Green + Kind Vegan Dental Floss Review

Green + Kind Vegan Dental Floss has a mint flavour and comes in a cute glass vial that holds 30 metres of floss.

Because it is plant-based, it is 100% vegan, made out of PLA which is derived from cornstarch.

Let’s have a good look at this vegan floss by Green + Kind.

The Green + Kind Vegan Dental Floss and packaging

The Green + Kind Vegan Dental Floss

Our Verdict


  • Packaging and Design
  • Usability
  • Price and Value


  • Plant-based vegan floss - Great for the environment.
  • Recyclable packaging with no plastic involved.
  • Refillable glass vial makes it easy to reuse the product


  • The floss can break and fray if you have tight teeth - this was an issue for me.
  • Not as strong as more conventionally used floss
  • The floss is somewhat larger in thickness

Technical Details

  • Dimensions
    Box - 6cm x 2.7cm x 2.7cm. Vial - 5.5cm x 2.2cm x 2.2cm
  • Notable Materials
    PLA (Polylactic Acid), Candelilla Wax, Natural Mint Flavour.
  • Manufacturing Country
  • Warranty Information

Full Review

The Green + Kind Refillable Vegan Dental Floss has many benefits and represents a great way to cut down on your floss waste in general.

Made from cornstarch essentially, this floss is coated in candelilla wax and has a strong but delightful mint flavour to it.

I review this dental floss product in detail below.

Holding the Green+Kind vegan dental floss packaging in my fingers

The charming Green + Kind Vegan Floss packaging

Packaging and Design

I was taken back by the way this Vegan dental floss came. The packaging is understated but truly beautiful.

The use of the colours on the cardboard made we feel happy about the product I had purchased.

Information on the packaging covers things like; product details, ingredients used, where it is made and a few social media and contact details.

I found it a pleasure to look at and I almost didn’t want to spoil it with opening it 🙂

Details of the Green + Kind Vegan Dental Floss on the packaging

Some information about the Green + Kind product

The Vegan Floss by Green + Kind

When you take the refillable glass vial out of the packaging, you are subtly hit with that mint essence.

It is a nice touch to the 30 metres of floss and helps deal with those, slightly stinky odours that occasionally occur when flossing.

I loved that there wasn’t any plastic used with the packaging nor the product itself.

Holding the Green + Kind Vegan Dental Floss vial

The glass vial the Vegan Floss comes in

The lid is well made and looks to be made from stainless steel.

There is a small cutting floss implement on the top of the lid which also acts to hold the floss in place when not in use.

I found the lid easy to use and did its job as I expected.

It never opened unexpectedly and secured the floss inside perfectly.

Looking at the refillable vegan floss lid by Green + Kind

A top view – Green + Kind Vegan Floss lid

The glass refillable vial is a strong container that houses the floss well. I like the size of the vial and found it very convenient when storing in my bathroom cabinet.

The Vegan floss by Green + Kind is thicker than most which I will discuss shortly.

A closer look at Green + Kind glas vial and lid of their Vegan floss

A closer look at the vial and lid

It’s fairly strong but there were times it broke and frayed quite badly.

If you have very tight teeth, it could present an issue.

The great thing about this dental floss is that it’s plant-based and much better for the environment than your typical floss, such as Oral-B’s Essential Floss.

Holding the vegan floss by green + kind

The floss is thicker so if you have tight teeth it may fray

Testing the Green + Kind Vegan Floss

I’ve been testing out Green + Kind’s Refillable Vegan Dental Floss for just over 2 weeks.

Below are some of my daily thoughts and impressions of this eco-friendly dental floss product.

Usage Timeline

  • Initial Usage
    Condition: Excellent

    • Loved the packaging it came in, very beautiful in a natural way.
    • I found the glass vial very strong, would be very hard to break it.
    • The mint flavour scent is very strong but pleasant.
    • The lid was secure and provided a good cutting tool for the floss. It also held the floss in place which I liked.
    • Found the floss a little hard to get in between my teeth. I do have tight teeth.

  • First 7 Days
    Condition: Good

    • The packaging and conditioner are holding up well.
    • The glass vial has housed the vegan floss nicely, actually enjoy opening the lid and pulling out the floss.
    • I like the mint scent as I floss and found it holds any unpleasant smell at bay.
    • The floss, though, reasonably strong in my fingers, seems to fray between my teeth. 
    • The glass vial goes well in my  bathroom cabinet

  • First 2 Weeks
    Condition: Good

    • Overall the packaging and how the vegan floss is housed is great.
    • The floss definitely has that natural feel to it, however, the floss frayed somewhat when I used it (I do have tight teeth though).
    • Love the mint scent 🙂 

Price and Value

There are only a few places that sell the Green + Kind Refillable Vegan Dental Floss online.

They include Green + Kind themselves and Flora & Fauna who both sell it for $6.95.

After checking, it seems that when you try and buy it through Green + Kind it takes you to Flora and Fauna who obviously stock this product directly.

Price screenshot from Green + Kind for their Vegan floss

The current price of the Vegan Dental Floss – Source Green + Kind

If you need more vegan floss you can purchase more at a cost of $8.95 for 2 x 30 metres.

The value not only lies in a mostly reasonable and a fair price but what impact this product has on our environment, and us at the end of the day. The more we can reuse something the better it is on the overall in my mind.

Holding the glass vial of Vegan floss by Green + Kind


The Green + Kind refillable Vegan Dental Floss offers a more environmentally friendly way to floss.

The product has great eco-benefits overall, however, should you have tight teeth you may experience some access issues or fraying of the floss while you use it.

The mint flavour is noticeable and appreciated, it gives the floss something extra.

Overall, I found this vegan dental floss product reasonable and I like that you are able to refill the floss when required.

What are your thoughts on plant-based floss products?

Andrew Adams

By Andrew Adams

Created at September 04, 2020, Updated at September 15, 2021

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