Dental Cost for Teeth Cleaning – All Your Options Listed

Dental Cost for Teeth Cleaning – All Your Options Listed Dental Aware

Teeth cleaning – it is something that everybody should be getting done every six-months.

So, what is the cost for professional teeth cleaning?

Teeth cleaning can cost you anywhere from $259.59 – $307.41 or more, depending on the condition of your teeth, and your location.

Today I will talk about what options you have for professional teeth cleaning and discuss why different dental practices charge more than others.

I will let you know if there are follow-up visits for teeth cleaning and talk about whether you need to see a specialist for cleaning.

Finally, I will discuss how much these procedures cost.

What Options Are There for Professional Teeth Cleaning?

Your in-house (that is, in the dental chair) teeth cleaning should be done every six months when you visit your dentist for your regular check-up.

This is just a general clean and will cost anywhere from $118 – $147, depending upon your location.

Dental Aware Dental Cost calculator

Our Dental Cost Calculator can help with finding out what the average dental costs are..

However, if you have not gone into the Dentist for an exceptionally long time, say five years or more, then they may have to give you a “deep clean”.

You really do not want to leave the time between professional cleaning this long, as this means your teeth have gotten quite bad.

Basically, your dental condition and oral hygiene are not great.

Your Dentist must get them under control and will have to do so with a deep clean.

deep clean by a dentist

A thorough ‘deep clean’ by a Dentist.

You will then need to maintain that level of cleanliness so that your teeth do not continue to get worse.

A deep clean involves the Dentist giving you a local anaesthetic, so they can clean deep down into your gum.

These appointments may be done one section at a time because they can be quite painful. At most, they may be done one half at a time.

A deep clean can cost anywhere from $117.87 – $160.52 per tooth.

Deep clean per tooth cost in QLD
Your average cost in QLD for a deep clean (per tooth)

Once your deep clean has been completed, you will have to make sure that you go back for your six-monthly check-ups.

If you do not, the whole process may need to be started all over again.

This is why it is so important to attend your regular six-monthly check-ups from the very beginning, so you get your general clean and keep up good oral health.

Why Do Different Dental Practices Charge More Than Others

Some dental practices charge more than others to clean, as at some you will see a hygienist, and at others a Dentist.

Meaning, sometimes a hygienist works in a dental practice.

This is so the Dentist does not have to do the clean – some Dentists do not like to do the teeth cleaning procedures.

So, it may be more cost-effective at some clinics if you see a hygienist for the clean.

Are There Follow-Up Visits for Cleaning?

You will only have to go back for a follow-up visit for teeth cleaning if your teeth are in a really bad state.

There are a few cases – as mentioned, one is when you need a deep clean rather than a general clean, as a deep clean cannot all be done in one sitting.

Another is when the Dentist must do what is known as a gross scale. This means there is a lot of plaque and build-up on your teeth.

Generally, they will manage to remove most of it at the first appointment.

A lady having a professional dental clean done

Follow up appointments may be needed if you have a lot of plaque build-up

However, they will need you to revisit in two weeks, to make sure that it all came off.

So, a gross scale will require two visits.

What is a Gross Scale?

Sounds intense but it is routine so your Dentist can manage build-up of plaque from your teeth in one sitting.

Your Dentist will most likely ask you to come back two weeks later, so they can check your teeth and gums.

However, you may need to revisit for a Rescale.

What is a Rescale?

If you haven’t seen a Dentist in a year or two, you will have a lot of build-up of plaque.

As your Dentist is cleaning, you will have a lot of bleeding, more than normal.

This makes it hard for them to see, so it’s generally hard for them to clean.

They will clean your teeth as best as they can and get rid of most of the build-up.

But you will need to revisit for a rescale – where they will finish the clean.

Do You Need to See a Specialist?

No – your local Dentist is the first person you should visit for all your dental concerns, including teeth cleaning.

When they do your check-up and clean, they will advise you if you need specialised care.

They can then refer you to another dental professional, if needed, such as a periodontist.

However, if you have your teeth cleaned by your dentist on a regular six-monthly basis, this should stop you from developing any oral problems that require the expertise of a dental specialist.

Teeth in need of a good professional clean by a Dentist

Teeth in need of a good professional clean by a Dentist

How Much Does a Teeth Clean Cost?

A hygienist or an oral therapist (a Dentist who works on children up to the age of eighteen) should charge you the regular rate – that is, exactly what a Dentist would charge you.

As for the average rates a Dentist would charge you, I will now show you these below;

NSW Teeth Clean Costs

Professional clean average cost NSW

VIC Teeth Cleaning Costs

VIC dental Teeth Cleaning Costs

QLD Teeth Cleaning Costs

QLD dental Teeth Cleaning Costs

WA Teeth Cleaning Costs

WA dental Teeth Cleaning Costs

SA Teeth Cleaning Costs

SA dental Teeth Cleaning Costs

TAS Teeth Cleaning Costs

Professional clean average cost in TAS

ACT Teeth Cleaning Costs

ACT dental Teeth Cleaning Costs

NT Teeth Cleaning Costs

NT Teeth Cleaning Costs


Teeth cleaning is something that we should all be getting done every six months when we go see our Dentist for our regular check-up.

However, not everybody remembers to do this, so the condition of your oral health can decline over time.

Thus, professional teeth cleaning can cost anywhere from $259.59 – $307.41 or more!

What you expect to pay when visiting your Dentist or Hygienist for teeth cleaning will depend greatly on the condition of your teeth and gums, your location and who you choose to have your teeth cleaned by.

The prices between dental practices differ, as some use a hygienist to clean teeth rather than a Dentist.

You may find that it is less expensive for the hygienist to do your teeth cleaning.

But keep in mind that, if you have any dental concerns, even about teeth cleaning, your local Dentist is the first person you need to visit.

They will be able to advise you whether you have any oral problems that require the care of another professional, such as an endodontist, and will refer you if necessary.

However, by attending your regular six-monthly check-ups and cleans, as well as being consistent with your oral hygiene routine, this should prevent you from developing any issues that need specialised care and thus having to folk out extra money down the track.

Do you prefer using a Dentist or Hygienist for your Teeth Cleaning?

By Andrew Adams

Created at October 06, 2020, Updated at October 13, 2021

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