Woolworths Tongue Scrapers – What are Your Options?

A lady holding a tongue scraper

A typical Tongue Scraper – But what options are there at Woolworths?

A Tongue Scraper, also known as Tongue Cleaner, can be a positive part of your dental health.

But what are the options at Woolworths for a Tongue Scraper?

Rather than a standard tongue scraper, at Woolworths, you can buy a toothbrush that has a tongue cleaner which is located at the back of the brush head. This can still help remove the bacteria on your tongue.

Today I will show the costs to buy these tongue scrapers at Woolworths. I will cover the pitfalls of these tongue scrapers, and what a tongue scraper should include.

I will also discuss how to order a tongue scraper at Woolworths if they are out of stock, and how to check the reviews of Woolworth’s tongue scrapers.

Finally, I will let you know whether it is safe to share your tongue scraper with members of your family.

Let’s start, so you can think about where you would like to purchase your tongue scraper.

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Buying a Tongue Scraper at Woolworths – What are the Costs?

When you purchase a tongue scraper at Woolworths, it comes inbuilt with your toothbrush.

So, upfront this costs less than buying a tongue scraper separately from a toothbrush.

Tongue scrapers at Woolworths

2 Tongue Scraper options available at Woolworths

For example, you can purchase this Colgate Extra Clean Soft Bristle Toothbrush at Woolworths for only $2.00.

It is also available in Medium for the same price if you prefer this strength over Soft.

This toothbrush has many features, including:

  • A cleaning tip that allows it to reach and clean your back teeth.
  • Multi-dimensional bristles.
  • A tongue cleaner.

Such a simple, inexpensive product can clean your teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums.

Whereas, buying a tongue scraper will usually cost you up to $10.

For example, you have this environmentally friendly TePe GOOD Tongue Cleaner which currently costs $6.28.

Feel free to read my review of the TePe GOOD Tongue Cleaner here.

Made from stainless steel, Dr Tung’s Tongue Cleaner is medical grade, so extremely sterile, making it highly popular. This can set you back $9.96 at Amazon.

Holding a Dr Tungs Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner

A Dr Tungs Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner – Good quality and it will last.

Pitfalls at Buying a Tongue Scraper at Woolworths

There are some pitfalls that come with buying your tongue scraper at Woolworths.

Firstly, there isn’t a specific Tongue Scraper product on offer, so as mentioned you need to buy a toothbrush that has a tongue scraper built into it.

Therefore, it may be cheaper to go this way but it may not be as cost-effective as some tongue scrapers that you buy elsewhere online or at your local shops.

Let me explain.

This is because, if you buy a tongue scraper that comes part and parcel with your toothbrush from Woolworths, you may need to replace it more often than a standard tongue scraper.

Your dentist will recommend that you replace your toothbrush, and so your tongue scraper, every 3 months.

Standard tongue scrapers may need to be replaced less often, but this all depends on what they’re made from and how well you look after them.

For example, a plastic tongue scraper most like will last much longer than 3 months.

Metal tongue scrapers generally last longer – potentially years. So, whilst at first, they may be more costly as an initial purchase, they can end up being more cost-effective in the long run.

Copper is a common choice for a tongue scraper, as it is a more natural and hygienic option.

If you look after it correctly, it can last years. But if you do not take care of it, it can rust within months.

You must make sure it is fully dried after using it every time if you want it to last.

Copper Tongue Scraper made by Kosha Ayurveda

Copper Tongue Scraper made by Kosha Ayurveda – Source Amazon Australia

For a look into the different types of materials used for tongue scrapers and the pros and cons of each, feel free to read my post – Tongue Scraping – All Benefits Discussed.

What Should a Tongue Scraper Include?

You may have noticed by now that one of the main differences regarding tongue scrapers is that they are made from different materials.

Essentially, regardless of the material, all tongue scrapers are designed in a similar way.

You can choose from one that is either U-shaped or Y-shaped.

Those with larger tongues may find the U-shape preferable, whereas children or those with smaller tongues may prefer a Y-shape.

Other than that, some scrapers have multiple blades. This hastens the removal of the debris and bacteria on the tongue.

Those with multiple blades tend to be Y-shaped, but you may find some that are slenderer, more like a toothbrush, that still has 4 – 5 blades.

This post I found may help you with choosing the shape of your Tongue Scraper.

How to Order a Tongue Scraper at Woolworths if They are Out of Stock?

If you desperately want a product that is currently out of stock at your local Woolworths, I have a few tips about how you can find it.

The first thing I suggest that you do is to go to their front counter with the item number and ask. They can usually let you know when the product will be delivered again.

What they may also be able to do is contact another store to see if they have the product available. This tends to work well for those who live in the city, as a close Woolworths may only be a 10-minute to 30-minute drive away.

Whereas if you live in the country or rural area, this can be a little harder, as the next Woolworths may be an hours’ drive or more away.

Your next option is to go online.

How to Order Your Toothbrush Tongue Cleaner Online at Woolworths?

Every so often, Woolworths will adjust their range in every store, so they can best meet the needs that have changed in the local area.

As such, this may seem a little confusing, as an item may be available for pick-up, but not delivery, or vice versa.

To eliminate this confusion, I suggest that you log in first, and either enter the store you prefer to pick-up the item from, or your delivery address.

Now, this is done, dependent upon your delivery address, the item may show as being available for delivery from a different store.

It is important to note though that if you choose the item to be delivered, this will come with a fee.

So, you can always use the pick-up option from other stores and see if the item is available in other areas.

If this still does not work, you can Google who made the item and may be able to find it for sale on another website.

For example, many different stores, such as K-Mart, tend to sell the same tongue scraper.

How to Check Reviews of Woolworths Tongue Scrapers

The best place to check the reviews of tongue scrapers being sold at Woolworths is on their website.

You can search for the item you want, and just underneath its’ description you will see:

  • All the Ratings and Reviews that customers have submitted, including their ideas on what makes the tongue scraper good or not.
  • An Overall Rating of the tongue scraper out of 5.

This is a great way to see whether the tongue scraper is effective or not.

Is it Safe to Share Tongue Scrapers with Family Members?

I DO NOT recommend that you share your tongue scraper with anyone, family member or otherwise.

A tongue scraper is designed to remove the dental build-up and bacteria from the surface of your tongue, not to share it with others.

The bacteria in your mouth can be different from your family members. So, if they accidentally injure themselves whilst using your tongue scraper, and make their tongue bleed, they could transfer your bacteria onto their tongue.

This will lead to them having a build-up of different bacteria than they did to begin with, rather than a cleaner tongue.

What I suggest you do instead is to buy everybody a tongue scraper in a different colour, just like you do with their toothbrushes.

This way, each of your family members will have their own.

Some stores like Chemist Warehouse also sell multi-packs of tongue scrapers on toothbrushes in different colours.

It is worth mention that Chemist Warehouse does sell Tongue Scrapers/Cleaners such as the Health and Beauty Tongue Cleaner Duo.

Recommended Tongue Scrapers

There are a few good quality and user-friendly Tongue Scrapers that I recommend.

I prefer a product that is well made and reliable. Below are some of the tongue scrapers that have been around for a long time and gets my tick of approval.

–  Dr. Tung’s Tongue Cleaner, Stainless Steel.

Dr Tung’s Copper Tongue Cleaner.

Copper Tongue Scraper by Kosha Ayurveda.


Research that has been done on tongue scrapers shown that there is not much difference between each type.

Essentially, it comes to your personal choice whether you want to purchase one from Woolworths or somewhere else.

A tongue scraper added to your oral care routine is a positive thing as you will remove a build-up of bacteria from your tongue.

Even though there isn’t a lot to choose from when shopping at Woolworths, there are plenty of ways to get a tongue scraper online and help your oral hygiene along.

If you had to choose a Tongue Scraper, which one would you choose?

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