Coles Tongue Scrapers – What’s on Offer?

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A Tongue Scraper is a tool that can be used to aid you in your oral hygiene, by improving the purity of your tongue. So, what are the options at Coles for a Tongue Scraper?

Although you cannot purchase a typical tongue scraper from Coles, you can purchase a toothbrush that has a tongue cleaner. This will potentially help clean bacteria from your tongue, freshening your breath.

Today I will discuss the costs and benefits of buying your Toothbrush Tongue Scrapers from Coles.

I will talk about when it isn’t a good idea to use a tongue scraper. I will also let you know how you can order a tongue scraper at Coles if they are out of stock, and how to check the reviews of Coles tongue scrapers.

Lastly, I will let you know what different Dentists think of tongue scrapers in general.

Let’s begin, so you can think about buying yourself a tongue scraper.

Buying Tongue Scrapers at Coles – How Much are They?

A tongue scraper at Coles is connected to your toothbrush, and far less expensive than buying a tongue scraper individually.

For example, this 3-pack of Oral-B Complete Clean 5 Way Toothbrush is $10.00, or $3.33 each.

A well-known brand, this has many features, including that:

  • Its ‘power-tip’ bristles will reach into otherwise hard-to-get areas.
  • Its ‘interdental’ bristles will clean between your teeth, just like an interdental toothbrush.
  • Will clean your teeth, tongue, gums and cheeks.

Other toothbrushes with a tongue cleaner at Coles that will clean all of these areas include:

Benefits of Buying a Tongue Scraper at Coles

As you can see above, the cheapest tongue cleaners are $1.66 each in a multi-pack, the most expensive $5.00. However, the average price is $3.50.

Feel free to read my post – Tongue Scraping – All Benefits Discussed.

Here I discuss the different types of materials that are used to make tongue scrapers, and how they can cost up to $10.00 each.

When is a Tongue Scraper Not a Good Idea to Used?

There are times when it’s not ideal to use a tongue scraper.

First of all, it’s important to determine that you have a ‘healthy tongue’.

Such a tongue will have a ‘normal’ tongue coat – that is, one that is only thin, and a light colour.

‘Unhealthy’ tongues include those that:

  • Don’t have any coat – Meaning, you can only see the body of the tongue.
  • Have an exceptionally thick coat – A coat that conceals the prime body of your tongue.
  • Have a coat that is a funny colour, such as green or dark rather than light.

Let me explain further why these are considered unhealthy.

If your tongue doesn’t have a coat, this may be a sign of reflection that there’s swelling elsewhere in your body, needing medical care.

If you use a tongue scraper and you don’t have a tongue coat, you could potentially damage your tongue and taste buds.

A tongue scraper should never wound or hurt your tongue, so you should always refrain from doing this.

If your tongue coat is thick or a funny colour, this is usually an indication that you have a health condition, that also needs medical care.

These conditions include things such as:

  • Oral thrush.
  • Uncontrolled diabetes, or
  • Complications with your liver, sinus, or stomach.

If you have a thick, dark, or funny coloured tongue coat, I suggest talking to your Dentist.

They can assist you in finding out if the underlying cause of your halitosis or the funny look of your tongue is a medical condition, such as oral thrush, and you need to speak to your pharmacist or doctor.

If you’ve determined you have a ‘healthy’ tongue, it’s important to note you must use the tongue scraper softly.

When you first start scraping your tongue, your tongue may get sore. If so, just use less pressure.

But if the scraper makes your tongue very painful or starts to bleed, you should stop using it altogether.

It could mean you’re either using too much pressure, or the scraper could have uneven, rugged edges that are damaging your tongue.

Or, when using a tongue scraper, you become aware that your symptoms start to worsen, or your tongue feels more sensitive, then I suggest speaking to your Dentist.

Again, this could be a sign of a medical condition.

How to Order a Tongue Scraper at Coles if They are Out of Stock?

If you really want an item that your local Coles does not have in stock, I have a few hints about how to find it.

Firstly, you can always get the item number and then go to the front counter of the store, asking when the product will be delivered again.

If this is not in their system to be delivered soon, they may be able to contact one of their stores close-by to see if they have the product.

This method tends to work well for those who live in the city, as a close Coles might only be 20-minutes around the corner.

However, if you live in the country this can be more difficult, as the next Coles can often be over an hours’ drive or away.

So, your next option is to go online. You see, occasionally what will happen is Coles will adjust their range of products they keep in their stores, so they can meet the needs that have changed in the region.

If you place an order for delivery and the product is still out-of-stock, Coles will advise you by email.

You can choose to let them substitute your out-of-stock item for a similar product.

Or, if you still want an item and do not want it to be substituted, you can cancel your order and search the internet for other stores that sell the item.

You may be able to find the same tongue scraper on sale at another store, such as Big W.

How to Check Reviews of Coles Tongue Scrapers

You can check reviews of tongue scrapers at Coles online.

Simply search for, and open the item. Not all items have been reviewed, however, if they have, you will find the reviews

under the products description.

The reviews include:

  • Whether that person recommends the products, and
  • Their overall view on the positives and negatives of the tongue scraper.

Do Tongue Scrapers Really Work?

It’s important to take care of your tongue as well as your teeth and gums.

This is as debris and bacteria can build up on your tongue, which can cause bad breath and soft plaque, leading to tooth decay.

This 2005 study found that those who used a tongue scraper twice daily for seven days had fewer bacteria present in their mouth, including:

  • Mutans streptococci, and
  • Lactobacilli.

These bacteria are directly connected to halitosis and tooth decay.

However most results of other studies have been mixed, including:

  • 2018 research showed it improved tongue-coating but didn’t largely change volatile sulphur compounds, the substances that cause halitosis.
  • 2019 research on whether tongue scraping reduced halitosis was “very uncertain”.
  • A 2017 study of people with periodontitis using a tongue scraper for 2 weeks showed it didn’t reduce the number of bacteria in their saliva or tongue coating, change their taste or breath odour.

The MayoClinic study found that a Tongue Scrapers effectiveness is limited and that it’s really only help with bad breath to a degree.

So,  most of the research done on tongue scrapers have been on small groups, making it hard for scientists to make adamant opinions.

But they have found few side effects. It’s relatively inexpensive, and can potentially save you both time and money on visits to the Dentist, so you can try this approach to see whether it works for you.

What is the Best Tongue Cleaner?

There are a few options on the Australian market that are well made and are reasonably priced.

My top 3 choices for Tongue Cleaner/Scraper in Australia would be the following:

Stainless Steel by Dr Tungs 

Copper Tongue Scraper by Kosha Ayurveda

Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner by MEDca

Dr Tungs is a favourite because it is readily available, well priced and simple to use and hold.


Your options at Coles for Tongue Scrapers is limited, with only a tongue scraper that is on the back of a toothbrush.

The toothbrush/tongue scraper combo is a fairly good way to see if you like cleaning your tongue on a regular basis.

If you are really interested in trying a Tongue Scraper, I would suggest giving Dr Tungs Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper a go. It’s a quality product and will last a long time.

Would you like a Tongue Scraper on your Toothbrush?

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