Snow Teeth Whitening Review – Everything You Need to Know!

Snow Teeth Whitening has taken the world by storm and created a wonderful product that not only looks superb but works.

Brilliant, patent-pending LED light technology is one thing people will most likely notice first.

However, it’s the attention to detail and quality in packaging that really sets this whitening kit apart from most others that are on the market.

I review this whitening system in detail, looking at every aspect of this product and testing it for a period of 7 days.

Let’s Try Snow!

A quick note: This isn’t a paid sponsorship. We bought this kit ourselves for the purpose of this review. However, if you do purchase a product using a link in this post, we may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Snow Teeth Whitening Kit feature image

Our Snow Teeth Whitening Kit

Our Verdict


  • Design and Packaging
  • Usability
  • Price and Value
  • Results


  • Beautifully designed and packaged - Best on the market!
  • The accelerating LED light is a breakthrough in whitening technology aids
  • A simple and easy way to whiten your teeth - no batteries required and 75 treatments inside!


  • The price is high, particularly if you are converting it into Aussie dollars
  • The LED light can stop working if the connection is lost (possibly my phone's fault)

Technical Details

Full Review

Try Snow’s teeth whitening system has been developed in the USA and made in PRC (cute way to say china).

The guys at Snow have really created something fresh and exciting.

New patent-pending LED light technology, unique formulated serum for whitening your teeth and product presentation that is so beautiful it blows you away!

Let’s jump into my first impressions and go from there.

Testing the Snow Teeth Whitening system

Testing the Snow System

My First Impressions

I had seen a lot of social media buzz around this new and exciting whitening product in America, so I purchased the Snow Kit for this review.

It took about three weeks for my order to arrive, not bad from all the way from Phoenix!

It arrived in a beautiful blue protective package that was padded with bubble wrapping inside.

TrySnow shipping protected packaging

International Shipping – Arrived protected and with no damage

I was really taken back by how wonderful it looked in that packaging and almost straight away I felt that I had bought something special.

The kit had an exclusive feeling to it, and as I opened up the box I understood why I had that feeling.

Looking at the Snow Teeth Whitening system

The complete Snow System

Every part of this kit has been designed extremely well, from the packaging to the items themselves. Even the instructions looked mint!

I was basically blown away by the Snow Whitening Kit when I first saw it.

Packaging and Design

I think this is probably one of the best-looking teeth whitening kits on the market.

That’s a big call I know, but I’ve tried quite a lot of these products and reviewed many teeth whitening kits.

Holding the Snow teeth whitening kit

The packaging use was beautiful

I was hugely impressed by how they’ve designed the packaging and the simplistic but stylish manner in which it’s been put together.

Every part of the packaging and design is first-rate and makes you feel like you have something of value. Quite similar to that of an iPhone product box when I think of it.

The kit has a beautiful product sleeve that has dual purposes; 1. It protects the kit 2. It’s got most of the information on it.

Looking at the snow teeth whitening packaging

The sleeve added another level of protection

As you slide the sleeve off you uncover the kit box itself.

Snow logo is visible on all sides and as you remove the case lid, the whitening kit contents are revealed.

What’s Inside the Snow Teeth Whitening System

Inside the kit you will receive the following kit items:

  • 1 Patent-pending Accelerating LED Mouthpiece
  • 3 Whitening Wands
  • 1 Extra Strength Whitening Wands
  • 1 User Manual
  • 1 Shade Guide

Accelerating LED Light

I’ve really enjoyed using this piece of technology.

Super easy to use and makes the whole whitening treatment process flawless.

The Snow LED light and power cord

A simple and stylish way to whiten your teeth

The LED light is powered off your phone or USB charger so no batteries to worry about!

You’ve got a total of 4 power supply options with the accelerating light.

Options to power your Snow whitening system

4 power options to choose from

  • USB plug
  • Micro SD
  • Android
  • Apple

The cord is a decent length so you don’t feel like you are restricted at all.

The mouthpiece is waterproof so you can rinse it off after each use with ease.

The Whitening Wands

Most kits refer to their whitening applicators as pens but I love that they call theirs a ‘wand’.

Holding the standard whitening snow wand

The Standard Whitening Wand by Snow

It’s the same process as pens just a name change that works in my mind.

Standard wands have a beautiful silver matte finish with the same sort of mechanism to dispense the gel as a whitening pen.

The standard whitening wand by Snow

Soft bristles are used on the whitening wands

The smaller end of the two is where you turn it and the larger side of the wand is the brush head.

You’ll find the cap is very secure and firm but not hard to take off or put on.

Snow’s wands have fine bristles that are soft when you apply the gel to your teeth.

The extra strength wand is a rose gold colour that has a premium look to it.

Extra-strength whitening wand by Snow

The extra strength whitening wand by Snow

Snow Teeth Whitening Ingredients

There are 8 ingredients that makeup Snow Whitening’s unique formula.

The surprising thing is that they use both Hydrogen Peroxide and Carbamide Peroxide.

Below are the ingredients used:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Carbamide Peroxide
  • Glycerol
  • Aqua (deionized water)
  • Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Carbomer
  • Potassium Nitrate
  • Mentha Piperita ( peppermint oil)

Inside the kit, you will find both a standard whitening serum wand and an extra-strength one as well.

The standard ones that are silver in colour have between 6% – 10% whitening agent strength.

3 whitening wands and 1 extra-strength wand

The 4 wands in the Snow System

Extra Strength wands are between 12% to 18%.

These figures are quoted by Snow Whitening but they don’t confirm any % details on the kit itself.

How to Use – 4 Simple Steps

They have four very simple steps explaining how to use the product.

  • Brush your teeth
  • Apply the whitening serum
  • Plug the LED light mouthpiece into your device and whiten for up to 10 – 30 minutes
  • Remove the LED light and rinse your mouth and the light with water

The Snow guide to whiter teeth

What the instruction pamplet looks like by snow whitening

The Snow Whitening instruction booklet

Testing the Snow System

I used this whitening system for 7 days and was very impressed with it.

Using the wands really made a difference compared to gel syringes.

Applying the snow whitening serum to my teeth

The whitening wands were a neat way to apply the Snow serum

I thought it was much less messy and offered a more precise application of the whitening serum.

I only used the standard strength whitening serum during the first 7 days.

Below are my thoughts and experiences using the Snow Whitening Kit.

Usage Timeline

  • Initial Usage
    Condition: Excellent

    • The kit is probably the best looking kit I've seen to date.
    • I loved that they use wands, or what we in Australia refer to as whitening pens.
    • Everything was super easy to apply and use.
    • Loved the LED light and how you use your phone or USB charger to power it.

  • Days 2-4
    Condition: Excellent

    • I'm really enjoying using this whitening kit. I've found it just so easy to use.
    • The whitening serum hasn't caused any sensitivity issues.
    • I've been using the standard strength wands and I've noticed my teeth get whiter.
    • Using your phone is awesome, but you just got to make sure the connect is good, as the power will be lost to the LED light and you won't really know.

  • Day's 5 - 7
    Condition: Excellent

    • Still love using this whitening kit. Sometime in the past, I've struggled to keep up with daily whitening treatments, not this one.
    • The LED light has fit nicely during this testing period and it' is easy to wash and rinse off after each use. 
    • The kit box provides protection to the contents inside and it's a breeze to access it when needed.
    • Very happy with my results and feel like it's improved the shade of my teeth by at least 3 shades.

Before Snow

Before using the Snow Teeth Whitening Kit

After Snow

After using the Snow Whitening system for 7 days

After using the Snow System for 7 days

After the 7 days, I experienced roughly 2 shades whiter using only the standard serum (silver wands).

I will test out the premium extra-strength wand serum shortly and report on that soon!

Price and Value

The Snow Teeth Whitening System is one of the more expensive whitening products on the global market.

For Australians, this can cause a dent in our wallet.

Inside the Snow Whitening System

The Snow contents

As I write this post, has its Wired LED Light system with 75 treatments priced at $149.00 US.

Australians would expect to pay around just over A$200.

Order summary for my Snow Teeth Whitening System

What a Snow order summary looks like

Shipping is free if you are in the USA or $19.00 US (A$26 and change) for international orders.

If you spend over $225 you can enjoy free shipping.

They also have a wireless whitening system on offer which is currently on sale and priced at $225 US (A$308.00).

Price is definitely a consideration for Australians but you must look at the complete picture.

I haven’t seen anything like this whitening kit/system in Australia, either from a packaging point of view or the technology used.

The Snow Accelerating LED Light

The Snow Accelerating LED Light

It really is ahead of the game and presents value in a more holistic sense.

The product is very well made and all the technology used (accelerating LED light) comes with a 5-year warranty so you have peace of mind.

About TrySnow

Snow Whitening is an American business operating out of Phoenix, Arizona.

Started by two business entrepreneurs, they created a premium oral care brand looking to make a difference.

A screenshot from the website

About Snow and what they do

They wanted to change the way people thought about dental care and the products they use, in short, could they make people smile when they used their products?

They ship to 180 countries around the world and design every product themselves.

This short clip below gives a glimpse into the world of Snow Whitening.


Snow Whitening is something that is revolutionary in the teeth whitening domain.

The new technology created by Snow makes the whitening process absolutely wonderful in every way.

The packaging is beautiful, the design is outstanding and the usability of this system is convenient and simple.

In my opinion, after researching and reviewing many teeth whitening kits, I feel they have hit a home run with his exceptional whitening system.

Snow definitely achieved their goal; it put a smile on my face!

What do you look for in a Teeth Whitening Kit?

By Andrew Adams

Created at August 27, 2020, Updated at November 06, 2022


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    My light won’t work after 3 weeks.
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    Any suggestions appreciated.