About Andrew Adams



Andrew Adams is passionate about all things dental. He is the co-founder of Dental Aware and senior sub-editor; helping people make informed decisions when it comes to dental information they need.


We thought to let Andrew tell his story below:

In mid 2015, I gave up working full time in real estate. After building my career in the North Shore and Northern beaches of Sydney. It was time for a change.

At the same time, with this change occurring in my life, I was using a fantastic toothbrush called Mouthwatchers Invented by Dr Plotka in the USA. I was blown away by how it felt on my teeth and gums and I truly believed that that toothbrush was the best I had ever used.

Sometimes things just happen and one thing leads to the next. My best friend of nearly 20 years was importing these toothbrushes through his mother’s dental practice and after a few discussions in 2016, I came on board to manage the Mouthwatchers business in Australia.

With greater involvement in the Dental field over the last few years, it occurred to us that there is a large gap of missing information for patience across Australia.

This thought was just the beginning of what would be and from the concept of helping people and understanding the importance of Dental Health, in early 2017 Dean and I Co-founded Dental Aware.

Since inception, I have researched, written and edited many posts about dental topics, from teeth whitening to fillings, Braces to major dental reconstructive works.

I have come to the realisation that there are so many dental related questions that need answering, truthfully and sincerely for the general public.

Dental Aware has been founded for the purpose to provide unbiased information for its readers, and I’m grateful to be able to help people in this way.


On a Personal Note

I have an incredibly supportive partner and I love being a dad to my little boy.

Living on the Northern Beaches and having the beach on my doorstep I realise what an incredible country we live in.

I love the outdoors and travelling, whether down the South Coast or getting away on bigger trips to Europe.

Having the chance to explore and learn fuels me and puts a huge smile on my face, especially when it’s with family.

I truly value learning and applying what I know to add value to this world.

You can find me on LinkedIn and if you would like to reach out, please use the contact us form.