HiSmile Teeth Whitening Review – Our In-depth Guide

HiSmile teeth whitening kit aims to provide results within 6 days from the comfort of your home.

Definitely one of the most stylish teeth whitening products on the market, their gel formula is peroxide-free making it truly unique in the whitening arena.

Let’s see if it’s more than just a sweet looking kit!

UPDATE: HiSmile has created a new PAP+ Teeth Whitening Kit that provides instant results with no sensitivity issues.

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HiSmile Teeth Whitening Kit feature image

HiSmile Teeth Whitening Kit

Our Verdict


  • Design and Features
  • Usability
  • Results
  • Price and Value


  • Easy application with 6 simple steps to get you started and a shade guide.
  • 10 minute timer on the LED light really helped with the whitening process.
  • Peroxide-free whitening gel created no sensitivity issues.


  • Results depend heavily on how much you use it and the food and drink you consume.
  • No instruction pamphlet inside the kit, only on the back of the box.
  • Whitening effectiveness is potentially limited because there's no peroxide used.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions
    18.2 x 9 x 6.2 cm
  • Notable Materials
    Key ingredients: Phthalimidoperoxycaproic acid (PAP), Hydroxyapatite and Potassium Nitrate. There are also another 16 ingredients.
  • Manufacturing Country
  • Warranty Information

Full Review

The HiSmile brand has taken the world by storm and has been promoted by celebrities and sporting icons abroad.

Holding the HiSmile Teeth Whitening kit

Checking out the Teeth Whitening Kit by HiSmile

HiSmile’s aim seems to be to provide their customers with a simple teeth whitening solution that works.

Gentle on your teeth, their peroxide-free whitening gel is unique and improved.

Kate: Our Reviewer

We are here with Kate, who has been testing the HiSmile teeth whitening kit for the past 6 days.

Kate’s in her early thirties with two kids and works as a professional in Sydney.

kate reviews hismile teeth whitening kit

Our reviewer Kate

She has been to the dentist on a regular basis since she was a child and had braces put on during her teenage years.

So in terms of dental care, it’s always been a high priority for her, as well as for her family.

Kate’s never actually considered whitening her teeth before so this will be a good, first-timer review.

She has some insights and feedback about this kit that should help you decide if this whitening product is something you should consider.

So let’s find out about her first impressions and see what she thinks?

Kate’s First Impressions

The packaging and design of the kit was very aesthetically pleasing.

It reminded me very much of a makeup kit or something, so I felt it was very aligned to a product I would purchase because I like a lot of makeup, that kind of thing.

HiSmile Kit

The kit is extremely esthetically pleasing to the eye

So when I opened it out of the cardboard shipping box the actual kit was quite cute. It’s kind of petite and well packaged. I like the flip open and close function, it’s secure and well made.

Because I’ve never used a whitening kit before I had no idea how to use it. When I went to look for the instructions I had to scan the kit and finally saw the sticker on the back of the kit box.

HiSmile Whitening kit's instructions

Instructions are found on the back of the packaging

I thought this was a bit challenging when trying to first apply the whitening to the guard. I had to keep flipping back and forth.

Using the LED light and kit was pretty easy. I had to work out how to put the battery in, which fell out the first time. But after that it was fine.

It really is straightforward from a first user perspective. I again referenced the instructions a lot, so flipping back and forth. But after the first go, the rest of the week was a breeze.

Holding the HiSmile LED light

HiSmile’s LED light

Using the LED didn’t bother me at all. I just watched the TV for 10 minutes.

The timer is amazing. I thought I had to time myself, but it would beep and turn off after 10 minutes, which was wonderful.

I seemed to use the kit at night after I brushed my teeth. And that was another thing I wasn’t too sure about. When do I apply this gel, before or after I brush? I don’t think the instructions are that clear, point to point so to speak.

5 LED lights in the HiSmile LED light

HiSmile has opted by a 5 LED light

I could tell my teeth whitened a bit in the first few days, which was nice to see. The shade guide was useful and appreciated.

However, I do drink coffee daily, so if you really want a huge improvement, be consistent and I’d suggest giving up coffee for the week! Hard, I know!

HiSmile Teeth Shade guide

A nice touch by HiSmile adding a teeth shade guide

Packaging and Design

My HiSmile teeth whitening kit came in a brown cardboard box with HiSmile written all over it.

I really liked the way it was kept safe in their shipping packaging while it’s in transit.

HiSmile shipping package

Protected and ready for use!

As you open it up, it has HiSmile on the top of the lid and a “thank you” on the bottom, which is a nice touch.

The design of the kit is quite striking, as you would expect from HiSmile.

HiSmile kit inside the shipping packaging

Impressed with how it arrived and the packaging

Their teeth whitening kit is wrapped up in plastic and is very neat and compact. I like it. It’s very simple.

That plastic is just to keep it clean and safe from any debris, dust or contaminants.

Opening the Kit

The kit has a matte finish which is super smooth.

HiSmile Teeth Whitening Kit is written on the front of the box with their pink logo lips.

Holding the HiSmile Whiten Kit

A modern and stylish designed whitening kit

As you open it up, on the left-hand side, you have the three HiSmile teeth whitening gel syringes which are secured in by a plastic mould cutout.  It’s a secure and snug fit.

It comes with, which is great, a HiSmile teeth whitening guide. So you can test what shade of white you are currently and then that gives you a good representation as you go along the journey.

Inside the HiSmile Whitening kit

Looking inside the HiSmile Kit

HiSmile encourages you to share your HiSmile journey with them on social media with the hashtag HiSmile.

You’ve probably seen a lot of people getting into this, showing off their ‘whiter’ smile.

Celebrities and models are paid as ‘influencers’ to promote and advertise HiSmile.

Overall I’m really impressed so far with how the product has been put together. It’s simple, yet complete. It feels like everything you need is right here.

HiSmile Kit – What’s Inside

So basically there are three components with this teeth whitening kit.

The HiSmile Teeth Whitening kit on a table

3 items make up the HiSmile Kit

The Syringes

You’ve got the three gel syringes that offer 3mls of formula, each.

These syringes, made in China house the formula which is not see-through like most of the whitening gels out there.

The gel is an opaque white which is interesting. We’ll have a detailed look at the ingredients in a moment!

One of the three HiSmile Whitening Gel Syringe

The syringes are sleek and well made

The cutout that the gel syringes are kept in is very secure. So if you are moving around, you won’t have any issues with transporting this box or product.

The LED Light

Below the syringes, housed neatly as you open the kit up, you’ve got your LED light.

The LED light feels more luxurious, compared to most. It’s got a matte finish instead of a gloss finish. So I like that.

HiSmile LED light

The matte finish makes it feel luxurious

Some LED lights are a little bit flimsy, but HiSmile’s feels very strong and it looks like it can take a bit of a beating.

The cutout also provides a perfect storage location for the LED light, once you put it in there, it’s in.

Where the mouth tray connects to the LED there are little ridges around the side that hold the tray securely and in place. So that’s a good feature.

The HiSmile cutout for the LED light and mouth tray

The LED light and mouth tray are secure inside

There’s a plastic safety tab inside the battery housing which keeps the batteries from going flat while it’s in storage or transit. You’ll need to remove this before use. More on that shortly!

The Mouth Tray

HiSmile’s mouth tray is very similar to the one used by Bondi Smile’s kit.

Photo of the HiSmile mouth tray

The Mouth tray is well made

The already moulded and universal mouth tray is able to be removed and cleaned easily. HiSmile encourages you to wash it just before you use.

The mouth tray is good quality and will last for future whitening treatments if needed.

Top view of the HiSmile mouth tray

Top view of the mouth tray

Only three components with this kit, making it one of the simplest whitening kits on the market.

6 Simple Instructions for Use

Instructions are found on the back part of the HiSmile kit.

#1 Remove the plastic tab found inside the battery housing.

#2 Attach it to the LED light provided.

#3 Twist to remove gel lid before applying the gel.

#4 Apply 1/4 gel to the top of the tray along the line.

#5 Apply another 1/4 gel to the bottom of the tray, along the line as well.

#6 Whiten for 10 minutes. Rinse and repeat daily.

Instructions and ingredients of the HiSmile Whitening Kit

Instructions and Ingredients are found on the back of the kit

Whitening Gel Ingredients

HiSmile have opted to use a whitening gel formula that doesn’t use carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide.

This is a special formula and it’s not your typical teeth whitening gel.

There are 19 ingredients found in this whitening gel formula. These are:

  • Sorbitol
  • Water
  • Phthalimidoperoxycaproic Acid
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Glycerin
  • Potassium Nitrate
  • PEG-8
  • Hydroxyapatite
  • Cellulose Gum
  • Hydroxyethylcellulose
  • Xanthan Gum
  • Flavour
  • Sodium Saccharin
  • Methylparaben
  • Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Extract
  • Chamomilla Recutita Flower (Chamomile) Extract
  • Punica Granatum Seed (Pomegranate) Extract
  • Propylparaben

19 ingredients is a lot! Most of the whitening kits we have tested and reviewed came in around 8 – 10 ingredients.

HiSmile confirms that Phthalimidoperoxycaproic acid (PAP) is the “Active bleaching agent that whitens the discoloured molecules inside your tooth”.

Hydroxyapatite helps with “cavity remineralisation” and the “reparation of the tooth surface”.

In relation to desensitising agents, HiSmile uses an ingredient called Potassium Nitrate, commonly used in dentistry to protect nerves.

Whitening teeth does greatly depend on the bleaching agent used.

To date, most dentists would probably agree that carbamide or hydrogen peroxide is the preferred chemicals to use when whitening your teeth.

This isn’t to say the formula used in the HiSmile whitening kit is not beneficial, it’s just potentially limiting the overall whitening effectiveness.

Price, Value and Product Range Update

HiSmile has recently gone through refreshing their brand and creating a new and exciting PAP+ Teeth Whitening Kit.

The new PAP+ kit is now worth $149 and comes with 6 treatment pods, LED light and a premium mouth tray.

HiSmile also offers various other products, such as toothpaste and whitening gel refills.

Both Kate and I believe HiSmile offers good value for money.

Kate’s Results

I used it every night for six days, which was recommended.

Because I drink coffee on a daily basis, I feel like that may have an impact on the results.

But in saying that, I did feel there was a difference after a few days, just in the initial appearance of my teeth.

I think for longterm results, I’d have to use it for a lot longer than six days just because I’ve never ever whitened my teeth before.

Kate with her Hismile LED light

Kate with her Hismile LED light

Kate’s 6 Day Whitening Test

For this review, I was given certain questions and guidelines to follow.

One of these guidelines was to keep a short daily diary of my thoughts and experiences when testing the HiSmile whitening kit.

These are my thoughts and feedback..

Usage Timeline

  • Initial Usage
    Condition: Great

    • Found the HiSmile kit clean and very cosmetic looking in aesthetics
    • First time I used the kit I needed the instructions. Only after searching for them did I find them on the back of the box. Pamphlet instructions would be preferred.
    • Had a little trouble with the battery lid and plastic tab.
    • The gel was easy to use and apply to the mouth tray.

  • Day 2
    Condition: Great

    • Enjoying the process - 10 minutes and I relaxed watching TV.
    • I prefer to do my whitening at night and after I brush my teeth.
    • The taste of the formula is pleasant and isn't overpowering.

  • Day 3
    Condition: Great

    • Again, I started the treatment once the kids went to bed and completed the 10 minutes on the lounge.
    • I like that you can use this whitening product in the comfort of your own home.
    • Haven't experienced any sensitivity issues while using it so far.

  • Day 4
    Condition: Great

    • I've been applying the 1/4 amount of gel each time for the upper and lower parts of the mouth tray.
    • The mouth tray fits well in my mouth and isn't uncomfortable at all.
    • No gum irritation has been experienced or sensitivity.

  • Day 5
    Condition: Great

    • Onto my last syringe and feel like I can see a difference in my teeth.
    • The process has been very simple and has fitted into my evening routine pretty good.
    • I do really like that the whole whitening treatment is only 10 minutes

  • Day 6 - Final Day
    Condition: Great

    • I have enjoyed using this kit. Simple and easy.
    • I haven't experienced any sensitivity issues for the duration of the testing period.
    • I think my teeth are between 1 -2 shades whiter at the end.


HiSmile has created a very eye catching whitening kit.

From the packaging to the kit design, every part of this product has been created with quality in mind.

Our reviewer Kate was impressed also with how simple it was to use, though the instructions for use could be improved.

HiSmile is a leader in the whitening kit market for a few simple reasons; it has created a product that people can identify with and keeps the application easy where it’s needed.

As far as results, they will vary depending on what food and drink you consume while you carry out your whitening treatment, but this is true for all whitening kits and products.

Kate’s teeth did whiten a little during the 6-day test, and that was with drinking coffee daily.

HiSmile teeth whitening kit overall is definitely a whitening kit you should at least try, it’s got a lot going for it.

Would Kate consider using this kit moving forward? “Definitely. Especially with an easy application like HiSmile”.

Have you tried a HiSmile Whitening kit?

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