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These terms and conditions shall govern your use of Dentalaware.com. By using Dentalaware.com, you indicate your acquiesce in full to the following Terms and Conditions; accordingly, If you are not in agreement with these Terms and Conditions of use or any part of these terms and conditions, please, do not use this site!

Dental Aware may update and revise these Terms and Conditions at any moment. Your constant use of the Dental Aware site will imply that you understand and comply with such changes.


Dental Aware Does Not Give Healthcare Advice

The materials, articles, and any other data contained on the Dental Aware site is strictly for informational purposes only. The content on this site does not seek to replace professional dental advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the counsel of your dentist or other qualified healthcare providers if you have any questions relating to your dental condition. Do not ignore professional dental advice or postpone your dental appointments because of information on the Dental Aware site.

If you feel you may have a medical emergency, inform your doctor or dial the medical emergency line immediately. Dental Aware does not suggest or approve any specific tests, procedures, products, physicians, or other information that may be referenced on this Site. Depending on any information supplied by Dental Aware, employing the services of employees, users, or others shown on this Site at the invitation of Dental Aware, or users of the Site is exclusively at your own risk.

Juvenile Discretion

We are dedicated to defending the privacy of children. You should be well informed that this Site was not designed to attract children below 13 years of age. Individually identifiable information is not accepted from anyone who is recognized as a child below the age of 13.

Data Usage

The copyright laws in Australia protect all data posted on this website. Dental Aware permits viewing or download of one copy of the data on the Dental Aware Site exclusively for individual, non-profit use, if the copyright notice concluding the data is included. All rights reserved” including other copyright and proprietary rights warnings that are contained in the article. All special regulations pertaining to the use of software and other articles available on the Dental Aware site may be integrated elsewhere in the site.

Article titles remain the property of Dental Aware. Usage of any data not permitted expressly by this disclaimer is a breach and may defy copyright, trademark and other laws. Termination or change of data and features without notice in editorial confidentiality of Dental Aware is highly prohibited. Violation of the disclaimer automatically terminates authorization and copies of the data that may have been made must be destroyed instantly.

Liability of Dental Aware

Usage of the Dental Aware site and information are at your own risk. Information may be transferred over a medium that is beyond Dental Aware’s control and jurisdiction when the site is being used. Dental Aware does not accept any blame for or pertaining to failure, delay, corruption or interruption of any information or data transferred connected to the use of the Dental Aware site.


  1. The correctness, significance, suitability, or wholeness of any information appearing on the content, text, software, links, communication, or graphics made available on or through the use of Dental Aware.
  2. The fulfilment of any government regulations demanding disclosure of detailed data on prescription drug and drug product or the endorsement or compliance of any software tools pertaining to the data contained on the Dental Aware Site.

Dental Aware shall in no event be responsible for any damages (incorporating without limitation, individual injury/wrongful death, consequential and incidental damages, damages resulting from data loss or business interruption, or profit loss) as a result of the use of or inability to use the Dental Aware site or Data whether based on contract, warranty, tort, or any legal theory, and whether or not Dental Aware or third parties are mentioned on the Dental Aware site. Dental Aware or any third parties mentioned on the Site shall only be liable to the limit of genuine damages acquired by you, not above Australian $1000. Any assertions arising connected with the use of this Site, the Public Areas or any data must be mentioned within a year of the date of the event where such action occurred.

Submission By User

Dental Aware Privacy Policy governs any personal information submitted.

Our Site includes functionality that enables users to upload content to the Dental Aware Site and through all our social media platforms and labelled. You admit that any communications or content of any type that infringe or defy any rights of any party will not be uploaded or transferred to the Social Media Platforms or Public Areas. By submitting content or communication to the Social Media Platforms or Public Areas, you accept that such submission is non-classified for all functions.  Note that Dental Aware is not to be held accountable for the operation, policies or terms of use of any Social Media Platform. Before making use of any Social Media Platform make it a priority to review its terms of use, policies and privacy policy.

Submission sent to Dental Aware via email (such as the email addresses on the site) should not violate or infringe upon the rights of either party. Business information, concept, idea or invention sent to Dental Aware via email is regarded as a non-classified document for all functions. Any such submissions to a social media Platform or Public area instantaneously grants Dental Aware a continually, binding, royalty-free, world-wide non-restricted license to reproduce, use, modify, distribute, perform, create derivative works from, publish,  edit, translate, and display information contained in the submission via any form, format, medium or media, and forum now know or developed thereafter. If any information is meant to be kept private or proprietary, it should not be submitted to the Social media Platforms or public area or via email to Dental Aware.  Every email will be responded in a short while though we may not always be able to do so.

Submissions by User — Image, Video, Audio Files

You accept to only upload or post media (such as videos, photos and audio) that you have obtained by yourself or that you have acquired all rights to transfer/ license and which do not defy any copyright, privacy, trademark, or r rights of any other person on the Social Media Platform or Dental Aware site. In order to guarantee the protection of your privacy, you accept that you will not submit media containing Individually Identifiable Information (such as name, email address phone number, and web site URL) about you or anyone else. Media or video of other people should not be uploaded without their permission.

When you uploading any media on the Dental Aware site or a Social Media Platform, you guarantee that you have obtained authorization from all persons present in your media to make this contribution and warrant rights described here. Pictures or Videos of/ or with someone should not be posted without their consent. Never post a picture or video of/ or with someone else unless you have their explicit authorization. Upload media of containing expressions of hate, offensive images or conduct, abuse, pornography, obscenity, sexually explicit or any data that could aid any criminal or civil liability under appropriate regulations or laws and that may not consent to this Disclaimer is strictly prohibited.

Any material containing any computer code, software virus, files or programs intended to destroy, interrupt, or constrain the functionality of this website or any computer software should not be uploaded and is highly restricted.

By uploading any media on the Dental Aware or Social Media Platform you permit Dental Aware to print, copy, display, modify, replace, publish, transmit, post and spread the media and or any material included therein with non-exclusive, perpetual, worldwide, royalty-free license. You also certify that whosoever is pictured in the submitted file (if a minor, his/her parent/legal guardian) gives Dental Aware permission to copy, print, use, display, publish, post, reproduce, transmit, distribute and modify the media file and any material attached to such media. Finally, you consent to cover Dental Aware and its employees exclude them from all expenses and claims, including legal charges, sprouting from the media and/or your inability to comply with the terms in this document.

Dental aware has the right to evaluate all media before submission to the site and to take out any media at any time and for any reason without previous notice, at our exclusive discretion.

User Passwords

There are several tools that allow you to store and record information on the Dental Aware site. All reasonable steps to ensure that your Dental Aware password and account is protected shall be your sole responsibility. It is your exclusive responsibility to manage the spread of information and use of your Dental Aware account and password. You are also expected to promptly inform Dental Aware if you find out that your account or password has been hacked.  You are responsible for authorizing, monitoring, and controlling access to your account.


You accept to indemnify, defend and hold Dental Aware risk-free from and against any assertion, demands, and actions, settlements and liabilities including and not limited to, tangible accounting and legal fee as a result of, or suspected to result from your breach of these terms and conditions


Dental Aware is based in Australia. Dental Aware does not claim that the information on the Dental aware site is appropriate and could be downloaded outside Australia. Access to data may not be legal by some persons and in some countries. Any information sourced from the Dental Aware website outside Australia is obtained at your own risk and you are responsible for adherence to the laws of your jurisdiction.


You explicitly agree that limited jurisdiction for any difference of opinion with Dental Aware, or in any way pertaining to your access to the Dental Aware Site, is inherent in the courts of Australia. Additionally, you accept and give consent to the implementation of individual jurisdiction in the courts of Australian states in relation to any such disagreement including any assertion involving Dental Aware.

Procedures for Notice and Takedown

If you believe that the information made available from this site violates your copyright, you may demand the removal of any such information from this website by phoning the copyright agent for Dental Aware and providing the information stated below:

  1. Indicate the work you believe to have been violated. Include a location or copy of a permitted version of the article.
  2. Identify the material that is said to be violating, indicating its location and description; provide substantial information as to the material’s location.
  3. A statement of assurance that the use of the material has not been authorized or permitted by the copyright owner, agent, or the law. Include your name, telephone number, e-mail address and residential address.
  4. A statement of the accuracy and precision of your claims signifying that you are the copyright owner or you have been endorsed to act on behalf of the copyright owner “under penalty of perjury.”
  5. The signature of the copyright owner or certified representative or an electronic equivalent from either of them.

External Links Disclaimer

Dental aware may include links to other external websites that are not made available by or in any way associated with Dental aware.

Kindly be informed that Dental Aware cannot be held responsible for the correctness, significance, suitability, or wholeness of any information appearing on those external websites.

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