Top 10 Kids Electric Toothbrushes on Amazon!

Top electric toothbrushes for kids on Amazon dental aware

If thinking of purchasing an electric toothbrush for your child, it’s understandable you want the best.

So, here are the top 10 kids’ electric toothbrushes, as ranked by reviews.

Today I will discuss what makes these toothbrushes a good choice for your child.

Let’s begin, so you can purchase the best of the best.

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1. Oral-B Stages Frozen Power Electric Toothbrush

Oral-B Stages Frozen Power Electric Toothbrush is “Amazon’s Choice” for a kid’s electric toothbrush.

It has 4.5 stars from 54 reviews.

Many say it’s an excellent price, worth the money, and kids love it.

So, our verdict?


  • It has a free Disney Magic Timer app. A 2014 study done showed that 90% of kids aged between 4 – 14 brushed longer with this. Why? The longer they brush, the more hidden images of Disney characters are revealed, making brushing fun.
  • The rechargeable battery in the handle lasts up to 5 days (when used twice a day, for 2 minutes each time).
  • Bristles are extra-soft – ideal for your child when learning to brush.


  • Comes with only 1 brush head, so you will also need the 2-pack or 4-pack of replacement brush heads, to set you up.

Price and Value

Though replacement heads are needed, which adds to the price, it’s the highest-ranked in Amazon at only $22.50.

This is great value for money.

2. Philips Sonicare Built-in Bluetooth Sonic Electric Toothbrush for Kids with Interactive Coaching App

Philip’s Sonicare Built-in Bluetooth Solic Electric Toothbrush for Kids is Amazon’s Choice for “Philip’s Sonicare Kids”.

It has been given 4.5 stars from 62 reviews.

A stand-out review says that “It is a fantastic product, pure and simple! Prior to the Phillips toothbrush, getting him to brush was difficult.

Now, my 4yo son not only wants to brush his teeth, but he is doing it by himself twice daily.”.

Interested yet?

So are we!

Let’s delve deeper.


  • It’s educational – your child can learn how to brush by themselves, as the app sync’s the toothbrush with Bluetooth, showing them correct brushing techniques and tracking their upkeep.
  • The interactive Bluetooth coaching app makes kids enthusiastic about brushing. They can see how well they have brushed, and be rewarded by their brushing coach “Sparkly” when they do a good job.
  • It’s fun. “Sparkly” turns brushing into a game – they can win accessories or food for Sparkly, or parents can choose their own rewards.
  • “Sparkly” challenges them, seeing if they can brush longer or better.
  • It has a KidTimer and QuadPacer, which help to encourage the correct brushing regime, by tracking when brushing starts, pauses, and finishes. You can save up to 20 brushing session details so you and your child can see how far they’ve advanced.
  • Its ergonomically designed handle can be held by both child and parents.
  • It has 2 kid-friendly settings. The low mode is for younger children, the high mode is for more independent brushers. So, your child can choose one that will softly but effectively brush their teeth.
  • The rubber brush head is designed to protect their young teeth.
  • It’s easy to use – replace brush heads with just a click.
  • There are 8 fun handle stickers, so your child can change the look of the brush, keeping it fun.


  • Comes with only 1 brush head, so you’ll need to purchase more replacement brush heads, to begin with.

Price and Value

At $59.00, it’s a little pricey, but all reviews and benefits suggest it’s worth every dollar.

3. Oral-B Stages Power Star Wars Electric Toothbrush

Oral-B Stages Power Star Wars Electric Toothbrush has 4.7 stars from 69 reviews.

Many say it’s a bargain, and it motivates kids to brush their teeth.

Let’s look into it.


  • Just like the Oral-B Stages Frozen Power Electric Toothbrush I discussed above; this brush also has the Disney Magic Timer app. 9 out of 10 children will brush their teeth longer when using this, as they can see their favourite Disney characters, and the longer they brush, the more the image is revealed.
  • Its’ rotating brush head and extra-soft bristles will comprehensively but gently clean your child’s teeth while learning to brush.
  • The rechargeable battery lasts up to 5 days.


  • Pack only includes 1 brush head, so you will also need to purchase 2 or 4 replacement brush heads to set your child up.

Price and Value

Again, replacement heads need to be purchased, adding to the overall cost, but at $22.50, it’s great value for money.

4. Colgate Kids Minions Battery Powered Toothbrush – Extra Soft Bristles for Children 3+ Years

Colgate Kids Minions Battery Powered Toothbrush is also “Amazon’s Choice” for a “kids’ electric toothbrush”.

It has 4.4 stars, and reviews vary.

Some say their kids giggle when using it, others that the brush head is actually too hard.

Let’s look into it a bit more.


  • Its slim handle makes it easy for children to hold.
  • The on/off buttons are easy for them to press.
  • It will lay flat on your bench, making it easy for your child to apply toothpaste.
  • The Minions design may appeal to your child, making brushing fun.


  • Whether the bristles are soft or not may be debatable.
  • Only comes with 1 head, and replacement heads are not available for purchase at all. It seems as though you will need to purchase a new toothbrush when these brushes start to fray.

Price and Value

Though replacement heads do not seem to be available, at $10.99,  it’s an inexpensive and replaceable electric toothbrush.

It’s a great option to test to see if your child likes electric toothbrushes, and replace them when they no longer find Minions exciting.

5. Oral-B Pro 100 Kids Electric Toothbrush, (Star Wars & Frozen) Assorted

Oral-B Pro Kids Electric Toothbrush has 3.5 stars.

A great review has said their kids love it.

But, if the “assorted” name has confused you, let’s discuss it.


  • Has the Disney Magic Timer app (as discussed above).
  • Comes with interchangeable stickers for the handle, to keep brushing fun.
  • Has an extra soft brush head, and a special gentle brushing mode, which is great for your children’s tender gums.
  • Has a built-in 2-minute timer, helping to develop a good brushing routine.
  • The small charging base fits easily on your benchtop.


  • You may be sent either the Frozen or Star Wars toothbrush – the choice isn’t yours. So, your kid may not end up with their favourite character.
  • Only comes with 1 head, and replacement heads will have to be purchased when you know your character.

Price and Value

This toothbrush is $69.99 but comes with a travel case, which is handy.

With replacement heads costing roughly $9.99 – $12.99 for another 2, it may be worth thinking if your child will be happy with either one they receive.

6. Oral-B Pro-Health Stages Disney Princess Power Kid’s Electric Toothbrush (for children age 3+)

The Oral-B Pro-Health Stages Disney Princess Power Kid’s Electric Toothbrush has 4.6 stars.

Some reviews say it’s too big and bulky. Others say they wanted Moana but received Princess Belle.

Further are in favour.

So, let’s look into it.


  • Has the Disney MagicTimer app (discussed above), helping your child brush for 2 minutes.


  • Ships from the US.
  • You don’t have a choice of which Disney Princess you’ll receive.
  • Only comes with 1 head, and you won’t know what replacement heads you need until you know your Princess.

Price and Value

A great price at $11.16, even without replacement heads.

7. Colgate Kids Batman or Barbie Battery Powered Toothbrush – Extra Soft Bristles for Children 3+ Years

Colgate’s Kids Batman or Barbie Battery Powered Toothbrush has 3.1 stars.

A great review has said, about their young daughter, “On the day it arrived, she brushed 4 times in a day out of excitement.”

Let’s look into it.


  • A small head with extra soft bristles is designed for those 3 years or older.
  • Clean and gentle on teeth while still removing plaque.
  • The narrow handle is easy to hold, with easy to press on/off buttons.
  • Brush will lay flat on your benchtop, so your child can apply toothpaste with little trouble.
    • 2 x AAA batteries are replaceable.


  • You don’t choose between Batman or Barbie, it’s the luck of the draw.
  • Only has 1 head. Replacement heads can only be purchased when you know if you have Batman or Barbie.

Price and Value

Though replacement heads are needed, at $10.99 it’s a bargain.

8. FOREO ISSA Mikro Sensitive Electric Toothbrush for Babies, (0-5 Years Old)

The FOREO ISSA Mikro Sensitive Electric Toothbrush is suitable for children aged 0 – 5 and has 4 stars from 33 reviews.

Reviews are mixed – some say the brush is great, others say its’ silicone bristles are terrible.

Let’s delve deeper.


  • The combination of silicone bristles and 6000 sonic pulsations per minute are a safe, effective and fun way to teach your child to use a toothbrush.
  • Has two modes – Brush Mode clean teeth non-abrasively, or Massage Mode soothes and massages gums.
  • Covers every tooth, cleaning separately from each angle, while still massaging tender gums.
  • The Smile Helpers “Glee” (happy face) and “Glum” (sad face) motivate your child to upkeep brushing.


  • It seems as though you don’t purchase a replacement head, but instead an entirely new toothbrush.

Price and Value

At $51.94 with replacement heads not available it may seem expensive.

But it’s a great and safe way to introduce your child to electric toothbrushes.

9. FOREO ISSA Mini 2 Rechargeable Kids Electric Regular Toothbrush for Complete Oral Care

The FOREO ISSA Mini 2 Rechargeable Kids Electric Toothbrush is designed for kids aged 5 and above.

It has 3.2 stars from 11 reviews.

Some say it’s excellent.

So, let’s see.


  • With up to 9000 gentle high-intensity pulsations per minute, teeth are cleaned effectively. Plaque is removed, gums are massaged, and gum recession prevented, as is damage to teeth enamel, as teeth are not over-brushed.
  • The small head is ideal.
  • Its’ bold colour is fun.
  • “Glee” (happy face) lights up after two minutes of brushing.
  • A single charge lasts up to one year.


  • Replacement heads aren’t easy to find.

Price and Value

This is priced at $120.08 but includes two brushes.

So, overall, not a bad price.

10. AUITRONCARE Kids Electric Toothbrush – Waterproof & 3 Speed Mode 2-6 Years

With 3.8 stars and 28 reviews, the AUITRONCARE Kids Electric Toothbrush is different, with its U-shaped design.

As reviews show, some parents and children find it great, others not so.

Let’s explore.


  • Cute, easy and fun to use.
  • Encourages teeth brushing.
  • Easy to use on/off buttons.
  • Can be charged quickly with your phone charger.
  • Has a charger indicator so you can see how much charge is left.
  • Its U-shape head cleans all teeth at once. This can be good or bad – your child is experiencing brushing without learning the skills needed.
  • Has multiple modes, to suit different levels of tooth care – gradual, pulse, and normal. These can be switched freely.


  • Replacement heads are hard to find.
  • Your child must still rub the brush to the left and the right to clean their teeth properly.
  • It may not fit every mouth – may be too big for small mouths.
  • Adding toothpaste is said to be difficult.

Price and Value

This is priced at $59.99.

I would probably recommend a ‘normal’ design over the U-shape, but you can always consult with your dentist to see if this is a good choice for your child.


I hope reading this post has made it easier for you to pick an electric toothbrush.

It’s important to note the best time to introduce an electric toothbrush to your child is when they’re no longer a toddler – generally 3 or older.

By this age, they are more experienced with toothbrushing.

It can be difficult knowing what their dental requirements are when young, so this post can help.

Do you have any concerns about Kids using an electric toothbrush? Leave a comment below!

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