Editorial Policy


Dental Aware provides content on dental inquiries asked by Aussies. We provide content such as articles and blogs on dental-related questions which enable Aussies to stay updated about their dental health, be aware of the industry cost for any dental treatment, and other dental-related inquiries.

The contents of any article or blog available on Dental Aware are the works of writers. These contents represent their personal opinions and not generally the opinions of Dental Aware.

  1. Editorial Process

When a writer is given a content brief, they are expected to conduct research and provide original and accurate content in return within a reasonable amount of time. The content is then submitted to our dentist (editor) who has over 25 years’ experience practicing dentistry. The Editor will review the content for credibility, relevance, and accuracy. If the Editor confirms the content to be credible, it is passed to the Editor-in-Chief for the final review who then posts the content on the website. If otherwise, the Editor finds the content not credible, it is returned to the writer for correction.

  1. Publishing Ethics

Dental Aware endeavors to ensure timely, accurate, ethical, and fair publication of any dental-related content on the website. Due to this, we ensure the parties involved in the creation of these content follow some clear and strict guidelines. From the writers, Editor, and Editor-in-Chief.

  1. Writers’ Responsibilities

Writers have the duty to provide content that is original and free from plagiarism or otherwise not existing anywhere else. Writers must provide retraction or corrections of mistakes in their content and must provide accurate and real information. Also, they must ensure the source of content is mentioned and notify the Editor of any conflict of interest. They must also notify the Editor or the Editor-in-Chief if they discovered an error in the content published.

  1. Editorial Responsibilities

The Editor and Editor-in-Chief have the responsibility of deciding the content that will be posted on the website. The decision must be made based on the merit of the content. The content must be free from any gender, racial, religious, sexual, political, or ethnic bias. When the Editor-in-Chief is making any decision, they must be making it in accordance with this Editorial Policy and other legal provisions concerning copyright infringement, defamation, and plagiarism.

The ideas and information presented by the writers in the content they provide must be kept confidential. Editors must not use the ideas and information provided in unpublished content for their personal use or gain without taking permission from the writers.

  1. Publisher’s Responsibilities

The publisher (Editor-in-Chief) must ensure all content submitted go through a thorough review process by the Editor. The ideas and information presented must stay confidential. The publisher must also ensure the content submitted for publishing is relevant, sound, significant, original, and readable and must relate to the topic awarded.

  1. Article Retraction

In such circumstances where unethical behavior occurs in a published content such as falsification/misrepresentation of information, plagiarism, or pervasive error, Dental Aware reserve the right to issue a retraction of the content to the public. This will be done to protect the integrity of Dental Aware rather than punishing the writer.

  1. Procedures for dealing with unethical behavior

There is no specific type of people that may report any form of misconduct or unethical behaviors to the Editor. Anyone may report such behavior by giving evidence to the Editor to start an investigation.

The decision to initiate an investigation shall be made by the Editor. All evidence discovered during such investigation must be confidential and must only be revealed to the parties involved in the process. The suspected member shall be given the opportunity to respond to claims of unethical behavior and defend themselves.

After the investigation: if it was determined or judged that there has been an occurrence of unethical behavior, the behavior will be classified as either serious or unserious (minor).

Minor misconducts are those misconducts that may not have any influence on Dental Aware’s integrity while serious misconducts are those that may affect the integrity of Dental Aware. Minor misconducts shall be resolved with the writers directly without involving any other party.

Misconducts may be dealt with by warning the parties involved or replacing the content with a corrected version (retraction). Other means of dealing with unethical behaviors include banning the involved party for a certain period.

  1. Plagiarism Prevention

Dental Aware does not permit or publish contents with plagiarism – where a writer copies another person’s words, ideas, or other expressions. This is clearly a case of copyright infringement. Plagiarism may involve copying word for word (verbatim) or paraphrasing a part of someone’s text without giving them credit in your work.

To prevent plagiarized content from being posted on the website, all content submitted by writers is submitted to the best plagiarism detection software. The results will be determined by the Editor in accordance with the principles of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE)

  1. Copyright

Once the content has been accepted and published on the website, the writers shall transfer their copyright ownership in the content to Dental Aware. However, if such content is not approved for publishing, the copyright ownership shall remain with the writer.

  • Open-Access Policy

All content published on Dental Aware shall be an Open-Access license i.e., all content published on the Dental Aware website is accessible to anyone viewing the website. Users are granted the license to download, copy, use, read, and print without the consent of the writer. The rights granted to users to use any content does not permit the user from not giving credit to Dental Aware as the source.

  • Disclaimer

The views, information, and ideas expressed in any published content on the website do not represent the views of the Editors. The writer hereby takes liability for the views, information, and ideas expressed in the content. The publisher shall not be held liable in the event of any claim for damages or compensation arising from a third party.