Teeth Whitening Kits: Do They Work?

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In this post, I explore all you’ll need to know about Teeth Whitening Kits.

What they are, how they work (and most important of all) which one might work best for you.

With SO much choice out there, it can be downright confusing.

Let’s dive right in.

White teeth in 10 mins tagline

I’m sure you’ve come across this tagline at least a dozen times in your life.

While we’ve come a long way from the days of using urine like the Romans did to whiten our teeth, the growing number of different teeth whitening kits available today aren’t quite making our lives any easier.

Constantly bombarded with advertisements featuring so-called teeth whitening kits, being able to pick out a product that actually works has become incredibly difficult.

Different Types of Whitening Treatments

The desire to have the perfect smile is something we can all relate to.

The increasing focus on achieving a whiter smile has led to some significant innovations in the dental industry.

Nowadays, we have all kinds of whitening treatments.

However, most of the procedures utilise either carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide, as bleaching agents, to bring out the whitening effect.

The bleaching agent removes stains on the surface of your teeth and alters the colour of your teeth, leaving behind a beautiful shade of white.

Some of the most popular types of whitening treatments include:

Colgate Optic White Stain-less White toothpaste

Whitening Toothpaste

Perhaps the weakest amongst all other whitening treatments.

Whitening toothpaste removes stains on the surface of the teeth and offers a very subtle and basic whitening effect.

A lady using teeth whitening strips

Whitening Strips

With many people stating that these are the best for the money, whitening strips are affordable, convenient and easy to use.

You need to make sure you don’t overdo it and follow the directions of use.

Teeth whitening kit hismile

At-Home Whitening Kits

The most trending at-home whitening kits consist of a tray and a number of whitening gel tubes.

They bleach the teeth over a period of time and are very cost-effective.

Professional ‘In Office' Whitening Treatments

Professional ‘In Office Whitening Treatments

Professional dental whitening sessions are offered by dentists.

These involve the use of much stronger bleaching agents and specialised procedures to whiten teeth.

This treatment uses the highest amount of Hydrogen Peroxide out of all teeth whitening treatments on the Australian market.

Teeth Whitening Kits or Visit to Your Dentist?

Gone are the days of spending hours sitting at the dental clinic waiting for your turn to experience a painful procedure.

Topped off by sometimes boring chit-chats with the dentist and a hefty bill to pay in the end, it can be seen why people choose whitening Kits over the dentist.

Teeth whitening kits that can be used in the comfort of your home have made it possible for thousands to achieve white teeth – without having to spend a fortune (or taking trips to the dentist).

A woman happy with her smile at the dentist

Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment – Advantages and Disadvantages

There is no shame in denying that most of us dread visiting the dentist.

Be it due to our busy schedules or that often large bill after each visit – going to the dentist is perhaps the last thing we want to consider when it comes to whitening our teeth.


1. Better Results

Dentists are allowed to use a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide to provide whiter results, in comparison to off-the-shelf whitening kits.

2. Address Teeth Sensitivities

Dentists can handle teeth sensitivities better than you could all by yourself.

Trained to address sensitivities and similar conditions, visiting the dentist, rather than trying out a whitening treatment kit, could be a better option.

3. Whiten Teeth From The Inside

Some qualified dentists can whiten teeth from the inside. This is something most teeth whitening kits don’t offer.


1. High Costs

Seeking a whitening treatment from your dentist can often mean spending thousands to be able to achieve your desired results finally.

A dentist can charge anywhere from $500-$2000 per visit.

2. Sensitivity

We’ve already noted that dentists have access to stronger concentrations of hydrogen peroxide.

Using as much as 25% hydrogen peroxide, professional whitening treatments can cause sensitivity issues.

Teeth Whitening Kit – Advantages and Disadvantages

While finding a reliable teeth whitening kit on an ever-growing list of products is no joke, these kits are a reasonable alternative to professional dentists when it comes to treating teeth discolourations for the money.


1. Convenient & Affordable

As opposed to making multiple visits to the dentist and pouring in thousands on your treatment, teeth whitening kits are undoubtedly a more convenient and pocket-friendly option.

Readily available online, at-home teeth whitening kits can be purchased for under $100 bucks and be delivered directly to your doorstep. Some brands also offer free shipping!

2. Take Up Only a Small Amount of Your Time

Teeth whitening kits work comparatively faster and are much more efficient in whitening your teeth up to six or seven shades – minus the long wait at the dentist.

3. Less Sensitivity

Most teeth whitening kits use much lower levels of Hydrogen Peroxide and usually have reduced sensitivity issues for customers.


1. Chance of Incorrect Application

Burning sensation, tooth or gum sensitivity, and other similar conditions can occur following the incorrect application of at-home teeth whitening products.

It is important to follow the manufacturer’s user instructions as sensitivity can become a problem if misused.

2. The Results Might Not Meet Your Expectations

Most whitening products offer guaranteed results. However, it can sometimes be the case that you do not achieve your desired shade of white.

The advantages of using a teeth whitening kit almost outweigh the disadvantages; making it very evident that investing in these products is well-worth the effort.

Do Teeth Whitening Kits Actually Work?

Yes! Whitening kits actually work and are a good alternative to expensive whitening procedures at the dentist.

There are, however, limitations with how much whiter they can make your teeth and how long the brightness with last.

Professional whitening treatments at the dentist’s office are handled with much more care and offer great results within the first few sittings.

However, spending all of our life’s saving to get a whitening procedure performed is something most of us might not be able to digest very easily.

a man with a piggy bank

Teeth whitening kits, on the other hand, are WAY cheaper, offer reasonable results, and leave you with more than enough in your savings.

Maybe you can finally start planning that trip around Australia?

A confident woman holding up the peace sign

Before You Purchase A Whitening Kit

Ready to take charge at your workplace? Considering purchasing a whitening kit for yourself so you can speak more confidently?

There are a few things you must keep in mind before spending your money.

Find Whitening Kits With REAL Reviews

Whitening kits have become a popular trend which has led to dozens of new brands entering the market.

While some of these brands genuinely have what it takes to deliver a high-quality product, others are unfortunately focused on scamming people.

I recommend that you go through as many online reviews as you possibly can, compare multiple brands, and then make your choice.

A woman thinking about her choices

Identify Which Kit Best Suits Your Needs

Different whitening products are designed to address different needs of individuals.

While some offer super-fast results, others focus on delivering a subtle, but long-lasting whitening effect.

Ultimately, your budget, whitening requirements, and the condition of your teeth should all be considered when making the final purchase decision.

However, there are a few questions that people generally ask before settling on purchasing a kit for themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are a bunch of questions that people have when it comes to Teeth Whitening Kits.

Below are some of the common questions that are asked:

What Is The Blue Light?

The blue light is a better alternative to UV light used in the past.

The blue light is a LED light that is used to speed up the whitening process, without the risks typically involved with the use of UV light.

The blue light for teeth whitening kits

Can The Kit Damage Your Teeth And The Enamel?

No, not likely.

Although there are few (very rare) instances where people have experienced tooth sensitivity, no severe damage has been noted.

Are Whitening Kits Safe To Use?

Whitening kits sold by reputable brands are safe to use.

With the dental hygiene industry focusing on quality now more than ever, at-home whitening kits are allowed to contain a safe amount of hydrogen peroxide.

Can I Use The Kit If I Have Sensitive Teeth?

Brands in the dental hygiene space are focused on catering to just about everyone with discoloured teeth.

There are quite a handful of teeth whitening kits on the market that are specifically designed for people with sensitive teeth.

Can A Whitening Kit Be Used If You Have Bridge Work, Veneers, Crowns, Or Dental Implants?

Unfortunately, whitening kit treatments are not able to whiten your cosmetic dental work.

They will only work to a degree on your natural teeth.

You can still use kits if you have bridge work, veneers, Crowns or Dental Implants but you run the risk of changing the colour of your natural teeth and in the process creating a two-tone smile.

Teeth whitening on natural teeth

How Does A Teeth Whitening Kit Work?

Perhaps the most critical component of a teeth whitening kit is the whitening gel.

Hydrogen peroxide makes up the primary ingredient of the whitening gel.

Hydrogen Peroxide in whitening gel

Made up of hydrogen and oxygen, these molecules of hydrogen peroxide come in contact with the teeth and automatically break apart.

This results in a profound cleaning effect – removing any discolourations and stains and leaving behind sparkling white teeth.

Further complementing the performance of the whitening gel, blue light speeds up the process and significantly boosts results.

What Are Some Things You Should be Careful about When Using a Whitening Kit?

When using a whitening kit, it is essential that you follow proper instructions and avoid testing out things on your own.

While the set of instructions provided with the teeth whitening kit are to be followed rather strictly, here are a few things that you should keep in mind when using the kit at home:

  1. Ensure that you are not allergic to peroxide. Most home whitening kits include a generous use of peroxide.
  2. Avoid using a whitening kit if you have braces on. The kit will only whiten the exposed areas of your teeth, leaving you with unevenly coloured teeth.
  3. Avoid using a whitening kit if you have any fillings. The products used in whitening kits don’t work well with most dental restorations and can result in uneven whitening of the teeth.

How Can I Use A Teeth Whitening Kit Properly?

Most standard whitening kits come with a set of trays, whitening gel, and blue light.

Below is a general guide to what to expect by using a teeth whitening kit.

General Guide to using a Teeth Whitening Kit

  1. Your first step is to dip one tray in hot water for up to five to six seconds. Remove the tray from the water, place it around your teeth, the suck the air out, and hold for five to ten minutes. This will enable the tray to form the shape of your teeth.
  2. Place a small bead of the whitening gel on the frontal region of the tray; for the first 8-9 teeth.
  3. Insert the tray in your mouth.
  4. Place the blue light in front of the try and turn it on.
  5. Continue with this treatment for anywhere between two to fifteen minutes.
  6. Repeat the treatment every other day until you achieve your desired results.

This is a general guide, please read and follow each separate teeth whitening kit’s instructions by the manufacturer.


Whitening your teeth has become more convenient and affordable than ever before.

While I recommend the use of teeth whitening kits to achieve a reasonable pearly white smile, I must emphasise on choosing the right product to keep your teeth in the best possible condition.

Teeth whitening kits do work, and they will noticeably whiten your teeth.

Results probably won’t be as wonderful as a professional treatment, but for the money, it’s a good option.

Your friends might even ask why you look different?

In that case, it is up to you to share your secret or not.

With so many products on the Australian market to choose from, we hope you’re now armed with the knowledge to make the best decision for you.

Have you tried a teeth whitening kit that is worth reviewing? Let us know!

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