Colgate’s Interdental Brush Review

Colgate’s Interdental Brush range has some great, user-friendly features with the company stating it can improve one’s dental health if used correctly.

With 3 sizes available, this interdental brush offers a reasonable choice for the would-be user as well as coming in a handy pack of 8.

2 sizes of the colgate range of Interdental brushes

2 of the sizes available in the Colgate range of Interdental Brushes – Size 1 and 3

Our Verdict


  • Design
  • Durability and Usability
  • Price and Value


  • It has a nice size handle, which is non-slip
  • The cover that goes over it fits nicely and securely
  • Feels good as you clean between your teeth


  • That it’s not biodegradable
  • Extending the size of the handle with the lid cover isn't really secure

Technical Details

  • Dimensions
    7.5cm with cover on, 6.2cm without cover
  • Notable Materials
    Plastic handle and cover, possible nylon bristles
  • Manufacturing Country
  • Warranty Information
    Australian consumer warranty

Full Review

Colgate’s range of Interdental brushes are used for getting between your teeth and cleaning mushy plaque and debris out of those tighter areas that cause plaque buildup and have the potential to lead to dental diseases that cause a lot of problems.

Colgate makes the point that if used correctly, these interdental brushes will “help promote gum health and prevent plaque build-up in the interdental space”.

size 1 of the new range of colgate interdental brushes

A new look Interdental brush by Colgate


Now this range of interdental brushes comes in three sizes. A 0 which is the pink colour and this is for very tiny gaps.

Pink size 0 interdental brushes by colgate

The smallest size of interdental brushes by Colgate – Pink size 0

The next size up is 1, and that’s an orange colour, and that is for small gaps between your teeth. Then there’s the blue colour which is size 3 and that’s for medium tooth gaps.

Size 1 of the interdental brush range by Colgate

Middle of the road –  Orange Size 1 for small gap teeth

There is a reasonable amount of different sizes available, which is a good thing, but it doesn’t have the number of different sizes like Piksters do. So that’s something to note.

size 3 interdental brush by colgate

The biggest of the bunch – Blue size 3

Design and Features

Okay, if you’re looking at the cap or the cover that goes over the brush, you’ve got four little holes that are at the top and tip of the cover, and that’s obviously there to drain any moisture or water out of that area so the actual brush and bristles stay nice and dry.

drain holes at the top of the colgate interdental brush cover

Drain holes on the cover of the interdental brush is a nice touch

The cover is decent, it’s wide, it fits nicely over the brush, and you can actually clearly see what state the actual bristles and brush head is, which is a good thing, so you know when to change it.

As covers go, it fits nicely and securely over the brush handle. You don’t need to put too much pressure to secure it on which is refreshing. I never had to really force it on to the handle.

the cover and handle of the colgate interdental brush

The complete setup – Colgates new interdental brush

Looking at the handle, it’s a nice wide size handle. The front and back have a non-slip grip, which is for easy handling.

The nonslip grip handle on the colgate interdentla brush

The nonslip grip handle really works!

The bristles are spiralled and they’re soft, but they’re structured. They feel like they’re secure and offer a nice cleaning action.

The wire itself is coated so it’s not exposed wire, which is a nice thing. It offers a little bit of protection against the bare wire, so it’s gentle on the gums.

The bristles on the colgate interdental brush

Soft bristle with a decent, firm wire provides support when needed


Colgate Interdental brushes are made of plastic and use a metal wire,  which has been coated in a form of plastic as well. The bristles are nylon-based and soft.

It’s very aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I like that there are three different colours. Easy to work out what size that you will like.

a look at two sizes of interdental brushes by colgate

Colgate New Interdental Brush – Aesthetically pleasing to the eye


All three sizes come in an eight-pack with is a decent sized package. It’s very clear and you’ll know what you’re picking up in the shop or online.

It’s got some information on the back part of the pack showing the three different points that stand out for the product as well as the sizes that are available.

The back of the packaging colgate interdental brushes

Light but necessary information on the back

How to Use the Colgate Interdental Brush

Now it has three points regarding how to use and clean them. Let’s run through these:

  1. Use the Colgate Interdental brush on its own or with the cap as an extended handle

So that’s pretty cool, just like the Piksters range, you can actually put the cap on the back and use it as an extension). I’m more comfortable having hold of the actual handle itself just in case that cap flips off, and that interdental brush pops into your mouth. You don’t want that. So yeah, I would probably just keep it simple and keep it single.

2. Gripping the handle firmly, clean the interdental spaces with three or four gentle forward and backward movements.

holding colgates new interdental brush

A top view of Colgate’s interdental brush

3. Rinse brush after use and protect with cap.

The directions are pretty standard and simple. I like the instructions that they recommend.

They say replace weekly or as required, which is good. It’s probably a little bit longer than Piksters range, so that’ll be good to test and see how that goes.

First Impressions when Testing

I really like these interdental brushes. I think they stand out and look vibrant. You can see that it’s been designed to do the job, and it does it well!

The bristles were soft. They’re not medium or hard, they’re actually soft, and they feel nice as they go between your teeth.

What they are saying on the packaging and the advertising material, it’s correct. There’s no misleading information there. I think it’s very well made and it feels good.

the cover and the interdental brush by colgate

Colgate New Interdental Brush – Size 1


> Nice size handle, which has a non-slip grip

The handle feels great as you hold it. Colgate has done a good job in creating a non-slip surface area that really works, front and back!

> The cover fits nicely and securely

You don’t have to worry about any contaminants getting onto this bristles or brush. It can be connected to the handle without a great deal of pressure.

> The cover has little draining points

I especially like the 4 little drain points located at the tip of the cover. If there is any moisture or water that comes off the brush after you have finished using it, it should escape through these holes.

> Feels good as you clean between your teeth

The bristles are soft and the wire is strong and sturdy. It has reasonable flexibility when you need it.


> That it’s not biodegradable

In general, we are heavily focused on protecting the earth and becoming more sustainable and environmentally friendlier.

Unfortunately, this range of interdental brushes is not biodegradable. If you are more earth-conscious then there are alternatives available like the Piksters Bamboo range of interdental brushes.

> Extending the size with the lid cover, not really secure

If you do put the cap on the back of the handle to extend its length, I found it can come loose as you’re brushing. The action you use when brushing with an interdental brush causes you to gentle push and pull the handle. It feels like the cover wriggles free, way too easily.

So I’d recommend not extending it but just leaving it as you find it in the pack.

A man thinking about price?

Price and Value

At the time of writing this post, the price seems to be ranging from $5.99 – $7.00 for a pack of 8 interdental brushes. Breaking that figure down at the lower end, that’s 75 cents per brush!

This puts the Colgate brand of interdental brushes in comparison with the Piksters range. However, Piksters can come in a value pack of 40 so that drives the price down further.

Still, I see value in the product and the price that is currently on offer.

Usage Timeline

  • Initial Usage
    Condition: Excellent

    • Enjoy brushing the interdental areas of my mouth
    • The bristles are soft and wire is firm enough to push through
    • Testing size 1 which seems to work for reasonable tight areas

  • 3 days of Use
    Condition: Great

    • Bristles are still soft
    • The wire is firm and still intact
    • The nonslip grip on the handle is great, provides plenty of support when brushing


The new Colgate Interdental Brush is a good, solid product for your interdental needs. It cleans the in-between areas of your teeth well and is good value for money.

I liked the design of the handle and the non-slip grip, makes handling it a dream.

A product that has more pros than cons is a huge positive tick in my book. If you’re interested, go get yourself pack and test it out, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Have you tried them? What did you like or dislike about them? Let us know in the comments below!

Andrew Adams

By Andrew Adams

Created at May 01, 2020, Updated at September 16, 2021

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