TePe Good™ Compact Toothbrush Review

I’m loving the size of TePe’s GOOD™ Compact Toothbrush. It’s definitely shorter and smaller in the right areas, namely the brush head and bristles.

As with its bigger brother the Regular toothbrush, this compact-sized version is made sustainably and is much more environmentally friendly than most toothbrushes on the market.

Looking at the TePe Good™ Compact Toothbrush

The TePe Good™ Compact Toothbrush

Our Verdict


  • Design and Features
  • Durability and Usability
  • Price and Value


  • Made of Bio-based Plastic so it's more sustainable
  • Compact size brush for either kids or Adults
  • 95% recirculated emissions during it's lifecycle which means a lower carbon footprint


  • The amount of bristles could be more
  • The neck could be a little longer to access the back teeth
  • Only 2 colours available

Technical Details

  • Dimensions
    18cm long, 2cm at widest section, brush head is 2.3cm long and 0.6cm wide
  • Notable Materials
    96% Sugar cane handle, Bio-based plastic for filaments or bristles
  • Manufacturing Country
  • Warranty Information
    Australian Consumer Warranty

Full Review

I’m checking out TePe’s GOOD™ Compact Toothbrush. This brush, like the regular size, has been created using sustainable methods and green energy.

TePe mentions that the “GOOD™ Compact toothbrush is suitable for both children and adults who prefer a smaller brush head. The tapered brush head improves access and the end-rounded filaments ensure gentle cleaning.”

Holding the Good™ Compact Toothbrush

Holding the Good™ Compact Toothbrush

Let’s have a closer look at this toothbrush and see if it really is good for the environment and good you?

Packaging and Details

Looking at the front of the packaging, it stipulates it’s made in Sweden, which is fantastic because a lot of people view Sweden as making good products such as Ikea and their meatballs!

TePe Good™ Compact Toothbrush in its packaging

The packaging it comes in

The handle is made from 96% sugar cane, and the bristles are made of bio-based plastic. They refer to the bristle material as filaments (Technical term).

On the pack, it says 95% recycled CO2. This is in relation to emissions and we’ll talk about this shortly.

A closer look at the packaging of TePe Good™ Compact Toothbrush

Made from bio-based plastic

The three manufacturing emblems on the front of the package that stood out to me regarding how this toothbrush is created are:

  • Cardboard recycling
  • Plastic recycling
  • Household waste recycling

It’s genuinely impressive that your humble toothbrush could be so sustainable as a whole.

Now, flipping over on the back of the pack, there are three points that I would also like to mention.

Point 1 – From Good Sources

Now, it says, “100% bio-based filaments, and a handle that is made from 96% sugar cane.”

So, they say it’s good, renewable, raw materials, and I agree with them.

The back of the TePe Good™ Compact Toothbrush packaging

The back of the pack with the details about the product

Point- It’s From Good Energy

It’s produced using a 100% green energy, partly from their own rooftop solar panel facility, so that’s in Sweden. Again, phenomenal.

Point 3 – Looking for Good Results

As we talked about the 95% C02 emissions, it recirculates that during its lifecycle.

So, it’s good for your teeth, good for the environment and reducing its carbon footprint.

Design and Features

Let’s have a closer look at this compact toothbrush, and talk about some of its features.

It comes in green and pink colours. I was testing the pink colour and think it looks vibrant and cool.

the green colour of the TePe Good™ Compact Toothbrush

The compact toothbrush comes in traditional green and pink

So, the handle, it has a nice, lightweight feel to it. I would say, it’s very similar, probably, identical to the regular size toothbrush in this range.

Side view of the TePe Good™ Compact Toothbrush

Side view of the lightweight Good™ Compact Toothbrush

It has that same middle cutout on the front and the back of the toothbrush handle as the regular, which aids in holding the toothbrush as you brush, and gives that support for your thumb and your fingers.

It feels very comfortable to hold, partly because it’s so lightweight. I really enjoy holding this toothbrush, it’s a genuinely nice feeling.

Holding the TePe Good™ Compact Toothbrush

Comfortable to hold – centre grooves on the front and back help here

Going up to the neck of the toothbrush. It’s small, it’s quite slender and sleek in its design, as it goes towards the tapered brush head.

I feel the neck of this brush could be a little bit longer, in my opinion, just from my experience, but we’ll talk about that a bit later in this review.

TePe Good™ toothbrush as a compact neck

This toothbrush has a reasonably short neck

As we get to the brush head, it’s tapered towards the very top of the toothbrush. The back of the brush is quite thin where the bristles meet the brush.

Glancing at the bristles, lengthwise, they’re small, they’re definitely compact and they’re soft.

I wouldn’t say they are overly soft but you can feel structure down at the base of the bristles. Provides some support while you go about your dental routine.

Comparing the TePe Good™ Compact Toothbrush bristle size to my finger

The bristles are about the same size as an index finger width

The best way to understand this is to run your thumb and fingers over the bristles.

What’s in a Name

I really love the way TePe has named this toothbrush. A lot of toothbrush brands would just say it’s a kids brush and leave it at that. I think they are onto something.

Running my finger over the bristles of the TePe Good™ Compact Toothbrush

Testing the bristles of the Good™ Compact Toothbrush

A compact toothbrush opens up the possibility for both kids and adults to use this product without feeling judged. I rate this marketing!

So to recap, same design as the Regular GOOD Toothbrush, but it’s just smaller and more compact.

Comparing the size of the Compact vs the Regular size TePe Good™ Compact Toothbrush

The top is the Compact size vs the Regular size in the range

Testing the Toothbrush

I have been using this Compact toothbrush for the last 4 days, I really have enjoyed brushing my teeth with it.

It’s lightweight, and to me, it’s the perfect size for my mouth. The bristles are short and compact, the head is small, so it really gets in there, quite well, and cleans the harder to reach areas.

initial testing the TePe Good™ Compact Toothbrush

Initial testing – Overall it a good compact toothbrush

I will say, that the neck of the toothbrush could be longer. With my somewhat small mouth, I felt that I could feel the top of the handle (which is quite wide) almost get stopped as I brushed.

If the neck was a little bit longer, it would reach the back of the teeth better a little easier and without hesitation.

It’s not a huge disadvantage, it’s just something that I’ve noticed when brushing with this toothbrush.

About to use the TePe Good™ Compact Toothbrush

Looking at this brush before using it

I look forward to keeping on trialling this toothbrush and see how the bristles fare.

I did have some concerns, with the regular toothbrush that I was reviewing previously.

The bristles started to flare out a little on one side of the brush after only 2 weeks of use.

I will report back as the review testing is carried out.

Price and Value

I only could find one retailer online that sells the TePe Good™ Compact Toothbrush which is Smile Boosters. They must be the sole distributor in Australia.

They are currently selling this toothbrush for $2.28 which represents good value. However, if you just want to buy this brush on its own then you have to pay shipping which makes it not so affordable or value for money.

Looking at the price and details from smile boosters on the TePe Good™ Compact Toothbrush

Looking at the price and details from smile boosters

You would have to buy at least $50 of product for this retailer before getting free shipping. Just something to remember when buying this product.

Usage Timeline

  • Initial Usage
    Condition: Excellent

    • The compact toothbrush head was great at moving in and around my mouth
    • The bristles, with their rounded tips, were soft on my teeth
    • Lightweight toothbrush enjoyed brushing my teeth with it

  • 3 Days of Use
    Condition: Great

    • The toothbrush has been cleaning my teeth well.
    • Its soft bristles feel good when I brush my teeth
    • Neck could be a little longer to give it more access to the back teeth, just depends on how big your mouth is


I’m really happy with the design of the TePe GOOD Compact Toothbrush.

Looking at it from an environmental and sustainability mindset, you have to be impressed with this brush, and the company, for designing it in the way they have.

They’re using materials that have been used prior, to formulate the brush and recycle where they can.

In terms of the bristles and brushing experience, it’s been good. I have to say I’ve enjoyed brushing my teeth more with the compact version than the regular size.

The filaments or bristles are rounded at the ends and I found them soft on my teeth.

I do feel, like the regular brush, there could be more bristles on the Compact toothbrush for better support overall.

If you have tried an environmentally friendly toothbrush and think we need to know about it? Please leave a comment in the section below

Andrew Adams

By Andrew Adams

Created at May 15, 2020, Updated at September 16, 2021

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