100% towards

Dental Cover with No Waiting Periods

Have you ever forgotten to read that fine print on your dental insurance policy? Maybe you’ve booked straight in to have a procedure performed, only to find out that you weren’t allowed to claim back on your benefits at all? That, my friend, is called a

Dental Insurance – The Australian Guide

We all know that a visit to see the Dentist can be expensive. The pain you feel pulling your money out of your pocket may seem like a bigger pain than the one that you feel coming from your mouth. One simple way to lower those costs is to

Which Dental Insurance Provider is the Best Value?

Dental Insurance… You’re not the only one who doesn’t enjoy, let alone fully understand, trying to comprehend its’ mind-boggling process. It’s like a rollercoaster, with its ups and downs, ins and outs, all leading to a rule that says – “the less you spend, the less

Teeth Whitening Kits You Can Buy in Australia – Updated for 2021

Teeth whitening kits – because everybody would love to make their smile a little brighter. Over the years, your teeth may have become stained from simple things such as tea, coffee, cold drink or wine, smoking, poor dental hygiene or simply ageing. But do teeth whitening kits really work? Well they can

Whitening for Kids – Dangers and Pitfalls to Avoid

Do you have any concerns about any discolouring you can see on your child’s teeth? Do you perhaps think that their teeth are darker than they should be? If so, you may be wondering

Why Does the Dentist Cost So Much?

Have you ever wondered… “why does the Dentist cost so much?!” Maybe you’ve done some research – perhaps you’ve even compared the prices in Australia against those in other countries. But if you’ve never really found the answer, and instead find yourself saying, “it’s just

Is it Necessary to Take a Dental X-Ray?

X-rays… for decades they have developed a terrible reputation – radiation being the biggest concern. So, you may be wondering, is it really necessary for my Dentist to take a dental x-ray? The answer to that question is yes – very much so. What you may not know is the significant benefits

What does an Endodontist do?

Endodontist – a word that you may find as hard to understand as you do to pronounce. Well, let us spell it out for you. “Endo” means “inside”, and “Odont” means “tooth”. Still, you may be left wondering – what exactly is it that an Endodontist does? An Endodontist is a specialist Dentist

Wisdom Teeth Smell – The Causes & How to Put it to an End

Wisdom teeth – those third set of molars that erupt in the back of your mouth, usually in your late teens to mid-20s. We all know that the pain they give you are just awful, but the smell really is just as bad. So, you may be left wondering – why is

How to Take Care of Children’s Teeth – The Definitive Guide

The common question that is asked from parents is – “How to take care of children’s teeth?” In this article, we will talk you through the process, right from the moment teething starts, until your child gains and loses all their baby teeth, through the moment these teeth are

What is Laser Dentistry? – Everything You Need to Know

Laser dentistry is the use of lasers to perform a variety of different dental procedures. Having been used in the dental industry for the last thirty years, laser dentistry is increasing in popularity as the years go by. Laser dentistry offers more

Best Whitening Toothpaste for 2021

In 2019 there are plenty of whitening toothpaste available to us. You can pick one up at your chemist or even at the local supermarket. But which ones are a cut above the rest? Here we will look at which gives the best

How to Prevent Panic Attacks at the Dentist

Do you suffer from Anxiety and Panic Attacks at the Thought of even Visiting your Dentist? Don’t be alarmed – you are not alone. Anxiety is one of the most common episodes seen by a Dentist, and often a result of childhood trauma. Fortunately, Dentists’ have been trained in

Specialist Dentistry – What You Need to Know

Specialist Dentists are Dentists who have undertaken additional specialised postgraduate studies for their intended specialty, on top of their dentistry degree. So how do you know when is it necessary for you to see a specialist Dentist instead of your general Dentist? A specialist

Cheap Dentistry – Ways to Save Money!

Have you been looking for ways to save money on your Dental work, but are not quite sure where to start? Many people today are going overseas in order to save money on their Dentistry, but it’s not always the easiest, safest, or eve

When Do You Have to Extract a Tooth?

If your tooth has been broken, damaged, diseased or infected, your Dentist will do anything in their power to try and save it – and with today’s technology, they have many options up their sleeve, including fillings, crowns, bridges, and more. But sometimes, that tooth is simply

What Makes a Great Toothbrush?

The best thing you can do for your mouth is clean in between your teeth. Whatever that takes – floss, interdental brushes, or most importantly, the right toothbrush. However, this cleaning must be done gently, because the connection of the gum to the tooth is

Do You Experience Tooth Pain from Grinding?

Grinding your teeth can cause pain in the ligament and nerve of your tooth, which is located between the jawbone and the tooth. Do you experience tooth pain from grinding your teeth? Grinding causes bruising, and every time it happens

Implants for a Missing Tooth

If you are struggling with the problem of missing teeth, there are many options for their replacement within the dental industry in this current day and age. One of those such options is that the missing tooth can be replaced by an implant, which is

Tooth Colour Crowns and Veneers

Once you’ve gone through a cosmetic procedure and chosen crowns or veneers, there’s always a chance your natural teeth can start discolouring. If so, what can you do about the difference in your tooth colour? The general rule of thumb is to try and prevent this happening

Dentures vs. Bridges – What are the Differences, and which one is the Winner?

Missing teeth can have a very serious effect on your health, your self-confidence, and your smile. The two most common solutions your dentist may use to solve these issues are dentures or bridges. While both solve the same problem, they do so in a different way

What is a Professional Dental Clean?

A professional dental clean is a procedure undertaken by your dentist or dental hygienist in which they use professional equipment to rid your teeth and gums of plaque and tartar build up. It is important to visit your dentist for a cleaning at least

Should I Get Partial Dentures for a Missing Tooth?

There are a few ways in which your dentist can replace missing teeth, one of which is through the use of partial dentures. Partial dentures are removable, but there are some other options which are more permanent. Depending on the location of the missing tooth

What is a Maryland Bridge and Do I Need One?

Maryland bridge, also known as either a Maryland bonded bridge or resin-bonded bridge, is a type of dental bridge that is escalating in popularity in recent years. The main benefit for this kind of bridge is

What to Do if You Have Inflamed Gums?

Inflamed gums are a common problem, with a number of different causes. So, what are they, and how, when and where do you fix them? Inflamed gums often go unnoticeable, as the inflammation may not be painful. However, it is important to catch them

Airway Focused Dental Care – What is It?

Feeling fatigued? Suffering from headaches, mood swings, or even finding it difficult to concentrate? Sleep-related breathing disorders can often be difficult for you to notice or diagnose, but once an outcome has been

Fixing Crooked Teeth with Plates

These days there are cheaper alternatives available for both you and your children to have your teeth straightened. One of these choices being the simple option of dental plates. Apart from being less costly than fixed braces, perhaps the biggest advantage to plates is

Can You Fix a Fractured Tooth?

Fractured teeth – it is the leading cause of tooth loss in industrialised nations. They can result from the simplest of things such as chewing hard foods, grinding your teeth at night, or it’s even a natural result of growing older. So, if a fractured tooth happens to you, what are

How Do You Get Rid of Bad Breath from Gum Disease?

Everyone gets bad breath every now and then, but we find that the worst bad breath is a result of some form of gum disease. Gum disease can come in many forms, from the easily treatable gingivitis to the more severe cases such as periodontal disease. Bad breath in relation to gum disease comes from

Crooked Teeth and Invisalign

Invisalign is a modern-day alternative to braces – they are clear, plastic aligners that are designed to straighten your teeth in perhaps as little as nine to eighteen months. With fewer disadvantages than Traditional braces, Invisalign are removable, meaning they do not make as much of an impact on

What are Lingual Braces?

Lingual braces – also known as internal braces – are a lesser-known tooth straightening treatment than Traditional braces. The good news is that they are becoming more popular, especially with adults. This is due to the fact that they are basically invisible. Attached to the inside of

Do You Need Braces if Your Teeth are Crooked?

Although braces may be the traditional method for straightening crooked teeth, in modern dentistry they are not your only option. There are some alternate methods that dentists employ so that you can choose what is right for you! Different from the traditional metal braces, which are still highly effective

Does Teeth Cleaning Remove Bad Breath?

Halitosis aka Bad Breath – tends to be a common, but usually a simple and preventable condition. So, should we get our teeth cleaned more regularly to stop this condition occurring? The answer is

How to Fill a Chipped Tooth?

The most common line of defence against a chipped tooth is what’s known as a dental filling. So, what exactly is a dental filling, and how does it protect against a chipped tooth? There are a few different types of materials, the most common being white tooth-coloured composite

Why Do You Need a Dental Hygienist?

Dental hygienists work closely with dentists in order to assist with oral health and preventative measures. So, why do you need a dental hygienist? They are able to provide relevant information specific to you about

Tooth Decay at Gum Line – How to Stop This Today

Tooth decay at the gum line is primarily caused by long-standing plaque deposits on the surface of the tooth. Without proper oral hygiene, bacteria deposits leave lesions or “root caries” that slowly eat into the enamel covering your teeth. Unfortunately, as this

Tooth Pain after Root Canal

Root Canal is perhaps one of the most common dental procedures, effectively restoring millions of teeth to health every year. Generally, root canal therapy is a pain-free procedure. However, like most medical procedures, some degree of discomfort or pain is to be expected; either

4 Reasons Why You Might Need a Dental Crown

Do you have a decaying tooth that is bothering you? Or perhaps your damaged tooth needs extra protection to extend its life? Whatever the case may be, a dental crown could be the likely treatment. Your dentist will recommend a dental crown if

Bad Breath After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Bad breath after your wisdom teeth removal can cause you to worry. However, this bad odour is perfectly normal and is mostly due to the blood clotting over the extraction site. This is part of the healing process. If the smell goes away after you rinse your mouth with salt

Is There Such a Thing as Brushing Your Teeth Too Hard?

Brushing your teeth too hard is a mistake most people make. It is a common misconception, especially among youngsters, that the harder you brush, the better you clean your teeth. And this couldn’t be further from the truth! Everything has a proper technique, whether

What to Do When Your Tooth is Fractured?

A tooth fracture can be painful, and people suffering from one have to take precautions to reduce the damage and the pain. Dental remedies can range from simple fillings to tooth extractions and dental implants. There are no surefire ways to deal with a fractured tooth, and every remedy is

Baby Teeth Not Falling Out – Should I be Worried?

It isn’t uncommon for parents to be concerned about their child’s primary teeth not falling out. So, is there cause for worry if your child’s baby teeth don’t fall out? The answer is both, yes and no. Yes, because there could be something in your child’s gums that might want out, which might result in

Morning Breath in Children: What Should You do?

When our kids have bad morning breath it can be quite intense and embarrassing. The easiest solution to get rid of the bad smell and almost all dental problems lies in adhering to a positive daily brushing and flossing routine.

How to Floss if You Have Braces

So, how does one floss with braces? The answer is simple: you don’t use floss solely. There are other products designed to be more accessible, and specifically for people with braces.

Decay Is Past The Dentine: What Should You Do?

Tooth decay is one of my fears; I won’t lie. But when decay reaches your dentin, that’s a whole other matter that’s a reason to be concerned and act! If you have somehow missed all the signs pointing to tooth decay, you have only two options when

How to Stop Bleeding When You Floss: Tips & Tricks

After speaking with our resident dentist Dr V, she informed me that people typically ask two main questions when it comes to flossing: How and what to do to stop bleeding during or after flossing? What bleeding gums mean and what remedies to employ to rectify this problem?

How do Dentists Take Care of Their Teeth?

I have always been intrigued by how the experts themselves take care of their teeth against issues such as cavities, plaque, and whatnot. Pushed by my curiosity, I set about to find the techniques dentists use in their daily oral care routine that enables them to be role models for

Why Are Dental Crowns So Expensive?

Many of us avoid dental procedures because of the very real fear of cost. People assume that getting a dental crown is one of the most expensive dental procedures out there. But why are crowns so expensive? The simple answer is

What Can You do About TMJ Pain?

Feeling pain within your jaw and mouth can be unbearable at times. So asking your dentist “what can I do about TMJ pain?” is important. Causes can vary a lot from a simple toothache to severe conditions that are debilitating. One of those conditions is what’s known as

Interdental Brushes Vs. Flossing: Which is Better?

What to choose? Do I go with dental floss or interdental brushes? People are often confused about what dental hygiene products will yield the best results. Now there are some differences between these two products, but generally, the function is

Foods That are Bad for Your Dental Health

Your dental health has a direct relationship with the food you eat. You need your teeth to chew up your food into digestible bits so you can swallow it, and your teeth need a healthy dietary intake to remain healthy and strong. This is why some food and drinks can harm your teeth, causing cavities and

Getting to the Root of Halitosis

Bad breath is medically known as ‘Halitosis’. According to the Victorian state government, 2.4% of Australia’s adult population suffers from it. Although it is not infectious, bad breath can point toward

What Are Your Temporary Dental Filling Options?

Do you have a rotten tooth that is bugging you and have been putting it off getting fixed? You’re not alone! This is where temporary fillings come in! Dentists clean bacteria out of a particular tooth and ‘fill’ it temporarily, until they restore it permanently. If I were to opt for a temporary filling

What to Do When Your Child Has a Loose Tooth

Loose teeth are a part of a child’s changing body – as they mature through the years, so do their teeth. There are multiple causes due to which baby teeth loosen in a child’s mouth. Although they eventually fall out naturally, exceptions exist, and parents need to be wary of a few things. While pulling out loose teeth

Saliva Screening Test – What the Results Mean to You

A saliva screening test is helpful in many ways. From identifying possible drugs in your system to confirming diseases that are evident in your body. You have nothing to fear from these tests, for they do more good than harm. Let’s look at the saliva screening

Options When You Have a Chipped Tooth

It’s pretty easy to chip your tooth. And once you do, it’s hard not to notice the unfortunate chip or crack. All it takes for a tooth to chip is biting down hard on a nut. In my experience, it was eating too

The Truth Behind Painless Dentistry

Not long ago, a visit to the dentist would picture something like a bruised mouth, swollen gums, and spitting blood in the sink. Dental procedures were tough, and patients were expected to clench their fists when the dentists brought about their instruments of operation. It is no wonder

Plaque: What is it and How to Remove it

Scientifically, plaque is a sticky transparent film of bacteria that forms over your teeth. It makes your teeth ‘feel fuzzy’ when you rub your tongue over them. Dental plaque is sticky, colourless bacteria which builds up along

Sensitive Teeth? Here’s What to Do About it

Having sensitive teeth is one of the most common dental problems around. You’re not alone if teeth sensitivity is causing you discomfort. But what can you do to rectify this issue? In this post, I’ll look at what causes this pain as well as

Periodontal Treatment: Why You Need a Periodontist

A periodontist is the perfect professional to check your gums. They have additional training and have specialised in the periodontal field. Since most of us have limited exposure regarding dental care; we can ignore gum issues when they are in their development phase. Your periodontist can

Inside a Dental Laboratory: How Teeth Are Made

A dental laboratory works side by side with your dentist. If your dentist requires a specific material, most likely the dental lab will be involved. So what does your dental lab technician do, exactly? In this post, I’ll look at the common

Holistic Dentists: How Are They Different?

Can holistic dentists change your view of dentistry? When most of us think of the dentist, we think of a “regular” or traditional dentist. But how is holistic dentistry different from the traditional approach? In this post, I’ll look at the advantages

Wisdom Teeth Recovery: Preparing For What Comes Next

Are you fearful of getting your wisdom teeth removed? Or maybe you have them removed and don’t know what to do next? Today I’ll answer these questions and more regarding wisdom teeth recovery. Better still I show you

What is Sleep Dentistry?

Sleep dentistry can reduce anxiety and make your dental appointment a pleasant experience. But what is sleep dentistry and how does it work? For those who deal with this anxiety and fear, sleep dentistry (also called sedation dentistry) can be a solution. In this post

Teeth Whitening Pens: The Complete Guide

Like a magic wand, whitening pens promise to brighten your smile when you’re on the run. They are quick to use, portable, and easy to fit into even the busiest schedule. But are they worth buying? Whether you’re always on the go or

Root Canal at 21 – What to Expect (Including Other Options)

Have you been told you might need a root canal at 21? Root canal therapy is what’s needed when you have badly decayed tooth. At the age of 21, you probably don’t want to go through this procedure. There are much better

Teeth Whitening Kits: Do They Work?

In this post, I explore all you’ll need to know about Teeth Whitening Kits. What they are, how they work (and most important of all) which one might work best for you. I’m here to help you through this whitening experience.

What is the Best Teeth Whitening Toothpaste?

The shelves these days are filled with teeth whitening toothpaste. For those of us who would like a whiter smile, it’s difficult to know which brand to trust. You want something safe, but you also want something

Your Teeth Whitening Guide

Looking for the best way to whiten your teeth? There are so many choices in the market, each with their pro’s and con’s. We list every one of them

Dental Bridges: The Definitive Guide (2020)

If you’re missing a tooth for some unique reason, then a dental bridge could be the solution you’re seeking. There are a few variations on how a dental bridge can be applied. A dental bridge is definitely a proven way

Dental Crowns Covered: What You Need to Know

Dental crowns are the go-to option if you need cosmetic help in the dental department. As they’re just one of the many cosmetic treatment options available, it can be hard to work out if a dental crown is right for you? Crowns can make your natural teeth retain their integrity and

How to Deal With a Dental Emergency

A dental emergency is not only an after-hours treatment or hospital visit; it can happen at any time, anywhere. There are many situations and circumstances that can be regarded as a dental emergency. But what is an emergency when your mouth is involved? In this post, we’ll look

Tooth Extraction Tips: Understanding What’s Involved

When you hear the words ‘tooth extraction’, what comes to mind? We wouldn’t be surprised to hear you yell out fear, pain or expense as your initial thought. But this doesn’t have to be the case.

Dental Fillings: The Facts You Should Know

Dental Fillings have been around for a long time, but in recent years new technology has changed the way dentists’ provide this treatment. In this post, we’ll discuss all the most common types plus what to expect when heading to your dentist for a filling.

Why a Custom Made Mouthguard is a Must!

Having the right mouthguard while playing sport in Australia can mean the difference between protecting your teeth or damaging them. In this post, we will explore why it’s recommended to protect your teeth with a custom-made mouthguard so you can enjoy the sport you love without

Keep Tooth Decay at Bay: How You Can Prevent it!

Tooth decay can sneak up on you without much warning and cause a host of issues. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 3 out of 10 people aged between 25 and 44 have untreated tooth decay. That is 30% of the population!

Your Dental Guide to Dentures

Losing your teeth one way or another can be quite daunting and downright frustrating! Luckily, dentures can provide a reasonable and affordable solution so that your smile and confidence may return. But are they the best option out there?

Red Gums: Your Guide to Eliminating Them for Good

Having Red and swollen gums is just the pits. And what about when they bleed?! Most of us at some point in our lives deal with these 3 dental problems on a daily basis and put up with them like they are the norm! But the fact is, is that your gums shouldn’t be red, swollen or bleeding.

A Detailed Look at Gum Disease

Are you a person who worries about your teeth and gums a lot? Well, if you are, then it’s safe to say that gum disease is probably on your mind a fair bit. A study by the Australian Research Centre for Population Oral Health showed

Tooth Abscess: Why You Have One and What to Do About it.

When someone mentions they have a tooth abscess, I think pain! Don’t be alarmed though. In this post, we list everything you need to know about a tooth abscess and more

Finding a Solution with Dental Implants

Dental implants have become the preferred option in recent years to bridge (forgive the pun) the gap in your smile.
This post will run through all you need to know about this No.1 option so that you can make an informed decision and save money in the process.

Wisdom Teeth Removal: What Can You Expect?

Wisdom teeth removal can be a daunting experience. Stress levels rise, and the pain leading up to surgery can be extreme! What can help during this period of intense pressure?

Halitosis ‘aka’ Bad Breath

Halitosis. Sounds serious right? Well, it can be if you don’t find out what is causing it in the first place. The familiar name for halitosis is bad breath and it can be incredibly embarrassing if you have it.

Gingivitis Explained

Ever had inflammation around your teeth and gums before? If this is the case, it is likely you’ve had gingivitis. The bacteria found in gingivitis and periodontal disease is a form of

Dental Veneers: Your Ultimate Guide

Dental veneers are stylish and have been around for a long time. They are one way to achieve a stunning smile most people desire. But are they worth it?

What You Need to Know About Wisdom Teeth

Chances are if you are between 17 and 25 years of age, your wisdom teeth are probably causing you some pain. Your teenage years through to your mid 20’s can be a challenging time. Your body is growing and changing rapidly

21 Root Canal Questions Answered

You’re not alone if you are confused about root canal treatments. It is a debated topic and one that needs to be answered by a professional. A root canal is a procedure in which a dentist removes the infected pulp of a tooth. We asked our resident dentist, Dr Veronica Roller

Teeth Whitening Review: 4 Types Tested, Which is Best For You?

This is our teeth whitening review of 4 ways to whiten your teeth. Now, teeth whitening has become spectacularly popular in recent years among celebrities and people alike. With so many treatments available to us, I asked

New Research shows Gum Disease Linked to Heart Disease

Scientists believe there is a strong link between gum disease and heart disease. There may be a good chance that bacteria in chronic gum disease could spread