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Best baby toothbrushes on Amazon by Dental Aware

Choosing a toothbrush for your baby can be a really overwhelming task.

But to make it easier, you can skip the supermarket and purchase one online.

So, what are the best baby toothbrushes that you can purchase on Amazon?

The best baby toothbrush is one that has:

  • A head that is small enough to fit easily and comfortably inside their tiny mouth.
  • A long handle with soft grips, so it is easy for them to hold in their small hands.
  • A soft and gentle handle, so it can also be used as a teether when they place it in their mouth.
  • Soft, gentle bristles, so the bristles do not irritate their sensitive gums when brushing.
  • Bristles that are strongly gripped to the brush, so they do not break off when they are chewed upon.
  • BPA and phthalate-free material.

Many of these things become more important with age – from baby to toddlerhood.

So today we shall discuss how you can pick the best toothbrushes for a baby or toddler.

I will also provide a list of those toothbrushes that you can purchase online from Amazon Australia.

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How to Choose a Toothbrush for Your Child?

Before we begin, we will run through how to choose the best toothbrush for your child.

Hopefully, these tips will save you from spending money on a toothbrush that is the wrong size or shape.

See, the shape and size of the toothbrush that is required are really dependent on the needs and ability of your child, and these factors change with age.

So, by asking yourself the few simple questions below, you will be able to choose a toothbrush that effectively cleans their teeth.

Will The Head of the Toothbrush Fit in Their Mouth?

This is something that generally we do not think about as adults.

However, it is highly important to consider when choosing a toothbrush for a child.

Their little mouths require toothbrushes that are a bit smaller.

A handy hint is to take a look at the front of the toothbrushes packaging.

Many manufacturers will put recommendations of the most appropriate age range here.

Another suggestion is to assess the size of the toothbrush against the size of your child’s mouth.

The correct brush size is one that will reach easily around both the front and each side of their molars.

If the toothbrush does not look like it will cover the full surface of a tooth at the same time sufficiently, think about reaching for the next size up.

A young boy with a adult toothbrush

The correct size is important when selecting your child’s toothbrush.

Are the Bristles of the Toothbrush Soft?

Children, particularly while they are learning how to brush, are not always gentle on their teeth and gums.

A toothbrush with soft bristles provides their sensitive gums and enamel with some protection while they are brushing.

This is quite important to think about during their teething phase, as the bristles will be kinder to gums that are already sore and inflamed.

Is it Electric or Manual?

We are often asked if electric toothbrushes are a good investment for children’s teeth.

Answer – once your child has aged a bit.

Typically, the best age for these is once they are out of toddlerhood, usually 3 or older.

By then, they have more experience with brushing their teeth.

So, we will be leaving them out of today’s post.

If you are still unsure, below are some further tips on choosing the best toothbrushes for your little one.

A girl using an electric toothbrush

Waiting for your child to grown up a little is recommended before starting on electic toothbrushes.

Best Toothbrushes for Babies

As soon as your baby grows teeth, it is important to clean them properly.

This article discusses how you can begin with wiping down their gums, and then bring in a toothbrush when they are 12 months old or even younger.

Later you can add some toothpaste.

When choosing a toothbrush, whether it be a finger brush or a traditional toothbrush, the best toothbrush should be made from a BPA and phthalate-free material.

It should have:

  • A tiny head that is designed to fit agreeably inside your baby’s mouth, and
  • Soft, gentle bristles.

Best Toothbrushes for Toddlers

The age that children are when they grow teeth varies, but typically by two and a half they will have most of their baby teeth.

Once they reach three years old, all twenty teeth.

Regardless of the number of teeth your toddler does or does not yet have in place, it is necessary to get them set up with a good brushing regime early.

So, by this age, it is time to upgrade to a different type of toothbrush for them to use, as their teeth have changed, and so their needs have changed.

This toothbrush should also be made from a BPA and phthalate-free material, but should have:

  • Soft bristles that are firmly clasped onto the toothbrush, leaving little room for movement (breaking apart) when chewed upon.
  • A soft frame and handle, so it can also be used as a teether when placed in their mouth.
  • A small head but big handle with soft grips, so their little hands can hold onto it easily.

At this age, you can also start thinking about your child’s own personal, unique interests.

If the toothbrush appeals to them, if they see it as something that is fun, they will be more inclined to want to use it day and night.

So, you can choose their favourite colour or their favourite character.

You can also let them have a say in the decision.

Simply asking if they prefer, for example, blue or green, or pirate or mermaid can make a huge difference.

Buying the right toothbrush is just the first step.

Now you have to get them to use it twice every day.

These tips can help you teach your child how to do just that.

Amazons Best Toothbrushes for Babies

A fingertip toothbrush can be a good way to introduce a toothbrush to your baby’s mouth when their first teeth are coming through.

They are a small set of soft cleaning bristles you will wear on the tip of your finger.

Pliable and easy to clean, you have the greatest amount of control possible, and so can avoid damaging your child’s teeth or gums, instead just gently massaging and cleaning them.

A great selection of Amazon Australia’s fingertip toothbrushes is below.

Safety 1st Finger Tip Toothbrush and Case

This brush is a great way to begin massaging your babies’ gums and cleaning their first teeth.

It is dual-sided, so you will be able to stimulate both their top and bottom gums simultaneously.

It comes with a case, which helps you keep the toothbrush clean, and you can carry it with you at all times, ready for you to use whenever needed.

SmileFrida The Finger Toothbrush by Fridababy

For babies 3 months or older, this BPA Free, double-sided, triple-angled fingertip brush will clean their top and bottom teeth and gums at the same time.

It will also gently massage their gums which will help relieve any pain from teething.

The brush can be used with or without toothpaste, which is great for younger babies.

It is bacteria resistant, so you do not have to worry about germs growing on it, but it is safe to clean whenever you wish.

It also comes with an adorable little storage stand, so you can keep it from getting dusty, and out of harm’s way, when not being used.

Dreambaby Silicone Finger Toothbrush, 1 Count, Clear (L309)

Ideal for newborns to 18-month-old children, this toothbrush is made from a soft, but durable material.

This is both BPA free and phthalates compliant.

Green Sprouts Silicone Finger Baby Toothbrush

The sterilizer safe, soft, durable, flexible, silicone bristles are hypoallergenic, and PVC, BPA, nitrosamine and petroleum-free.

This will keep your baby’s teeth and gums clean and healthy during their first stages of cutting teeth.

However, if you prefer the thought of getting your baby used to a traditional toothbrush early on, these are all great choices you can get delivered straight to your door from Amazon Australia.

Nuby Nananubs Banana Massaging Toothbrush, Multi

A toothbrush that is shaped like a banana, which can be used on babies 3 months and older, can be really helpful when they are teething.

Its’ benefits extend beyond cleaning new teeth.

The soft, silicone bristles gently massage tender, painful gums.

You can also put this one in the freezer, to use as a cool teether.

Dr Brown’s Infant-to-Toddler Toothbrush

This toothbrush is designed for those aged between 0 – 3 years.

It has the ideal sized comfort-grip handle for a baby to learn to hold and is made of a soft, but strong material that is sensitive on teeth and gums.

BPA free, this toothbrush is shaped like a giraffe.

Stand it upright on its 4 legs when you’ve finished cleaning, so it can air-dry, preventing surface contact and limiting bacteria from building up.

Kidsme Easy Hold Toothbrush 2 Piece Set, Multicolor

Designed for those aged 3 months or older, this has a round handle with no sharp edges.

This makes it safe for babies, and the ring shape will make it easy for them to grip.

With two in a pack, replacing the toothbrush when the bristles start to fray is easy.

Pigeon Step 1 Training Toothbrush

A self-proclaimed “baby training” toothbrush, is ideal for those who have 2 to 3 baby teeth.

The thick, contoured handle is a great way to introduce your baby to the idea of holding a toothbrush.

It’s easy for them to grasp, while the soft rubber head is gentle on their gums.

Pigeon Step 2 Training Toothbrush

A great brush to get your baby familiar with the brushing movement, its rubber head is gentle on their teeth and gums.

MAM Teaching Toothbrush (Assorted)

The long handle makes it easy for both parent and baby to hold together, making learning together easier.

It also has a tongue cleaner, so those 6 months and older get used to the idea of cleaning their tongue.

MAM Baby Gum Massager

It has a functional design and you can choose from 4 different surfaces with different textures, to brush or soothe their gums.

It too has an extra-long handle, with a small head, so teaching your baby, when they are only 3 months or older, will be a lot easier.

Oral-B Stages 1 Pooh 4 to 24 Months Toothbrush Baby Soft

This too has a long, non-slip handle.

This one has been designed for parents to hold, to brush their 4 – 24-month-old babies’ teeth and gums.

It has a cushioned head and baby soft bristles, making it ideal for teething babies.

The addition of Winnie the Pooh is very cute.

Macleans Toothbrush Kids Milk Teeth for Children 0-3 Years Old

This brush was designed by dental experts for children aged up to 3 years.

Its’ flexible neck bends, allowing for gentle brushing.

It has multi-angled soft bristles, so all teeth are surrounded at once.

Its’ easy-grip handle helps both parents and children brush.

Green Sprouts Silicone Toothbrush, Clear

This brush is soft, flexible, hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and has no nitrosamine, BPA or PVC.

It also has a safety shield on the head of the toothbrush to prevent your baby from choking.

So, while it massages your babies gums, it also covers safety.

Amazons Best Toothbrushes for Toddlers

Below are 4 toothbrush options for your toddler when it comes to toothbrushes.

Dr Brown’s Toddler and Baby Toothbrush, Crocodile

Designed for 1 – 4-year old’s, the crocodile-shaped toothbrush is sure to catch their attention.

It is also a perfect size for mouths that are still growing and will help them work on their brushing technique.

Its’ crocodile legs give it a great, textured handle, helping their small fingers grip the brush and put a stop to any slips.

The suction cup places the brush in a secure, upright position, preventing it from contacting surfaces and gathering bacteria.

Made from a BPA free material, it has soft but sturdy bristles, so it is gentle but will hold up against any bights from a child.

Jordan Step 2 Toothbrush Kids toothbrush for Age 3-5 Years Old

This has a round head that was specially designed for those that are between 3 – 5-years old. It is small but wide, with double soft bristles.

Its’ dual-handle has a comfortable grip, making brushing easier for both parents and children.

It has a toothpaste indicator – that is, the blue bristles on the toothbrush, which assist you in putting the correct amount of toothpaste on when you brush.

You will also receive a travel cap, so you can travel and keep the toothbrush sanitary.

It is also free from both BPA and phthalates.

Oral-B Stages 2 Mickey 2 to 4 Years Toothbrush Extra Soft

Designed for 2 – 4-year-old children that are learning how to brush. They may or may not yet have their full set of baby teeth.

The narrow, cushioned head provides easy access for small mouths, cleaning even hard to reach back teeth while being tender on their gums.

This also has a ‘Paste Target’ – another way of measuring the right amount of toothpaste.

Add the easy to hold Mickey Mouse handle and your child is sure to love this.

Colgate Kids Peppa Pig Manual Toothbrush for Children 2-5 Years

Not sure if Mickey Mouse will interest your toddler?

How does Peppa the Pig sound instead?

This brush is still aimed at a similar age group – those that are 2 – 5 years old.

Again, at this age, they may have all their baby teeth, and may potentially be growing molars.

Similar to the Oral B brush, it has extra soft bristles and a small toothbrush head for easy access into little toddler mouths.

It also has a thumb grip, and rounded handle, so your toddler will be able to comfortably hold the brush.

You also receive a suction cup, for fun and easy upright storage, which limits the amount of contact it has, and also bacteria formation.


I hope reading this post has made it easier for you to pick the right toothbrush for your little baby or toddler.

Just remember – they should be the right size, soft, safe, and fun.

I know when my son was 1-3 years old making it fun was the key!

Often times the show they are watching or the book you are reading to them may hold an answer to make brushing your kid’s teeth easier.

It can be really tricky knowing what sort of toothbrush they need at different ages.

So, if you still need more help, you can always think about asking your dentist for more insight.

They will be happy to help 🙂

What toothbrush do you buy for your child? Let us know in the comments!

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