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If you reside in Brisbane, QLD, there may be times when you have wondered – what are the average dental costs in Brisbane?

Today, I’m going to answer that question for you.

Every year the Australian Dental Association (ADA) studies the cost of many different dental treatments at numerous clinics throughout QLD.

From this information, the median price for each treatment is calculated.

This post focuses on exactly how these costs are decided, and how they may aid you, such as;

  • How to find average dental costs in QLD?
  • Dental Item Numbers and how they work.
  • No-gap Dentists’ in Brisbane.
  • Dental costs in the city compared to greater QLD.
  • Dental teeth cleaning cost in Brisbane.

How to Find Average Dental Costs in QLD?

We have created a free tool called the Dental Cost Calculator.

This enables you to be able to find the average costs for all dental procedures across the country.

We make alterations to the Calculator on a twelve-monthly basis.

Annually the Australian Dental Association (ADA) studies the price of more than 120 different dental treatments.

This study involves sending a survey to about 11,000 Dentists’ that have been picked randomly, in every state and territory.

The Dentists’ will be asked what, at this time, they are charging their patients for certain dental treatments.

The information that the ADA gets from these twelve-monthly studies is very handy, as they have no input into what a Dentist charges for their procedures.

Instead, all Dentists’ are able to choose their own prices.

So, the data that is obtained from these studies gives us knowledge on how much the procedures cost both within and between every state and territory.

Using every price that has been gained from these studies, we can determine the average costs throughout Australia for each dental procedure.

Once the ADA has completed their twelve-monthly study, we take these new prices and enter them into our Calculator.

So, if you want to find out what the average dental costs are in Brisbane, you can use our Dental Cost Calculator.

Dental Cost Calculator

Below, I have given a brief guide on how the Calculator works.

1. First of all, you will have to pick the state/territory that you want to know the costs for. So, if you want to know what the average prices are in Brisbane, pick QLD.

Dental cost calculator select state

The first step is to select your state

Then, you will have to choose the dental treatment you want to know the prices for.

There are three different ways this can be done, so I will give you some guidance on each of these.

1. Treatment You Need

If you are unsure of your Item Code/s but are aware of the procedure/s you require, this is where you want to be.

It will show you both treatments, such as braces or dentures, and symptoms, including fractures.

When you see a procedure or symptom that fits your requirements, “Add to Treatment List”.

Once you have chosen everything you need, then “View Treatment Summary”.

This is where you will see the average costs of every one of your procedures and the total overall cost.

When looking at this, if you think of a procedure that you neglected to add, then “Choose More Treatments”.

But if it fits your requirements, we will email you the summary if you “Download This Summary”.

2. Symptoms You Feel

If you are experiencing any signs that you need dental work, but you do not know what procedure, this is where you need to be.

Choose every symptom that is signalling that you need dental treatment.

When choosing your symptoms, the Calculator will suggest all possible treatments you may require, so you can add them to your Treatment List.

Next, “View Treatment Summary”, to see the average costs of every one of your procedures, and the total overall cost.

Then, “Download This Summary” if you want this emailed to you.

5. Item Codes

If you already know your Item Code/s, pick these from our drop-down menu, then “Add to Treatment List”.

Keeping adding all the Item Codes that you need to your Treatment List. Then, “View Treatment Summary” when you have added every Item Code.

This is where you will see the average costs of every one of your procedures and the total overall cost.

If you would like a copy of this, then “Download This Summary” and we will email it to you.

If you want to know more about Item Codes, see our sub-heading, “Dental Item Numbers and How They Work”.

Dental Item Numbers and How They Work

Also called Dental Item Codes, the Dental Item Numbers are made up of three numbers.

They were set up by the Australian Dental Association (ADA), with the intent to make dental terminology simpler.

The ADA allocates an Item Number to every procedure that they regard to be an existing part of dental work.

This has made their yearly studies more efficient – in simpler terms, the Item Numbers have helped the ADA to gather the average nationwide dental costs.

This is as the guidelines for the Item Numbers (which the ADA regulates) are very thorough. They include rules such as;

  • There must be a routine technique used for every Item Number, no adjustments are accepted.

Another advantage of this is the result of each procedure is identical.

  • Just the ADA can authorise Item Numbers, and these are the only Numbers that can be used.

This makes dental terms easier for the everyday person to understand, as it is not possible to describe every dental treatment that exists.

  • Item Number 990 is to be used if another Number that is proper for dental work is not able to be pinpointed.

No gap dentists

No-Gap Dentists in Brisbane

A “no-gap” Dentist is;

  • A Dentist that will give your dental procedure, and you are left with zero out of pocket expenses (up to your twelve-monthly limit).

Meaning, the Dentist will take on themselves any costs that remain between what they charge for your treatment, and your rebate from health insurance.

In simpler terms, you will not have pay anything at all for any of the dental work they do for you.

This is not the only good thing about having “no-gap” Dentists available.

Lots of people will postpone or even stop visiting their Dentist, as it is not within their budget.

Though understandable, it is not advised. By the time they do undertake their dental treatment, it is simply too late – by then, their problem has started.

This means that the treatment will be more expensive, and perhaps even far more painful.

But, if you frequently go to your dental check-ups, your Dentist can notice an issue before it becomes too major.

This will save you from pulling more money out of your wallet than necessary, as you are caring for your oral health.

A list of No-Gap Dentists in Canberra

Below is a list of no-gap Dentists in Brisbane.

I have presented these to you with the hope that it will prompt you to regularly go to your check-ups.

Brisbane Smile Centre – (07) 3395 3133.

Swish Dental – (07) 3355 1422 / (07) 3354 341.

Central Dental – (07) 3343 2100.

GWH Dental – (07) 3286 1300.

Dentistry on Coolum – (07) 5446 1616.

Dr Farhadi’s Dental Clinic – (07) 3378 3882.

Avenue Dental – (07) 5443 8111.

Apple Dental – (07) 3252 2007.

North Lakes Family Smile – (07) 3491 3354.

Park Ridge Dental – (07) 3297 0153.

Cosmetic and General Dentistry – (07) 5592 2866.

National Dental Care – (07) 4632 5622.

BUPA Dental – (07) 5474 3855.

Pacific Smiles – (07) 3097 3700.

Tooth Booth Dentists – 1300 886 928.

Face Value Dental – (07) 3063 4159.

Avenues Family Dental – (07) 3366 6444.

Belmont Village Dental – (07) 3393 9550.

nib Dental Care – 1300 345 300.

NB Dental – (07) 3366 4298.

The Gap Dental Practice – (07) 3300 1277.

Guardian Dental Care – (07) 3278 8834.

If this list does not have a no-gap Dentist in near where you live, you can just get on the internet and search on Google, “no-gap Dentist near me”.

This search will point you towards a no-gap Dentist in your area.

Dental Costs in the City Compared to Greater QLD

The median price for dental work can change a lot – mainly dependent on your location.

What a Dentists’ will charge for their treatments will differ for many reasons, such as where they are located, and their operating costs.

The site of private dental practices is driven by market forces and the economy.

So, they are unable to be upheld in rural, remote, and socioeconomically disadvantaged regions.

This is largely because these areas have a shortage of qualified Dentists, greater business costs, and a lower population.

This can have a great impact on the oral health of people living outside of the city, as dental treatments are far more expensive, or less easily accessible.

A 2018 report of the Chief Health Officer Queensland showed that;

  • Oral diseases (i.e. dental caries or periodontitis) were more commonplace outside of the city, in lower socio-economic areas, remote, and regional areas.

For example;

  • 52% of 5 to 6-year-old children in lower socio-economic areas had decay in their primary teeth, in comparison to 31% in wealthy areas.
  • 63% of 5 to 14-year-olds in lower socio-economic areas had endured some decay, in comparison to 46% in wealthy areas.
  • 65% of 5 to 14-year-olds in remote areas had suffered from decay, in comparison to 55% in major cities or regional areas.

For 5 to 14-year-olds, decay was more common (higher than the state average) in;

  • Darling Downs.
  • Metro South.
  • Wide Bay.
  • Torres and Cape.

Some areas where it was lesser than average include;

  • Gold Coast.
  • Metro-North, and
  • Townsville.

Dental Teeth Cleaning Cost in Brisbane

The average price to have your teeth professionally cleaned in Brisbane is $215.

However, the average cost statewide (QLD) was $259.59.

Average cost of a dental clean in QLD

The average cost of a dental clean in QLD

However, at times the Dentist may ask you to return for a “rescale”.

This is a second appointment, where you will pay them to finish cleaning your teeth.

Other times, your teeth may require a deep clean.

This procedure can cost a lot more, as a deep clean is charged per tooth.

The average cost of a deep clean cost (per tooth) in QLDIf you want to know more about these treatments, such as when/why they are needed, you can read our post – Dental Costs for Teeth Cleaning – All Your Options Listed.


If you follow this link, you will find our invention, the Dental Cost Calculator.

You can use the Calculator to get the average dental costs for procedures in QLD.

The prices we enter into the Calculator are collected from the yearly studies done by the ADA.

So, we amend the Calculator annually to match, entering in the new prices that their studies accumulated.

Therefore, you can be sure that the prices in our Calculator are always up to date.

When did you last see your dentist?

By Andrew Adams

Created at October 27, 2020, Updated at September 30, 2021


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