Aldi Dentitex Teeth Whitening Kit Review

Aldi’s Dentitex Teeth Whitening Kit was released recently as a Special Buy and it got my attention.

This beautifully stylish, teeth whitening kit was priced at just $19.95! To me, that’s amazing value for money, so I purchased it for this review.

Let’s see how it compares to some of the other well-known brands in the teeth whitening marketplace.

A quick note: This isn’t a paid sponsorship. We bought this kit ourselves for the purpose of this review.

holding the Aldi dentitex teeth whitening kit

Our Verdict


  • Packaging and Design
  • Usability
  • Price and Value


  • The best value for money whitening kit on the market.
  • Beautifuly designed packaging as well as an eye-catching and simple user manual.
  • Quality contents with everything you need inside to whiten your teeth.


  • 30min time period required - fairly long but expected
  • No alarm or buzzer on the LED light to confirm when to finish your treatment
  • Only available when Aldi puts it in their Special Buys - Limited availability.

Full Review

I’m looking at Aldi’s Dentitex Teeth Whitening Kit which is super stylish and for just under $20, it represents amazing value!

The kit has all the items you’d expect inside and is very comparable to some of the other whitening kits on offer in Australia.

The Dentitex teeth whitening kit by Aldi

The Dentitex Teeth Whitening Kit has everything inside that most other big brand whitening kits have.

The Aldi brand kit includes:

  • 3 x 3ml 6% hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening gel syringes
  • 1 x A silicone mouth tray
  • 1 x mini LED light
  • Instruction user manual
  • 1x teeth shade guide
  • 2 x button batteries
  • 1 x screwdriver.

I found the kit complete and presented to me in a delightful way.

I wasn’t expecting this level of quality by Aldi, however, that ‘good, different’ statement you see on TV really applies here.

Sideways view of the Dentitex Whitening kit

From the side – sturdy and quality packaging

Packaging and Design

I was impressed straight away when looking at this whitening kit by Aldi.

A lovely, matte finish on the packaging gave it a similar feel to the HiSmile kit I reviewed earlier.

The Dentitex kit comes with a protective sleeve

Protected from bumps and knocks, a nice touch by Aldi

Information on the cardboard sleeve that goes over the actual kit, had all the information you really need.

The kit sleeve that protects the kit (a nice protective touch) and box have the same detailed information, which includes;

  • Whitening kit items inside
  • Visual aids as well as safety directions
  • Whitening instructional steps
  • Warnings
  • First aid
  • Storage instructions
  • Details of ingredients

There are three simple steps on the packaging that customers can get a gist of what you would need to do in order to use this kit.

More detailed instructions can be found inside.

The 3 step instruction on the packaging states;

  • Apply a quarter of the syringe whitening gel to the top and bottom of the mouth tray, attach the mouth tray to the blue light accelerator, which is the LED light.
  • Place the tray into your mouth. Be sure to wipe off any excess gel and turn on the blue light, press the start button, wait for 30 minutes and turn off.
  • Rinse with warm water and reveal your whiter and brighter smile.
3 step instructions on the packaging of the aldi kit

3 easy steps  to get you started on the back of the pack

Inside the Dentitex Whitening Kit

Aldi does have a reputation of typically finding a product, replicating it and making it, usually superior than the original product or for a preferable price (my personal consumer experience).

The box that the kit came in, is very similar to many others that I’ve tested and reviewed, Bondi Smile and HiSmile come to mind.

What's inside the Dentitex whitening kit

The complete package – Dentitex Whitening kit

The kit is pretty standard in terms of how companies are producing whitening kits to consumers, however, it works well.

It’s sturdy and has a clickable function when opening and closing it, making it very secure.

All the items are fastened inside well, with the help of a plastic cutout.

Whitening Gel Syringes

Opening it you’ve got the three whitening gel syringes on the top section of the kit and everything else located underneath.

Gel syringes in the dentitex whitening kit

Whitening Gel Syringes by Dentitex

Dentitex has decided to go with hydrogen peroxide at 6%.

This amount of hydrogen peroxide is usually used in whitening kits that are available to Australians.

The gel syringes are clear and have red text with measurement markings, making it very easy to know how much you have applied to your mouth tray.

Holiding a dentitex whitening gel syringe

A Dentitex gel syringe

I found the syringes were firmly held by the cutout, clicking into place nicely.

There are also 3 small caps for the syringes that aid in dispensing the whitening gel into the mouth tray.

LED Light

The LED light has 5 LEDs and is a mini version (just a little smaller than most LED lights on the Australian market) with Dentitex written on the front.

Holding the Dentitex LED light

A simple but user-friendly LED light

You’ll find the LED mouthpiece has a protective layer of plastic film for over it, this is just for hygiene purposes.

I thought the LED was easy to hold and it felt nimble to use.

5 LED light by Dentitex

5 LEDs used in the light

The screw on the back of the LED light was a nice safety feature, it stops the batteries falling out, this is especially important if you have kids.

Dentitex provides a tiny screwdriver so you can take that screw out, saves trying to find one!

Tiny screwdriver is in the dentitex whitening kit for the battery cover

A little screwdriver to secure the battery cap

It’s important to remember that there’s a plastic little tab inside where the batteries are located. You will need to remove this before trying to get the LED to work.

Shade Guide

The professional 3D teeth whitening shade guide makes recording your progress easy and is set out clearly.

It had 1 to 15 different shades to pick, from white to a dark yellow shade, as well as before and after tick boxes.

I found the same shade guide in the Snow Teeth Whitening Kit I purchased. Aldi, you’ve done it again! Sorry, wrong slogan.

holding Aldi's Dentitex whitening kit shade guide

The shade guide that comes with the kit

Mouth Tray

The mouth tray is that universal sort of type, good quality, nice moulded feel about it. You don’t need to mould this one.

looking at the universal mouth tray by Dentitex

A universal mouth tray is offered in the kit

Connecting it to the LED light was simple. It just clicks and fits over the LED light mouthpiece.

From here you are ready to whiten your teeth!

Instructions for Use

It has a very stylish black and white user manual inside, which has been put together beautifully.

The Dentitex Teeth Whitening kit user manual

The user manual by Dentitex

The first part shows six steps with clear illustrations backing them up.

  1.  Brush your teeth and rinse.
  2. Prepare the LED light, remove the plastic disk from under the batteries and tighten up with the screw.
  3. Attach the mouth tray to the LED light.
  4. Apply 1/4 syringe of  whitening gel to the tray, tops and bottoms
  5. Turn the LED light and draw off 30-minute treatment
  6. Wash your mouth and clean the tray.

The illustrations were helpful to understand the process and complemented the text well.

The user manual also has some further detailed instructions you can follow, which gives a more complete picture.

More detailed instructions on the Dentitex user manual

How to use – Detail instructions are offered

Cautions and Tips by Dentitex

Aldi’s Dentitex Whitening Kit has 5 tips that should help you, some information about what you may experience, etc.

#1 It is not uncommon to get some teeth sensitivity. If you do, then either increase intervals between use, cease use or use a sensitive toothpaste. Sensitivity usually only last 24 to 48 hours.

#2 Each whitening treatment requires only a quarter of the syringe for both upper and lower trays. Make sure you apply an even layer as it’s important not to get the gel onto your gums.

#3 Do not get the gel on your gums. Please wipe off immediately.

Notes mentioned by Dentitex in their user manual

The notes mentioned by Dentitex about their whitening kit

#4 Teeth should be as dry as possible when the gel is applied.

#5 People with periodontal or gum problems should not use this kit or only under dental supervision.

Dentitex Whitening Kit Ingredients

The ingredients used seem pretty standard and I’ve seen most of these used in other kits I’ve reviewed.

General information including ingredients on the Dentitex kit

General information and ingredients used

There are 9 ingredients used in this whitening kit;

  • Propylene Glycol
  • Glycerin
  • Water
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Cellulose Gum
  • PVP
  • Menthol
  • Sodium Hydroxide

Price and Value

For the price and what comes inside the kit, I’m not sure you can beat it.

I picked it up for $20 and was amazed at how good the packaging and the product was!

The Dentitex kit

A value for money whitening kit

The only frustrating thing about this whitening kit is it’s only available when Aldi puts it in their Special Buys, so it isn’t readily available.

In my eyes, it represents outstanding value for money.

Dentitex branding is clear and clean on their teeth whitening kit

Dentitex has hit a home run with this kit


Aldi’s Dentitex Whitening Kit most likely delighted those who were lucky enough to get their hands on one.

With everything you need and at a price point that defined excellent value, the Aldi brand Dentitex Whitening Kit is one to seriously consider.

It provided the highest amount of hydrogen peroxide available to retail purchasers in very attractive packaging.

Priced at $20 it is by far the best value for money teeth whitening kit on the Australian market to date.

Would you try an Aldi Teeth Whitening Kit?

Andrew Adams

By Andrew Adams

Created at August 11, 2020, Updated at September 16, 2021


  • Avatar

    Inakshi Kurian1 year ago

    Do you do it only once or every day or with intervals? If with an interval, how many days apart should each treatment be? I got this kit but unsure of frequency of treatment

    • Avatar

      Dental Aware1 year ago

      Hi Inakshi, Thanks for reaching out. Dentitex recommends to use it for 30 minutes and mentions you should use 1/4 of a whitening gel syringe per treatment at a time. Most whitening kits recommend between 5 – 7 days treatment time. Hope this helps.

  • Avatar

    Ros Dunn8 months ago

    Hi. I have some capped teeth as well as natural. Am I able to use this kit without damage to the caps? ( I realise it will not change the colour of the caps, but would like to know if it will cause any problems)
    Thanks for reading this

    • Dental Aware Team

      Dental Aware Team2 months ago

      Hi Ros,

      There have been no studies done on damage to caps and tooth whitening so that I cannot answer this from a scientific perspective.

      However from a clinical point of view and from my experience of 35 years I have not seen any damage done to “caps” (crowns, veneers or inlays) from the teeth bleaching solutions.

      With kind regards,

      Dr Veronica Roller

  • Avatar

    Chloe Ruiz2 months ago

    Hi, is it worthy? does it work?

    • Dental Aware Team

      Dental Aware Team2 months ago

      Hi Chloe, Thanks for your comment. Our tester did find a change in her teeth colour. It is important to remember that everyone (in our view) will have a different result as kits can be impacted by what you eat and drink during the teeth whitening kit process. But for under $20 it represents great value for money! We’ve tested plenty of teeth whitening kits so have a look through our reviews! Take care.

  • Avatar

    Ann Poiner2 months ago

    Why do you buy replacement gel and how often should you do follow up treatments?

    • Dental Aware Team

      Dental Aware Team2 months ago

      Hi Ann, Thanks for your comment. The Aldi teeth whitening kit is a single purchase kit. No refills are available and this kit is only a special buy at Aldi.

  • Avatar

    Mrs Baker2 months ago

    I just used the Dentitex Aldi whitening kit, I didn’t set an alarm and I fell asleep , laying on my back with the whitening system in my mouth for 2 1/2 hours. As soon as I woke I immediately rinsed my mouth out and brushed teeth with water , had a drink of water and a little milk.
    Is this dangerous & do I need to seek medical advice ?

    • Dental Aware Team

      Dental Aware Team2 months ago

      Hi Lisa, thanks for your comment. We would recommend that you follow and refer to the instruction booklet that came with the teeth whitening kit. It will have all the necessary details required by the manufacturer.

  • Avatar

    Inga Smith2 months ago

    Hello do I use it 5/7 days consecutively or do I need a break in between?

    • Dental Aware Team

      Dental Aware Team2 months ago

      Hi Inga, Thanks for your comment. We would recommend that you follow the instruction booklet that came with the teeth whitening kit. It is pretty clear and all the information required to use this kit is in there. Hope this helps!

      • Avatar

        Katherine Carle2 months ago

        The instructions book doesn’t tell you how often to use it. Whether 5 to 7 days straight or a break in-between.

      • Avatar

        Lorraine smith2 months ago

        Actually it’s not clear … it does not have any information on how far apart the treatments should be. Can you please answer

        • Dental Aware Team

          Dental Aware Team2 months ago

          Hi Lorraine, Thanks for your comment. To be safe we would recommend reaching directly out to Aldi to confirm the exact details for use. You can contact them via this link –