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Denture Stomatitis – Treatment Tips and More!

There is a condition know as Denture stomatitis which is when the soft tissues of the mouth are covered for a prolonged period, causing areas of your gums to become inflamed. It is caused by Candida

Dental X-Rays: Are They Safe or Should You Worry?

You are exposed to only small amounts of radiation, as the technology used on modern x-rays is far better than the older style of x-rays. So are they safe?

Baby Toothpaste Recommendations – Including Natural alternatives

If you have or are planning on having a beautiful little baby, you may wonder – What are my options when it comes to baby toothpaste? There are a lot of well-known brands of toothpaste in the market and it can be often quite hard to work out which

Oral Candida – Symptoms and Treatments You Need to Know!

Oral candida is an infection where the fungus Candida albicans accumulate in the mouth. I will let you know how to best treat oral candida and cover whether there’s a difference between