Teeth Whitening Kits You Can Buy in Australia – Updated for 2021

Teeth whitening kit - mouth tray and LED light

Teeth whitening kits – because everybody would love to make their smile a little brighter.

Over the years, your teeth may have become stained from simple things such as tea, coffee, cold drink or wine, smoking, poor dental hygiene or simply ageing.

But do teeth whitening kits really work?

Well, they can, but there is some limitation to how well they can whiten your teeth. Some Kits are better than others.

Below is some information that you should know before you invest your hard-earned money into a teeth whitening kit.

Important Facts you Need to Know Before Using Whitening Kits

Beware of the risks of using teeth whitening kits

Teeth whitening kits are very safe, so long as you use them sensibly.

If you overuse them, you can possibly cause tooth pain, sensitivity or strip your teeth of their enamel, making them look more translucent.

Please, consult your Dentist before using prescription Dental whitening products, or if you have periodontal (gum) disease.

Learn about the different types of teeth whitening kits

There are two ways that a teeth whitening kit can assist in making your teeth appear whiter.

Teeth whitening kits whiten your teeth with peroxide bleaching agents – this help removes both surface and deep stains on your teeth, changing your natural tooth colour.

Teeth whitening is done with either one of two active ingredients – hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide alone is an effective whitening agent, carbamide peroxide contains hydrogen peroxide at a ratio of 1:3, making it just as an effective whitening agent.

Although hydrogen peroxide seems to have shorter wearing times (30-60 minute instead of 1-2 hours such as carbamide peroxide), that tends to be the only advantage.

Other teeth whitening kits use whitening toothpaste that relies on abrasive agents – these non-bleaching whitening products work by abrasion, and only remove surface stains from your teeth.

Not all teeth whitening kits work the same

Every teeth whitening kit available works differently in some way, shape or form.

Some products use hard plastic trays that you fill with a gel, some use thin strips that you place on your teeth for 30 to 60 minutes per day, some even use blue LED lights to helps the gels infiltrate further.

When you choose a teeth whitening kit, be careful to consider what results you want, the price range, and be sure to read the instructions prior to use.

Results are not permanent

It’s unfortunate, but your teeth are not going to stay white forever.

The results will only last as long as you keep up a good dental care regime, including avoiding the food and drinks that may stain your teeth.

Common side-effects

There are some side-effects of using teeth whitening kits, including slight tooth and gum sensitivity during treatment.

You may also notice some small white blotches appear on the surface of your teeth – this is simply the peroxide coming up from underneath the enamel of your teeth whilst it is removing the stains – some stains are being removed faster than others.

This is only temporary, and they will disappear in a short amount of time.

Speak to your Dentist first

Consult with your Dentist first as to whether teeth whitening will work for you. For example, bonding and tooth-coloured fillings cannot be bleached.

If your teeth are yellowish in colour, they may bleach to a brownish colour. If your teeth are greyish in colour, they may not bleach properly at all.

Teeth whitening kits also tend to only lighten two to five shades per treatment – a tooth shade chart will give you an idea of what colour you may end up after the treatment has completed.

So, it is in your best interests to have a chat with your Dentist first about whether the teeth whitening kits are going to be an effective procedure for you.

Now you know everything you need to know about teeth whitening kits, refer to the Table of Contents below to see every Teeth Whitening Kit available for your purchase in Australia!

This includes information, pricing, costs, and also those that can be purchased from overseas and shipped to Australia, shipping costs and all.

This article lists all the options available to you in Australia, you should easily be able to find a teeth whitening kit that interests you and your needs!

Acti White

Acti White is a Teeth Whitening Kit made with dental-grade ingredients that visibly whiten your teeth in as little as 2 weeks.

The Acti White contains carbamide peroxide to effectively whiten your teeth.Acti White Teeth Whitening

The kit contains:

  • 2 x 3mL Teeth Whitening Gel Syringes
  • 2 x Silicone Mouth Trays
  • Mini LED light to speed up the whitening process
  • Shade guide
  • Teeth whitening kit

Purchase yours at
RRP = $20.00
Postage = $7.95

Advanced Whitening

Guaranteed to make your teeth up to 12 shades lighter, the Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit uses an advanced pen applicator – replacing the need for multiple syringes.

Advance Teeth Whitening Kit

The Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit contains;

  • 2 x teeth whitening pens that contain the highest level of legally safe teeth whitening gel
  • 1 x LED accelerator light to activate the whitening ingredients and speed accelerate the whitening process
  • 1 x mouthguard
  • 1 x teeth whitening shade guide – so you can track your teeth whitening process

Purchase online at
RRP = $89.00
FREE Shipping on orders over $50.00!

Arctic White

The Arctic White Advanced Teeth Whitening System uses a peroxide-free formula, designed to whiten teeth in two weeks in only 20 minutes a day.

Artic White Teeth Whitening

The kit contains:

  • One dual arch mouth tray
  • Two zero peroxide whitening gel syringes (two weeks usage)
  • One activation spray
  • One shade guide
  • One LED accelerator light

Purchase yours from
RRP = $124.00
FREE Shipping in Australia!!

Bondi Smile

Bondi Smile is an affordable teeth whitening kit that still contains dental-grade whitening gel – at 18% carbamide peroxide, this is the highest legal level allowed in Australia.

Holding the Bondi Smile Teeth Whitening Kit

The Bondi Smile Teeth Whitening Kit

Your Teeth Whitening Starter Kit includes;

  • 3 x 3mL Teeth Whitening Gel Syringes
  • 1 x LED Teeth Whitening Light (to accelerate the whitening process).
  • 1 x Teeth Whitening Tray

Visit to purchase!
RRP = $79.95
FREE Shipping Worldwide!


BrighterWhite Advanced Teeth Whitening Gel formula has been clinically proven to achieve faster results, compared to 18% carbamide, non-peroxide or charcoal-based alternatives.

Brighter Whitening teeth whitening kitIts other benefits include;

  • It works well on sensitive teeth.
  • Its results are long-lasting.
  • It is vegan-friendly and animal cruelty-free.
  • It comes with self-customisable mouth trays for even whitening.

Your BrighterWhite Teeth Whitening Kit includes;

  • An LED accelerator light, to speed up results, save time and gel
  • Advanced teeth gel
  • Thermoforming mouth trays
  • Desensitisation gel
  • A sanitary mouth traycase

To purchase yours today, visit
RRP = $176.20 AUD (Currently on sale at time of writing for $76.41!)
Postage = $7.15

Cali White

There are two whitening kits available from Cali White.

The Deluxe Botanical Whitening Kit is a 99% natural formulation – it is an effective, vegan, chemical-free, cruelty-free, natural whitening formula.

The formula contains;

  • Cranberry
  • Aloe Vera
  • Peppermint
  • Chamomile

The Kit also comes with a Mouth Tray and LED Light for speeding up the whitening process.

RRP = $99.00
Currently on sale for $59.00!!
Free shipping on all orders over $50.00!!

Cali White – Deluxe Teeth Whitening Kit

If you are wanting a kit with from Cali White that does have Hydrogen peroxide then you can opt for their Deluxe Teeth Whitening Kit.

You’ll find the kit comes with:

  • 5 x Led Whitening Light
  • Universal comfort tray
  • Palm tree retainer case
  • 2 x Thermoform custom tray
  • 2 x 5ml gel syringes

Cali White Australia is currently moving fulfilment centres. If you need to contact customer support please email


Carbon Coco

Get your teeth completely clean with the Complete Coco Kit that is natural.

What you get;

  • 14 Day Oil Pulling Sachets – These are sachets you use and dispose. They contain 100% organic coconut oil and a hint of spearmint, and are designed to dislodge bacteria and naturally detoxify your mouth.
  • Activated Charcoal Tooth Polish – 100% organic, this polish whitens your teeth without the need for toxic chemicals.
  • Activated Charcoal Toothpaste – This toothpaste assists with the whitening process and helps protect your teeth against future stains. Its’ fluoride-free, spearmint formula, fights against bad breath that causes bacteria, so you can use it in place of your normal toothpaste.
  • Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush
  • Tongue Cleaner
  • Activated Charcoal Alcohol-Free Rinse
  • Carbon Aqua Flosser
  • Silk Pouch

What’s in it;

  • 100% Organic Coconut Shell Activated Charcoal
  • Bentonite Powder
  • Lemon Myrtle
  • Organic Coconut Oil
  • Organic Spearmint Oil

To purchase yours, visit
RRP = $79.95
FREE Shipping in Australia!


CleverWhite Teeth Whitening Strips are easy to use – they are practically invisible strips that dissolve in your mouth in under 10 minutes.

You can talk with them on, shower with them on, even shop with them on!

Containing 6% hydrogen peroxide, they are effective at whitening your teeth. As an added bonus they also freshen your breath and kill the bacteria that causes gum disease.

Clever White Kit - Strips

Purchase from your local Priceline!
RRP = $29.99

Crest 3D

The Crest 3D 14 x Glamorous White Teeth Whitening Strip Treatment has the ability to whiten your teeth 25 times better than any leading teeth whitening toothpaste, as it uses the same teeth whitening ingredients dentists use.

Advanced Seal Technology’s no-slip grip stays put so you can talk and drink water whilst wearing.

Crest 3d Whitening stripsThe kit contains;

  • 14 teeth whitening strip treatments, each with 1 upper and 1 lower strip (a total of 28 strips)

Purchase from
RRP = $72.95
Shipping = $7.95

Designer White

The Designer White teeth whitening gels contain 16% carbamide peroxide, for fast results and lesser wear time, whitening your teeth in 12 uses.

Designer White Teeth Whitening Kit

The Designer White Powergel Bleach & Whitening Trays include;

  • 2 x 3g 16% Genuine Designer White Powergel Teeth Whitening Gel Syringes
  • 3 x Thermoforming Mouth Trays
  • Travel pouch

Purchase at
RRP = $79.00 – On Sale for $55!!
FREE Shipping within Australia!!

Update – Currently out of stock at My Deal.

DIY Teeth Whitening Kits

DIY Teeth Whitening Kits – the first place to begin selling the 7 LED Sonic Massage Teeth Whitening Kit, using vibration to spread the gel evenly and make sure every inch of your teeth are covered.

Another advantage – choose your own kit including strawberry and mint, charcoal powder, mint lemon or rose flavour gels!

Diy Teeth Whitening Kits Australia

Kits contain;

  • 3 x 5ml Mint Teeth Whitening Gel (15 Treatments)
  • 7LED Sonic Massage Gel-Activating Mini Light
  • Battery included
  • User Manual
  • Teeth Shade Guide
  • Sealed Box

Purchase yours today from
RRP = $39.95
FREE Shipping within Australia!!

Go Go Smile

The GoGo Smile Teeth Whitening Kit has new technology that created an Advanced Whitening Kit – it comes with a Whitening Pen for up to 50 applications.

The whitening gel is made of Australia’s strongest concentration formulation of 6% Hydrogen Peroxide – this activates faster results than 18% Carbamide & Non-Peroxide.

Gogo Smile Teeth Whitening Kit Australia

This kit includes;

  • 8 x 3ml clinical grade 6% HP whitening gel (up to 40 applications)
  • 1 x whitening pen (up to 10 applications)
  • 3 x customisable heat and form trays (1 spare)
  • 1 x 4 ml – desensitisation gel (safeguards against sensitivity)
  • 1 x 5-LED light to speed up the whitening process
  • 1 x shade guide

Visit to purchase yours today!
RRP = $129
FREE Shipping in Australia!

Go White

The gel in this kit contains 17% carbamide.

GoWhite Accelerated Teeth Whitening Kit

The Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit  by Go White contains;

  • 2 weeks’ worth of dental-grade whitening gel (approximately 30 applications)
  • 2 x thermoform mouth trays
  • 1 x blue spectrum activation light for speeding up the whitening process
  • 1 x shade guide for your teeth

Visit to purchase today!
RRP = $209.00
FREE Shipping within Australia!

Hi Smile

HiSmile Teeth Whitening Kit has been designed so you can achieve maximum results in only a few applications!

With new and improved ingredients, ensures there is no pain or sensitivity caused to your teeth throughout the whitening process, of which you can be guaranteed.

Clinically proven to whiten your teeth.

HiSmile Pap+ Teeth Whitening Kit

The HiSmile Pap+ Teeth Whitening Kit

It is also set up as a simple process – you fit your mouth tray to the LED light, apply the new gel formula to the mouth tray, place it in your mouth and turn it on.

The new PAP+ Teeth Whitening Kit comes complete with:

  • 1 x LED Light and Mouth Tray
  • Shade Guide
  • 6 PAP+ Whitening Pods
  • Instruction pamphlet

RRP = $149.00
Free shipping on items over $99 – otherwise you can expect to pay $4.99 for postage.

IceWhite Teeth

The IceWhite Teeth Whitening Kit Features;

  • A 2 week supply of dental-grade Ice White Teeth Gel
  • Thermoform Mouth Trays
  • Mould to teeth for professional fit & feel to hold gel in place
  • LED activation light to accelerates gel whitening power, fit with the latest at-home dental technology
  • Shade guide for before/after comparison
  • Results up to 9 shades lighter teeth in as little as two weeks.

Ice White Teeth Whitening Kit

Available online at
RRP = $99
Currently on sale for $15!


This Teeth Whitening Kit contains a new, revolutionary whitening gel which has been proven instantly effective – your teeth can become up to 8 shades lighter after one application, which only lasts 20 minutes!

The package contains 10 mouth trays that are pre-filled and ready to use with the active gel – no messing around required!

IWhite Teeth Whitening Kit

Purchase from your local Priceline.
RRP = $44.99

Kapow Smiles

Kapow!! The new fun way to whiten your teeth, using the latest LED technology. Kapow’s Teeth Whitening Kit uses the 18% carbamide peroxide – the highest bleaching gel legally allowed in Australia.

Kapow Smiles teeth whiteninig kit

In your “Agent Zero Whitening Kit” you will receive;

  • 3 x KAPOW! Rapid Whitening Gels
  • 6 LED Meteoric Whitening Light – this uses the “Blue Spectrum” technology as used by your Dentist
  • Mouldable Mouth Trays + Hygienic Case
  • Desensitising Gel + Shade Guide
  • + BONUS Mouth Tray Set (Limited Time Only)

Plus, for a Bonus Time only, Kapow will supply you with a FREE Bulk Bill Refill Syringe when you run low, big enough for 20 extra treatments!! Now that’s worth saying

KAPOW!! To purchase yours today, visit
RRP = $79.95
FREE EXPRESS Shipping within Australia!!

Matrix Whitening

The whitening ingredient in their kits is the highest concentration legally allowed for home use in Australia, ensuring you achieve fast results safely.

All their gels are made in a dental Lab in the USA under strict FDA rules. Other whitening kits may use gels that have been made in China, which do not follow the same safety regulations.

Matrix Whitening kit

The Starter Kit includes;

  • 10ml Matrix teeth whitening gel
  • 3ml Matrix sensitivity relief gel
  • 5 bulb LED Matrix power whitening light
  • 2x thermoplastic self mould trays
  •  Shade Guide
  • Bonus Matrix whitening waterproof travel pouch

Purchase yours today at
RRP = $39.90
Currently on sale for $17.90!
FREE Shipping within Australia!!

Mr Bright – Charcoal Kit

Mr. Bright Charcoal Kit – an effective charcoal tooth whitening kit, that leaves you with supreme results from just 10 minutes.

The Set Contains:

  • 3 x Whitening Gels (approximately 2 weeks supply)
  • 1 x Led Light
  • 1 x Mouth Guard
  • Peroxide free and vegan friendly, Mr. Bright contains the following ingredients;

Glycerin – Is effective at exposing the teeth whitening agents deep into the enamel, providing fast results.

Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) – Also known to be a homemade remedy for cleaning and whitening your teeth.

Cranberry – Helps to dissolve plaque, making it easier for the whitening agents to penetrate your enamel.

Xylitol – A natural sweetener, it helps to reduce tooth decay and treat dry mouth.

Aloe Vera –  This helps to soothe and moisturise your mouth.

Organic Peppermint Oil – Leaves your breath smelling and feeling fresh.

Activated Charcoal – Helps whiten and polish teeth, detoxifies gums and removes enamel stains.

Buy online at
RRP = $82.71 AUD
FREE Shipping to Australia!

Opalescence Go

Opalescence GO 6% Hydrogen Peroxide Pre-Loaded Teeth Whitening Trays come ready to go with 10 Treatments.

Opalescence GO 6% Hydrogen Peroxide Pre-Loaded Teeth Whitening

Source image – Amazon

Benefits include;

  • 6% Hydrogen Peroxide Gel results are quick, generally completed within five consecutive days of treatment.
  • Ultrafit Tray Technology: Opalescence GO prefilled discreet mint trays ensure they are sleek, comfortable and easily adaptable.
  • Value for money: Each box contains 10 sets of Upper and Lower prefilled whitening trays, which are worn for only 60-90 minutes per day.
  • Authenticity: Each tray is securely and hygienically foiled packed. All kits are supplied in manufacturer packaging.

To purchase, visit
RRP = $129.99
FREE Shipping within Australia!

Oral B 3D White Luxe – Advanced Seal

Oral B 3D White Luxe Advanced Seal Whitestrips are a form of teeth whitening kits, still containing hydrogen peroxide, but using advanced anti-slip technology.

So you simply peel, apply, and place on your teeth daily for 60 minutes. They can remove up to 10 years of stains in as little as two weeks.

Oral B 3Dwhite Luxe Advanced Seal Strips kit

These teeth whitening kits can be purchased from;

Priceline = $34.99
Chemist Warehouse = $24.49
Woolworths = $34.99

Pearly Whites

This teeth whitening kit is famous for its whitening formula – the high quality, dental grade gel contains 18% carbamide peroxide, making it the highest legal grade home whitening formula in Australia.

Pearly Whites Teeth Whitening kit

A Professional Teeth Whitening Kit includes;

  • 12 – 15 treatments of Whitening Gel
  •  2 x mouldable mouthguards
  •  1 x mouthguard case
  • Desensitisation Gel (this replaces minerals, seals your results and soothes your teeth)
  • 1 x LED Light to activate the Whitening Gel and speed up the whitening process

Visit to order today!
RRP = $149.00
Currently on sale for $82.95!
FREE Shipping within Australia!

If you’re not sure on this kit, we tested and reviewed the entry-level kit by Pearly Whites. Our reviewer actually was very impressed with this whitening kit.

Philips Zoom

Philips Zoom 16% Nite Wite Carbamide Peroxide Teeth Whitening Gel Complete Kit gets your teeth up to 8 shades whiter in 1 – 2 weeks, by wearing 4 -6 hours a day.

With Philips ACP Sensitivity Relief Formula you should feel little to no sensitivity on your teeth and gums during the process.

Another benefit is its flexibility – you have the ability to customise your choice of delicious mint gels and day or night wear times – Day White (Hydrogen Peroxide) or Nite White (Carbamide Peroxide).

Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening kit

The kit contains;

  • 6×2.4gm syringes (enough for 18 treatments)
  • Zipper bag
  • Mouth tray and case

RRP = $112.50
FREE Shipping in Australia!

Plus White

A one-step bleaching gel containing hydrogen peroxide, this starts to whiten your teeth within 5 minutes of application.

Use with a mouthguard (purchase separately), or a toothbrush or cotton swab.

Plue White Whitening gel Kit

Purchase from
RRP – $24.95
FREE Shipping within Australia!


PolaNight is a neutral pH, night-time teeth whitening kit, designed to ensure your comfort – you should have little to no post-whitening sensitivity.

Available in 2 strengths so you can choose your own – 16% carbamide peroxide for normal teeth or 10% carbamide peroxide for sensitive teeth.

Designed to be used with a mouthguard, you will need to purchase your own separately.

Pola Night Teeth Whitening kit

The PolaNight Home Teeth Whitening Gel Kit also includes;

  • 4 x 1.4mL syringes
  • Carry bag
  • Shade guide
  • Floss

Purchase today from
RRP = $59.95
FREE Shipping Within Australia!

Primal Life

A peroxide-free treatment, this teeth whitening kit instead utilises an organic activated charcoal gel.

Primal Life Teeth Whitening Kit

The Primal Life Organics Light Activated Teeth Whitening System includes;

  • 2 x 5mL boost activated charcoal whitening syringes (approximately 20 applications)
  • 1 x one size fits all mouthguard (no moulding required)
  • 1 x teeth whitening LED light

Visit to purchase.
RRP = $101.45
FREE Shipping within Australia!

Rapid White

Rapid White Blue Light Tooth Whitening System was the first home tooth whitening kit with light-activated gel technology.

The first home kit to use a compact light – so if you find using a mouth tray uncomfortable, this is the alternative you’ve been searching for.

Shining the light on the treated teeth for just four minutes, twice daily, will assist the whitening process. Results can be seen in as little as five days, but for best results continue for two weeks.

Rapid White Teeth Whitening Kit

To purchase, visit Chemist Direct or Beauty Heaven
RRP = $19.95
Free Shipping in Australia!

Smile PRO Worldwide

Approved by Australian standards and regulations, these teeth whitening kits are used worldwide.

Smile Pro Worldwide is effective and easy to use, your Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit comes with a mouth tray, 12 treatments, and an innovate LED light to speed up your whitening process.


SmilePRO Worldwide Teeth Whitening Kit

The SmilePRO Worldwide Whitening Kit

Inside the kit you will find:

  • 3x 3ml SmilePro Teeth Whitening Gel (9 treatments in total)
  • Accelerator SmilePro Teeth Whitening Light (including batteries)
  • Universal Moulded Mouth Tray
  • Shade Guide
  • Simple 10 Step Instruction Manual

Visit to order today!
RRP = $179.00
Currently on sale for $89.50!!
Free express delivery within 24 hours with Australia Post!

SNO Teeth Whitening

Sno Sensitive Express Teeth Whitening System, Non-Peroxide Kit has been created for those who have with gum sensitivity.

SNO Teeth Whitening Kit

Key Benefits include;

  • Clinically proven to whiten teeth faster
  • Lightens teeth up to 6 shades lighter in 12 days
  • Contains desensitising agents
  • Used worldwide by dentists
  • Manufactured in an FDA approved facility

Purchase at Black Shallow.
Currently on sale for $32.75

Update Feb 2021 – Currently out of stock

White Glo

White Glo White Accelerator Blue Light Whitening System is an affordable teeth whitening kit.

This kit contains 9% carbamide peroxide and makes your teeth up to 8 shades lighter in 7 days.

It comes with Whitening gel, a mouth guard, and an LED light.

White GLO Accelerator Blue Light Whitening System

Available from most major supermarket retailers and pharmacies such as;

Priceline – $34.49
Woolworths – $35.00
Chemist Warehouse – $29.95

You can also purchase online at Get another $10 off when you use the discount code – DENTALAWARE.

Whiter Smile

The Whiter Smile Starters Kit is a basic but functional teeth whitening kit.

With everything you need and require to whitening your teeth.

Whiter Smile Teeth Whitening KitKit includes;

  • 10mL Tube Whitening Gel (Choose from 10% Carbamide Peroxide for sensitive teeth, 16% Carbamide Peroxide, 18% Carbamide Peroxide – the strongest legally allowed in Australia)
  • 5mL Tube Remineralisation Gel to ensure your teeth remain soothed throughout the process
  • 3 x Mouldable Mouth Trays with Hygienic Tray Case

Purchase yours from
RRP = $49.95
FREE Shipping in Australia!

Y.F.M. Teeth Whitening

The Y.F.M. Teeth Whitening Kit can be used for 15 -30 Minutes, twice a week.

The trays can be reused and they can also be customized to ensure optimum comfort and product performance.


YFM Teeth Whitening

The kit contains;

  • 10 x teeth whitening gels
  • 2 x dental trays
  • 1 LED laser lights

To purchase see;
RRP = $20.99
FREE Shipping in Australia!

Update Feb 2021 – Currently unavailable 


As you can see, there are many Teeth Whitening Kits available for purchase in Australia– both online and in your local supermarket and pharmacy stores.

Some contain similar products to those used by your Dentist, and some are vegan and cruelty-free, some work faster than others, but some are more sensitive on your teeth and gums.

So, the choice is yours depending on a number of factors – but either way, you can help yourself to a whiter, brighter smile right in the comfort of your very own home!

Have you tried a whitening kit that we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below!

By Andrew Adams

Created at July 26, 2019, Updated at October 26, 2023

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